Siblings, December 2015

My little cuties really grow and change so much each day, let alone each month, and their relationship grows with them. In many ways they are the same as last month, they are still very possessive of me and fight for mummy cuddles. As evidenced by Monkey’s most frequently uttered phrase at the moment “But I want you all the time!” and though she isn’t really verbal yet we get the idea that with her whines LM is essentially saying the same thing haha.

They fight for toys and wind each other up in the way that only siblings can, but they are also so so loving with each other and have a lot of fun together. They chase each other round playing hide and seek and laughing away at each other and it is music to my ears, especially compared to the whining, shouting and screaming that sometimes accompanies their playtime. Here is a little video of them having fun before bathtime this evening, just a little glimpse into their random world.

They get up to a lot of mischief together too. LM loves a good box of tissues… and one day monkey couldn’t resist joining in the fun. Cheeky pair honestly but I have to admit we did let this unfold for a bit… they were just having so much fun together!tissue box

One of their favourite places to play together is on Monkey’s bed, randomly enough. LM loves climbing up and sitting on his bed and they are so cute when they sit together or snuggle up… or play about like loons. Monkey quite enjoys bouncing on the bed and she generally finds this hilarious too.bouncing on the bed

They have so much fun though occasionally it ends in tears. Monkey was bouncing yesterday and singing about Monkey’s bouncing on the bed. Next second we hear a thunk, LM is on the floor crying and Monkey is pointing at her singing “one fell off and bumped his head… Mummy called the Dr and the Dr said, no more Monkeys bouncing on the bed!” Ah the joys eh ? Thankfully she didn’t actually hurt herself too badly!

Cuties though 🙂cuties december 2015

15 thoughts on “Siblings, December 2015

  1. Oh the Monkeys bouncing on the bed anecdote did make me laugh! I know you might think that you are biased and all but I concur they are a pair of cuties! 🙂

  2. They are gorgeous and makes me broody, despite the chaos I know will ensue! It’s lovely they get on so well and gives you guys a little break! Hope LMs head was ok! Xxx #thetruthabout

  3. Haha this is just like our home. The youngest two are constantly like this, but you are much better than me letting them have their fun for a while, and definitely clever for snapping these moments. They are priceless, I just feel like I used to be able to control them, that we could go in public places and now I’m like, yep, I have no control over the youngest two, they are wild and it’s all I can do to try and clean up after them haha. They just outnumber me. These are great captures xxx #siblings

  4. Love this post Caroline – that video of them playing hide and seek is wonderful and Monkey singing “one fell off and bumped his head…” when LM fell off the bed did make me chuckle although was very glad to hear that LM wasn’t hurt (wouldn’t have been funny otherwise). Love the photos of them shredding tissues – that looks like a lot of fun (until it comes to tidying up time!) – I think I would have been tempted to let them continue for a bit too! Beautiful photos of your little duo together and love how you can really see the strong bond they have even if Monkey does want you all the time! 🙂

  5. Love your photos, especially of the tissue escapade! Such a special relationship between siblings and it’s so important to capture these moments of closeness. Well done recording these funny anecdotes for future giggles!

  6. Haha what a mess. They are having great fun together. I love the two of them holding hands. I hope my boy will have a bit more bonding with my little lady once she is walking next year. # siblings

  7. Aww they are so sweet together – and I know exactly what you mean about letting a little mischief go on a bit longer than you ordinarily would just because it’s so adorable watching them play together!

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