Starting to worry about the lack of speech…

I mentioned a couple of months ago that Monkey hadn’t started speaking yet, and unfortunately the same is still true. He’s not silent by any means, in fact he spends most of the day chatting, it’s just that there is no discernible words yet, and most of it is just ga ga ga, though there all sorts of other sounds too. On one hand I am not too worried as he understands a lot of what we said. He will go and pick things up when we ask him too, he knows to sit down, and understands all sorts of things… but we just aren’t any nearer talking. No that’s not fair, he is speaking more than he was a couple of weeks ago, but I just wish there was at least one word. He doesn’t even say Mummy or Daddy, though he can definitely point to each of us.

I try really hard not to worry but I just can’t help wondering if there is something else I should have been doing with him to encourage him. From day one we have been talking about everything and narrating things we do. We sing a lot and he can do hand movements to some of his favourites songs. We’ve also been reading books with him since he was very small and he just loves being read to and flicking through the books himself. We label things as we point them out and have started asking him if he can say simple words, like cat and ball etc.  But so far, nooothing.

I wonder if I haven’t done enough, do I not give him enough attention? Do we watch too much TV? Has that slowed his development? Do we talk too much so he can’t get a word in edgeways?

Like I say I try not to worry, I have researched into it a lot and read lots of things telling me that it isn’t abnormal. He’s very big and as he started walking earlier has been a little advanced for his age, and I read somewhere that if they are more physically advanced, sometimes speech can take a back step and be a little slower to come. I have spoken to so many people who say their child/sibling/friend/nephew was a late talker and then one day they just started speaking and never looked back. There’s lots of people and things telling me it is too early to worry but I can’t help it.

I think that maybe worrying is just part and parcel with motherhood. I know he’ll get there when he’s ready and the last thing I want to do is put pressure on him and make him retreat further. I just hope I haven’t done something wrong and slowed his development down. It’s a lot of responsibility!

Does anyone have any words of comfort? Any late speakers who are now, oh I don’t know, brain surgeons. or astro physicists? (haha) Any advice welcome too, how did you encourage your little ones to say words?

5 thoughts on “Starting to worry about the lack of speech…

  1. I’ve been having similar concerns over Little Man’s speech, as Boo was an early talker and was definitely saying more than he is at 15 months – he says a handful of words. But as you say, he understands lots. But, I remember my daughter’s friend who could barely speak at 2, and was a late-walker, and it seems ridiculous to think her mum used to worry – she’s so articulate and bright now, at 4. They do all develop at different rates, but they’ll catch up at around 3. From our point of view, it’s always read, read and read some more!

    • Thanks Jocelyn, it always helps to know you’re not alone, though it sounds like your Little Man is ahead of my Monkey in this! 🙂 I know you’re right and they’ll get there in their own time, I just hopes he gets there sooner rather than later. Thanks for the story of your daughter’s friend too, it definitely helps to know that they do catch up in the end, it’s what I keep hearing, I just haven’t reconciled myself to it yet. Hmm yeah, we read mornings and evenings, but maybe we could do a bit more in the day, anything that helps! 🙂

  2. Apparently as parents we’ll never stop worrying about our kids. Some friends of ours have two boys, the first starting talking quite early, the second VERY late, so I don’t think you have anything to worry about.

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