Siblings October 2016

It’s been an interesting month for our little siblings the month. It’s the month that their relationship experienced a big change, with Monkey starting school full time. After a wonderful summer where they spent almost every day together this has been a huge change and I have noticed the difference in their relationship.

In many ways they are the same as ever, messing with each other and enjoying each other’s company. They just get to do this a lot less.photogrid_1476447680705

We’ve also all been ill quite a bit since Monkey started school and that hasn’t helped as what time they have had together hasnt been as fun for them. They just don’t seem quite so close at the moment though. There’s a lot more bickering and Monkey especially is more possessive over his toys and doesn’t want to play with his sister as much.

It’s not a big deal and they do still love each and have fun together biu their relationship has definitely shifted a little. I thought LM may miss Monkey with him being at school but although she is glad to see him at the end end of the day, if anything she is more excited about the friends we meet at the playground.

The after school, before dinner, time can be tricky for us. Monkey can be tired and basically wants to watch the TV or do some drawing, whereas having usually had a nap, LM can be full of beans and wanting to do something. So it can be a difficult time to manage both of their wants and LM definitely gets jealous when I try and spend a bit of time with Monkey or do any of his phonics homework with him. Which irritates me as she has had me all day and I feel for Monkey as he wants some attention too.

I guess it is still early days with school and we are all still adjusting. Their relationship is growing and changing all the time and as ever I look forward to seeing how it changes over the months and years to come. They are still a pair of cuties. photogrid_1476447956906

Did your siblings’ relationship change when the eldest started school?

9 thoughts on “Siblings October 2016

  1. It’s difficult getting that balance between homework and occupying the little one as well isn’t it? My youngest really misses her big sister now she has started school but we’re also battling with the tiredness when school finishes.

  2. That’s what I love most of siblings, their relationships are forever changing and evolving. It was hard for MM when B started school. She hated the separation at first but then when they reunited after school they told each other more stories than ever. Their relationship changed. Don’t worry it’s still early on… it wasn’t until after Xmas of reception year that my two got back on track. #siblingsproject

  3. That’s such a shame you’ve all been poorly! I cannot wait to watch my siblings grow together and watch their relationships change 🙂 love the photos! #MaternityMondays

  4. George was only 8 months when Lizzie started school so I’d say it was this September after having her at home for 6 weeks that he has missed her.
    Like Monkey, Lizzie just wants to chill when she comes in but try telling that to a little boy who has been excited to see his sis.
    The other thing he can’t understand is that when she’s at school, G has the pick of the toys-his own and his sis’s so when she comes home and takes them off him, it does cause friction. I see it as all part of the fun 😉 #maternitymondays

  5. This is a long look into the future for me but it is lovely to see the bond they have as siblings. I hope my daughter and her baby brother when he arrives are as close as your little ones sound. X #MaternityMondays

  6. There really is a massive shift in dynamics when one child starts school. Little 2 has just started school joining her big sister, now that Little 3 is home alone with me he wants me all the time but as soon as his sisters are home I am abandoned while he plays with them or just sits with them while they relax watching tv. He misses them and they miss him too.

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