Siblings, November 2016

Ah my little pair of cuties. It’s been an interesting month for them and definitely with some ups and downs. In my last siblings post I mentioned how their relationship had altered as a result of Monkey starting school and how they seemed a little less close. Well their has been more changes this month with both of them learning a little more about what it is to be a sibling I think.

It was LM’s 2nd birthday at the end of October and it was a challenging time for Monkey. It was the first time he has had to properly cope with his sister getting so much attention. He was very excited by all of her toys and she didn’t mind her brother playing with them at times, but there were times when he wanted what she had, and we had to explain to him that they were her toys and it was her birthday. That he was allowed to play with her toys but that if she wanted them, that he had to let her have them.20161113_204135

It was the first occasion where she was old enough to really relish the attention. At her first birthday and last christmas she was much more along for the ride really, and Monkey was able to hold the lime light.. now though, she can hold her own and of course it was all about her that day. For the most part Monkey coped really well, though there were moments where it was hard for him bless him. They did also have some lvely sibling moments that day, especially on our bed in the morning sat playing together!

At her birthday, LM got some paw patrol toys and both kids adored them and yes squabbled over them. As they are her toys unfortunately Monkey was the one to lose out if LM wasn’t in the mood to share. Shortly after her birthday I found some cheap paw patrol toys on ebay and bought them for them. These toys were very much for both of them but ooh LM did not want to share them. It was a lesson for her, and I have to admit the first of many similar lessons for her. At 2 she is no longer a baby and as I have mentioned previously I may have been a bit too soft with her at times and let her get away with a bit much, and she does need a little more discipline…

Anyway I digress. The point is that both kiddies have had to learn that they have to share with their sibling. There are squabbles most days and I try and let them resolve most issues themselves.. as I fear these squabbles will be around for many years to come and I don’t want to be their constant referee!

Despite the squabbles and learning to share however, their relationship hasn’t suffered. In fact it seems to have recovered from the changes of last month. There has been some seriously adorable moments between them that I have loved watching. From simply sitting together or playing alongside each other…


To messing with each other, clambering on each other and having lots of rough and tumble fun!20161113_205522

They really love each other and though their relationship will always have their ups and downs and they both have so much to learn, I love watching them grow and learn together.20161113_210416

dear beautiful

9 thoughts on “Siblings, November 2016

  1. They do look close and I’m glad they’re starting to work out their sharing and squabbling themselves, as you’re right, you can’t do it forever! My two like clambering on each other and dragging each other about, too – not sure why, but it seems it’s the best fun?! x

  2. Aw, such gorgeous photos! It sounds like she had a great birthday – even with the squabbles. I think that’s one of the great things about siblings though, learning to share and to work through the (neverending!) disagreements. 🙂

  3. This is so sweet Caroline. Whenever I read your siblings posts I always berate myself for not documenting the relationship between my two! I think you’re right to let them sort their own differences out too where possible – I do get fed up of refereeing and it’s horrible to feel like you are favouring one when there is no way of knowing who (if anyone) was in the wrong! I’m glad they’ve become closer again after the start of school too. I think EJ starting at Joe’s school has brought them closer together too. Thanks for linking up hon Xx #thetruthabout

  4. Lots of lovely photos of Monkey and LM together this month. Learning to share is one of the harder things about being a sibling – and it’s hard when you feel like you’re refereeing the situation – glad to hear they are mostly managing to resolve it themselves. Those squabbles are all part of normal sibling life, aren’t they – sounds like the lovely moments more than make up for them though! 🙂 #siblingsproject

  5. I do love your monthly siblings collages, you capture so many wonderful moments between the two of them. I am failing miserably at that one at the moment! Sharing, ha! That one doesn’t really seem to get any better, even my 10yo still has the odd moment 🙂 #thetruthabout

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