Puddle Splashing and a new furry friend – 20 mths old

We regularly see both sets of grandparents each week and they try to look after Monkey for an hour when they can so I can do some cleaning etc. without interruptions. Last week though unfortunately on the day we were due to see his paternal grandparents, my poor mother in law came down with a nasty migraine! So Monkey and I had to re-think our plans. I was a bit concerned as it was pouring with rain first thing, but thankfully the sun came out and it was actually quite a lovely morning.

The wellies and waterproofs came on and we went on a little walk to a play area at a nearby school.


It was absolutely sodden, as I guess you would expect with the weather we’ve been having! Monkey had a bit of a climb on things but mainly wanted to splash around in the puddles – though he likes to make sure it’s safe so he likes Mummy to splash in them first. It’s quite funny as he won’t go in until I’ve been through it first! hahaΒ He did enjoy a swing on the huge swing thing though too.

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As he wasn’t that interested in the actual park we started to wend our slow way home, chasing the ball, waving at buses, pushing the buggy…

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Then a very friendly cat appeared! Monkey loves cats, almost as much as he loves buses.

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He’s very good at gentle stroking bless him!

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They very much enjoyed each other’s company, until a dog came and the cat ran off!

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More puddle splashing and then home.

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Not a very exciting outing or anything but niceΒ to record the simple pleasures of a little walk filled with lots of smiles



18 thoughts on “Puddle Splashing and a new furry friend – 20 mths old

  1. Your walk looks lovely. What a great adventure to capture. It’s not always about big special occasions, it’s moments like these you will want to remember forever. That’s why I love this linky. Your pictures are so sweet and I love that your little one loves cats. The cat looked very pleased to play too! Win-win. Glad you enjoyed your walk. Let’s home the weather gets better and we can all go out for more great walks like this.

    • Thanks we did have some fun πŸ™‚ I couldn’t agree with you more and it’s lovely to have a way of sharing the sweet simple memories. Hmm fingers crossed! We’ve had enough of all this rain! xx

  2. Oh that’s really really soggy! Thank goodness for waterproofs, we’d never have survived the winter without them – and it looks like you had a great time!

  3. Muddy puddles are so magical and exciting when you are little- my little girl loves them and she gets so excited when we put her wells on as she knows she can jump. And they are huge around here at the moment, I wonder when the rain is ever going to stop! x

  4. My little girl love muddy puddles too, I am so nervous about going to our nearest park recently as we come back with another round of washing lol…i wish we get some sunshine so we can enjoy the parks in peace. Bless him for loving cats and buses πŸ™‚ x

    • Oh I know what you mean! We had a few aborted outings because of cold soaked legs! Waterproofs are a must at the moment in our house πŸ™‚ Sunshine would be really nice!! xx

    • Thanks, and you’re right, you absolutely can’t! I have another post planned to link up with Country Kids this weekend! xx

  5. at least you managed to get to the park despite the puddles. Our local park is literally submerged under flood water at the moment (just the very tops of picnic benches above water!!) Popping over from Savouring the Season.

    • Wow that’s crazy – we really haven’t been hit as hard as some places – we always seem to miss the extreme weather somehow. Sounds crazy where you are though hope all is ok xxx

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