Playtime at the park & fun with flowers

After Monkey’s little accident this week and an easy day to make sure he didn’t reopen his cuts, he was in desperate need of burning off some energy! Thankfully there are a few parks within walking distance of home and though it was a tad grey I decided to trust the weather forecast and pop out for him to have a run around.

WP_20140829_10_50_04_Pro (2) WP_20140829_10_51_10_ProIt was lovely to see him running about and climbing with such a big smile on his face. The swelling on his face has gone down a lot now so my over-protectiveness has calmed down a little…. though I am a bit more worried than normal about him taking a tumble as I think it wouldn’t take much for his cuts to open up again!

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Thankfully though there was no trips or stumbles or slips and just lots of fun and giggles. We sat together on a spinny thing (no idea what you would actually call it and no photos of us both on it as I was trying to make sure neither of us fell off it) and just hearing him giggle his heart out and shout wee was lovely for the soul. Somehow Monkey hurting himself so badly really made me remember how precious he is and with my preggo hormones at the moment I am being a properly soppy Mummy and it was just lovely seeing him having so much fun!

this is the spinny thing :)

this is the spinny thing 🙂

Our little Monkey loves flowers. Even before he could say any words he would regularly be found picking daisies and dandelions on our walks. This hasn’t changed and he still loves picking up flowers whenever we go out. For a while he called them “Bowers” but his pronunciation is improving so we are now at “fwowers”. As per usual he spent quite a bit of time with flowers at the park. Carrying them around, taking them down the slide with him, and then a couple of daisies made their way into his pocket for the walk home.WP_20140829_10_55_43_Pro WP_20140829_10_59_23_Pro WP_20140829_10_56_40_Pro

It was a lovely little run around at the park and nice to see him so giggly and happy 🙂

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25 thoughts on “Playtime at the park & fun with flowers

  1. He looks like he really benefited from a day outside. Sorry to hear that he has hurt himself, but glad he was ok at the park. The pronunciation of flowers is so sweet.

  2. love an hour at the play park, my girls are the same with flowers too, and it truly is heart warming to hear the giggles, sometimes it is worth putting the camera down to truly capture the moment together. #countrykids

  3. Children are so resilient and it sounds like Monkey has bounced backed from his incident and is well on the mend and back to having fun and games. Lovely photos from your time at the park, thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  4. We love a little time at the park, it’s good to blow the cobwebs away isn’t it? I just read your post, poor Monkey, i am sorry that he took a tumble. I know they are toddlers and they are clumsy but it is still awful to see them hurt, even if they are better again shortly after. It’s upsetting. x

  5. Ah – glad he’s healing up and you got to have a bit of time outside the house. I really feel like it’s a necessity to get them some fresh air – things just seem to go a bit easier if that’s the case… X #countrykids #theordinarymoments

  6. Poor little monkey having a fall I don’t blame you for being worried about him falling again (even though it was in the dining room and not the park bless him!!!) glad you both had a really lovely time and bless you for being all emotional at the moment!! Xxx

    • Thanks lovely, honestly I am so emotional and it really upset me! Daft pregnant woman 😉 Thankfully he is much better now so I am much happpier too! 🙂 xx

  7. Pleased he is on the mend and enjoyed this post as such a simple pleasure and so easily accessible too. Don’t worry too much about his words – my daughter always says words a bit weird but always spells them correctly aged 10

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