Strawberry Picking – and eating!

One of LM’s favourite ever foods, is strawberries. I honestly believe she would eat them all day every day if she could. So being strawberry season when my Mum and I were trying to think of something different to do with the kids one day I thought we should go strawberry picking!20160622_103128 (2)

We are really fortunate that literally a couple of minutes away from us in the car is a really great pick your own farm. Hill Farm does a variety of pick your own crops throughout the year but I normally miss the strawberries and by the time I get round to visiting it is plum and blackberryΒ season. This year, despite the wet weather we have been having I was determined we would get to pick some strawberries.

After a dry day Tuesday, Wednesday was unfortunately was grey and a bit wet. We headed off nonetheless clad in waterproofs and wellies, expecting hill farm to be wet and muddy, which it was!

One of the things the kids love most about this farm is the play area. My little climbers adore exploring and sliding and climbing… And on a day like today, splashing in huge muddy puddles haha.


After a bit of a play it was off to find some strawberries. I really love that minutes away from the suburbia where we live is countryside and views like this.Β 20160622_102554

Monkey loved picking strawberries and they had so so many yummy juicy ones. He even tried one which was good as he only likes eating dried strawberries (eye roll).PhotoGrid_1466608979540

Whereas LM basically just wanted to eat them haha. Hardly a surprise πŸ™‚IMG_20160622_114325

Nanny was addicted to picking and we soon had so many strawberries I joked they were coming out of our ears.20160622_103645

We decided to head back when out tub was full so we could stop LM from eating basically every strawberry left in the field. She then got really mardy and bless her I think she was hot and grumpy. It was so humid and I was hot in my waterproofs so no doubt she was too. So I stripped them off and we had some cake which cheered her up. Thank goodness as she was screaming the place down by then!PhotoGrid_1466611565231

They have birds of prey on display at the farm that have been raised in captivity and rescued and they are building a more permanent site for them at the farm too. They are so beautiful and the kids loved looking at them. LM was waving hello and giggling and they had a baby kestrel who was so cute and fluffy.PhotoGrid_1466616191496

Of course the kids wanted another play on the play area so LM was straight back in the puddles and got a bit soggy, despite my best efforts! One of the lovely friendly farm dogs also came out for a play. We had planned on staying for a picnic but it started raining so then it was time to head home.PhotoGrid_1466616315281

We had such a lovely time though and the strawberries were so delicious that no doubt we will be back again soon. Do you like pick your own farms?

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23 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking – and eating!

  1. What a wonderful morning out for you all, it’s great that you managed to time it right and get to Hill Farm for strawberry picking. LM looks like she’s having a great time picking (and eating) the strawberries in the field, I’m sure she’ll be looking forward to a return trip. It’s fab that Monkey tried a strawberry when he doesn’t usually like them, it’s amazing the breakthroughs you can get when the kids pick their own fruit and veg!

    Thanks for sharing with me on #CountryKids.

  2. What a lovely place to go strawberry picking! The places i have been don’t have anything else to do except pick the fruit. We love strawberry picking, but haven’t done it for ages. We always end up with too many and I run out of ideas of things to do with the leftovers, though I can’t imagine you have that problem!

  3. I am so jealous as my son is not a keen strawberry eater! Same reason why I wanted to go to a pick your own. I am hoping that he would want to try it after seeing its origin and other kids!

    This is such a lovely trip and LM is just the cutest when eating her strawberry haha!


  4. What a brilliant day out! I always loved strawberry picking when I was a kid – and I’m sure my son would love it too. Must find a place near us to do it! #countrykids

  5. Looks like you had a great day out and didn’t let the rain spoil your fun! I have fond memories of strawberry picking as a child. I haven’t taken my girls yet, but I certainly will in the future xx

  6. We love pyo strawberries. Fortunately, we have a farm not far away, so after schools are a great time for us to go. It doesn’t have all the attractions that your one has, but it does have the fabulous views. Happy days! #CountryKids

  7. We haven’t been to a PYO farm since my 12yo was tiny so we’ve said we’ll go again this year. The farm you visited looks awesome and I love the addition of the play area. I hope we’ve got something similar in Norfolk!


  8. This is definitely something we need to do next year when the girls are walking. They and my boys can’t get enough of strawberries so I know they’d love picking their own. Looks like you had lots of fun from your fab pics! #countrykids

  9. I’m putting strawberry picking on my to do list! I got obsessed with blue bells when everyone was posting about them. Strawberries are next! Lol! Lucky I live in the north of England so everything happens about 2 weeks later! Love your pictures and what a great day out for you! #countrykids

  10. Looks like a fab day out! My kids love strawberries too and we have tried strawberry picking before, however it was a bit far from us, so we don’t do it frequently. It’s nice to have a farm just nearby like you do, plus having the extras like the play area is a great addition to the place as well. #bestandworst

  11. what a fab day πŸ™‚ hehe re the dried strawberries. kids ey ! I haven’t been to a PYO since I was teenty tiny – so years! #whatevertheweather

  12. I can’t get over how grown up Monkey is getting, he definitely looks like a proper little boy now. The strawberry picking looks fun, my boys love strawberries, but not sure how much picking would be done by my littlest, pretty sure he would just eat them! Fantastic wee park too. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

  13. Oh i would love to go strawberry picking! It looks like this place had more than just strawberries too which makes it a lovely family day out. πŸ™‚ #bestandworst

  14. What a wonderful day out. And of course,puddles is always a bonus. hehe
    I am also on the look out for PYO strawberries near us, so I can take my daughter to do the same.

  15. This is one thing we’d love to do this year and there’s lots of Strawberry picking places near us, just hope we get the weather! Looks like you had a ‘fruitful’ outting πŸ˜‰ #WhatevertheWeather xx

  16. I would be just like LM and be stuffing them but the gremlin….no! What a surprise. It’s lovely she loves them! Great idea for a day out – seems the place had it all. Cake and a play area too! Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst

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