So, Daddy…

Last weekend, Monkey was pottering about the lounge and Hubs and I were sat at the dining table, having a chat and Hubs had his laptop out. LM was asleep and Monkey was busy so we were enjoying a rare quiet few minutes. Monkey then came and sat next to Daddy. He grabbed the notepad and pencil that was there and said:

“Sooo Daddy, What do we need to do?”

It was a really adorable moment as Hubs and I like our lists and we are often checking things off of lists and talking about what else needs doing. Having said that we haven’t had a “jobs” weekend like this for a while, but Monkey has obviously taken it in previously and out it came.

Hubs and I had a good little chuckle and Hubs had a little chat with Monkey about what we needed to do and they started making a list of things to do. All  important things like digging, and playing lol!

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I love this series of shots, they aren’t the best and some are a bit blurry but it really captured the moment. It kept Monkey entertained for ages telling Daddy what we needed to do and what we needed from the shops. We were really impressed that fruits and veg were at the top of his list – wish he was that keen on actually eating them! Colours are always listed in rainbow order these days and apparently we had to make ginger bunnies in the shape of all the Bing Bunny characters.

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I sat chuckling on the other side of the table as it was so cute watching their little conversation and watching them write their lists, hearing: “What’s next on the list Daddy?”  and “what do we need on the list?” from our little 2 1/2 yr old! It’s amazing how much they take in, and then store away for a later date. I am still waiting for him to repeat some less cute phrases that have been uttered in stress, that we hope he hasn’t taken in!


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34 thoughts on “So, Daddy…

  1. This is absolutely priceless!!! But, as cute as the photos are, as per usual for me I am totally focussing on your beautiful home! I’m always looking past gorgeous children and focussing on tiles!!! x


  2. He hee – I could have said the same as Beth! Monkey does things that I can’t imagine EJ doing – I know he’s a few months older and he’s an eldest not a youngest but he is just so imaginative isn’t he? And he does role play too which i don’t really see all that much with either of mine really. You know I have become a bit obsessed with home decor lately and I’m just loving your dresser, table cloth and chair combo! You’ve done a great job with your little spaces and I’m thinking you & hubs are probably very much on the same page with that. Xx

    • Ha ha thanks lovely, you really do have a thing about interiors at the mo don’t you? Yeah luckily hubs and I are on the same page and like quirky combos, and if ai am honest I love a bit of interior design! Always lovely to hear compliments about our home (especially as ai hi ust see the mess when I look at those pics!) xx

  3. So cute! I love it when they mimic like this, and act all grown up! It’s always so adorable when they come out with phrases and tones you know they’ve picked up from you (as long as they’re the ones you don’t mind them picking up!) xx

    • Ha ha, exactly! I do too, just sounds so adorable, a grown up conversation from a toddler,complete with cute mispronunciations! X

  4. Oh that’s so cute – I love that you made a list and I’m very impressed with the fruit and veg top of the list! I hope you managed to tick some things off his list over the weekend 🙂

    • Thank you and honestly we are touched by the lively comments, I just see the mess and detritus everywhere so very lovely to receive so many compliments! X

  5. Oh what a lovely moment and I love the way you’ve captured it with the photos. Glad fruit and vegetables have made it on to the list and ginger bunnies are always high up on our list too – Jessica is also a huge fan of Bing Bunny. How lovely for Monkey and Daddy to sit and make lists together. Thank you for sharing it with #ftmob 🙂

  6. Very cute – I love how kids pick up on the things we do/say and repeat them back! Sometimes I only notice the things I say when one of mine suddenly uses the same phrase. Love the pictures too and your blue wall! #ftmob #magicmoments

  7. How cute is that? Looks like you’ll have a very organised Monkey there, I just hope he stays that way. I love that playing is important and it needs to be on the list too. It’s great that fruit and veg made it onto the list, maybe it’s a step in the right direction on the eating front. Popping over from Magic Moments.

  8. Caroline this had me chuckling too .. the pictures really do tell a thousand words! .. it sounds similar to some conversations Joshua has with his Daddy .. although i have to say yours write better lists!

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

    • Ha ha ai am with you, I actually think Monkey will be more organised than we are as he does like things in a certain way! Xx

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