This week is all about routines in our house. First of all, hubby is back at work after 2 weeks off over the festive break. We had a lovely time and got lots of much needed jobs done while he was off, but it is good to be getting back to a normal day to day routine. This is especially true as we have been sleep training Little Miss ( I talk about this in more detail here) and trying to find a routine that works for her and for us.

Nighttimes are going brilliantly, meaning hubs and I are getting a more normal amount of sleep now and therefore we are getting into a more normal routine, for the first time in months really! this means more jobs are getting done around the house, little things that have only had cursory cleans are now getting proper cleans, as we are not so drop-dead tired at the end of every day! LM is also happier lately and we are being rewarded with lots more lovely smiles and she even mad her first giggly sound yesterday which melted my heart.

hard to catch on camera but here's a little smile :)

hard to catch on camera but here’s a little smile 🙂

Day-times with LM have been trickier and just when we thought she was getting into a routine…. she threw me for a loop again and changed her nap lengths and wake up times. A few days of this and this and then she does it again! I am a big lover of routines but I have to try and not let my control freak planner side take over and get stressed when things don’t go according to the routine. Especially at this young age as she can’t help it. It does make planning things difficult though and arranging to see a mummy friend this week I really wasn’t sure what time to say to meet she was that all over the place. Thankfully though my friend has obviously been through it and was therefore totally understanding about waiting until the day itself to decide a time… then it started raining, well anyway that’s a story for another day!

Trying to spot patterns in LM's behaviour!

Trying to spot patterns in LM’s behaviour!

We also have a bit of excitement this week as on Friday Monkey has his first ever session at playgroup. He will be going 2 afternoons a week from now on. So far he is very much looking forward to it and we hope he enjoys it. I definitely think he is ready for it and am sure when he settles in he will really enjoy it. That being said it will be strange at first. Apart from grandparents, I am used to being the one who looks after him and so have to loosen the reins slightly. I know it is the right thing but it will be strange to think of him being in that situation without me. He may be ready but I’m not sure I am! I am sure I will manage though and it will give me more 1 on 1 time with LM as she gets older which is a good thing.

Anyway this will all change our routine as for the first time since Monkey was born we will now have to be somewhere at a set time twice a week. It starts at 12.30 so lunch will either have to be a tiny bit early or quite a quick affair on those days. I can’t help but wonder how I will balance LM’s routine with this either… But again refusing to worry about it, what will be wil be and she will have to go along with it all I guess! I shall let you know how Monkey gets on at playgroup, eek!

Finally I have also been getting into a bit of a routine with my diet and weight loss. I will do a specific post about it but so far it is definitely working, though I am so tempted to comfort eat when LM is throwing me through a loop, it has really been testing my willpower! I know it is worth it though and comfort eating doesn’t actually solve anything! ( I wrote that earlier but am actually sat drinking a glass of wine and eating chocolate at the mo, hopefully not destroying all of my progress so far!)

So that was my week, how has your week been?

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19 thoughts on “Routines

  1. Glad you are managing to get more sleep and settling into more of a routine even if it is changing every few days. Really hope all goes well with Monkey starting playgroup this week – Jessica started preschool earlier this week too and loved it. Like you with Monkey though, I was used to always being the one with her in the day so it felt very strange not to have her around for a morning. As you say though, it will be good for Little Miss to have that one-to-one time with you and am sure Monkey will enjoy his time at playgroup.

  2. My son never stuck to a routine the whole time, right from a baby to a toddler. I found it a nightmare at times because, like you, I’m a planner. But eventually I tried to go with it as much as possible because we were all getting way to stressed by my grumpiness at planning going out the window! My plan instead was to have no plan 🙂
    I hope you get it all working for you in a way you feel comfortable with xx

    • I can understand that and I am really tring to do the same – she keeps lulling me into a false sense of security though and going a few days on a routine then changing it completely again! xx

  3. Loving that pic of Little Miss, Caroline – so adorable! JJ started pre-school 2 and half days a week when EJ was five months old and I have to admit I loved it! I only had three months of that precious time alone with EJ until I started back at work and it meant we could get out for coffee morning and a couple of baby groups too. Playgroup will be a great way of preparing Monkey for big school too. JJ loved it. Have a great weekend and good luck with the diet!! Xx #wotw

  4. Good news that you are managing to get more sleep! I know what you mean about babies suddenly throwing you off with a change in their patterns! My eldest was a pain for doing this! Not sure if my youngest is the same or I have just gotten used to it now, so I don’t notice!

    Laura x x x


  5. She looks like you! Monkey looks a lot like his Dad and your lil girl looks like you in this photo. I am so glad that things are working out now. I would want to hear about the fitness side of things as I need to up mine too. #wotw

    • Ah thanks lovely, a few people have said that, I’m not sure but I take it as a compliment as i think she is gorgeous 🙂 xx

  6. That’s quite the planner you have there! And I adore the smiley photo 🙂 We went with the flow a lot more with Little Man than Boo as I did have to be places with her, whereas life revolved around Boo as a baby! And yes, Boo started preschool as Little Man was around 12 weeks, so we got used to having to be out at certain times, which was daunting at first, so I can relate. Pleased that you’re getting there, though, and I do hope Monkey (and you) does well at playgroup x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

  7. I’m sure your little monkey will love play-group! They all do 😉 Everyone seems to have some sort of diet or fitness plan, I’m actually feeling left out! 😉 Maybe I should start planning something to? I’m just so …. lazy! #wotw.

  8. Sounds like you are getting back in the swing of things. My hubby was off over xmas and it’s been hard to get back into a routine because I’ve got use to having him home. #WotW

  9. Routines are a big favourite in our house. I love your planner, that is right up my little OCD organised street! Hope you smooth them out and Monkey gets on well at playgroup x

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