Siblings July 2015

Another month has gone by so time for another siblings update 🙂 LM is getting bigger and more interactive by the day so her and Monkey are having more and more fun together. He loves ‘playing together’ and is generally very good even if she is having a bad morning which disturbs whatever activity he and I had planned.

It’s not all sweetness and light though as there is definitely some jealousy appearing in Monkey too. Nothing major or horrible but he is definitely a bit jealous of the attention his baby sister gets from us and relatives sometimes. Not surprising really as he has had everyone’s undivided attention for the last 3 years but now she is winning people over with her big eyes and sunny smiles!

Her biggest smiles are still reserved for her big brother though so here’s a few shots taken over the last month of our gorgeous pair having fun together.

playing together WP_20150618_10_15_49_Pro

WP_20150623_19_30_33_Pro WP_20150624_15_25_20_Pro silly selfies WP_20150630_024 WP_20150626_003

I just feel so lucky to be their Mummy. It feels so soppy to say that but I look at them playing together, or just alongside each other and my heart melts. Then one of them starts whining or throws a wobbly and normal service resumes once more 😉

dear beautifulNot My Year Off

12 thoughts on “Siblings July 2015

  1. It is so lovely when we watch our little ones playing together isn’t it? Jessica also has moments of jealousy and now Sophie is bigger, she also has moments when she says “mine!” if Jessica wants to give me a cuddle too! Lovely photos of Monkey and LM playing together – love the one where they are both looking at the tower, the one in the paddling pool and that last photo of Monkey giving LM a bottle. Hope you have a lovely summer 🙂 #siblings

  2. Your last paragraph makes me so excited for you as watching that relationship between your babies grown is the most precious thing. I adore watching my children play and entertain each other.

  3. Oh what beautiful photos! I have noticed a little jealousy popping up with Bella and Elsie too. Bella has become very clingy lately and a little ‘disobedient’ for want of a better word! I know it will pass and I’m hoping to spend more time with them all individually over the summer. Not easy is it? x x x

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