Simple Colour Matching Game – 25 months old

I’ve been noticing recently that Monkey is doing a bit better with his colours.

He has a set of eggs that he has had since he was tiny and loved. They are great because they are good at various stages. We did have to take them out of use at one point as they just frustrated him, but they are very much back in use lately. They are all different colours with lids that match and I have noticed that lately he has been matching the right lid with the right coloured egg.


He doesn’t seem to be able to recognise colours when you label them though, so I felt we needed a bit of work with colours.

Simple Colour Matching Game

What you need

A selection of objects that are different colours. We used some coloured squishy balls Β as we were given them a while ago with some craft supplies, but you could use whatever you have, different coloured lego/duplo blocks, some counters, crayons coloured pasta, Β anything really that you have.

A sorting tray that matches the size of your item. We used a muffin tray as it is a good size for the squishy balls.

That’s it!

I tried this a while ago, when we were given the balls in fact, but Monkey was nowhere near ready for it and just didn’t understand what I wanted him to do. He had lots of fun but the balls just ended up all in the same hole, and then all over the house :).Β This morning though, he was desperate for something to do so I decided to see how he got on, and he did so well!Β He is still in his PJs and the photos aren’t brilliant because he kept moving too fast for my phone camera to keep up with, but he loved this game. It took a little explaining to start with but he soon got the hang of it.

I popped a coloured ball in a different hole and then asked him to pick up one ball from the tub. I then asked him to put it with the right colour. Taking care to label each colour every time. That’s blue, can you put it with the other blue ones.


Occasionally he got it wrong, but for the most part he got he right colour and he definitely improved as the game went along. It kept him occupied for a good half an hour at least which was also brilliant.

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He still doesn’t know all of the colours when I label them, but by looking at them he can see which goes where, and I am sure if we continue with games like this one that the colours will start to match the words in his mind. I’m not expecting it to happen in the next week or so, but he is so keen to learn so I am sure he will get there πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “Simple Colour Matching Game – 25 months old

    • Thank you, can’t really take credit for it as I’m sure I’ve seen similar ideas before – it was good though so we will definitely do it again! Ooh interesting, bless him, I’ve often wondered how you would be able to tell! xx

    • Thank you, really can’t take credit, I have seen similar on pinterest etc! It works really well though and he loved it πŸ™‚ hopefully will help him learn too πŸ™‚ xx

  1. Great idea. I seem to remember with JJ that one day his (much advanced female) friend the same age was pointing colours out at softplay and I felt like I was raising a dunce but they all get there in their own time! I was quite surprised that when he took a football class with Little Kickers when he was three the emphasis seemed more on colour matching than actual football – it was all run with the ball to the yellow cone, etc. He often got it wrong which was a bit embarassing! I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t now though (she says, fingers crossed!) πŸ™‚ X

    • I know what you mean! At tumbletots it is all about which colour is this and ok, so, Monkey is one of the younger ones there but I feel like they expect him to know them already (they probably don’t, I am probably just being a paranoid mummy, wouldn’t be the first time!) hence the game πŸ™‚ xx

  2. What a great activity, added to my to do list. It’s great that he can match the colours to each other even if he isn’t totally sure of the correct name. I love that you have had fun with the egg toy, I have had my eye on those for ages as I thought they would be good for Ethan. Always talked myself out of them.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thank you, I was quite surprised how well he was doing, and he is trying so hard with his words now, hopefully the names won’t be too far behind! Ooh that’s interesting, the eggs are great, they have caused some frustration when he was a a bit younger but they are very popular now! πŸ™‚ xx

  3. That’s a lovely idea and so simple to do. Funnily enough we have those little coloured balls too-I’m thinking of getting my daughter to make a target game using an egg carton for her little brother. A project over the summer that will hopefully entertain both! #thethemegame

    • Thank you, it is definitely a very quick and easy activity that keeps him busy for a while! Ooh that does sound like a good idea, hope it keeps them both entertained! xx

  4. Those little pom pons have so many great uses don’t they πŸ™‚

    I’m sure your son will learn his colours just by listening to you talk about them. I was amazed how my daughter learnt hers, she just somehow picked up the names through games and conversations we had.

    • They are fab aren’t they? I’m sure you are right, it is incredible the things they pick up isn’t it? xx

  5. Great idea – I do games like this with my mom (who has advanced-stage Alzheimer’s) – I may borrow this. We use a lot of the preschool games off Pinterest and from the home-school sites. She loves soft things, so I am sure she would love those soft little poms.

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