Struggling to find a balance

In many ways this week hasn’t been terrible, but in all honesty it hasn’t been great either. I really feel like I am struggling at the moment. Like a hamster in a wheel I am running as fast as I can but I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere. Do you ever feel like that?

I feel like I am spreading myself so thin with looking after both kids, trying to keep on top of everything at home and then with the blog. This ends up with me feeling like I am not doing any of those things very well which makes me feel even worse as I am trying so hard but I am coming up short in all areas.


Sometimes things are ok but all it takes is for one area to get a bit harder and the rest all falls apart.

LM has been really difficult lately and we have realised that it is the return of her reflux issues that is the cause of this. I have no idea why it has returned but she has been so irritable, unhappy and barely napping which has been exhausting. She was arching her back and then she started throwing up, quite frequently. As ever with babies it is guess work as to what is bothering them. Teeth? Tummy? But I had a feeling it was reflux before the throwing up and that convinced me.

So we are back using the infant Gaviscon again and have an appointment with a Dr in a day or two. The Gaviscon is helping but that comes with it’s own challeges as it is a faff getting that into every feed and it is also already slowing down her bowel movements so we will see what the way forward is in a few days.

WP_20150511_08_39_22_ProThe problem really is that I have had to put so much energy into LM that I feel like all the other areas are suffering like crazy. Monkey is sat watching TV or playing on the tablet far too much for my liking, but the alternative is him running around like a loony, climbing on me, questioning me every 5 seconds while I am trying to deal with a whining, wriggling, crying baby, or while I am trying to do some cleaning or put on some washing or just achieve something.

Of course it is not all the time, there are times he is happy playing with his toys by himself. But I hate how much he is in front of the screen and I feel like I am failing him. One of the reasons I am a SAHM is so I can do things with him, help him learn and develop and he is not doing that as much just sat playing on the Cars game on the tablet or watching cbeebies.

Now the Gaviscon is helping LM and she is sleeping more than half an hour at a time again I am trying to refocus my energies on Monkey. To spend a bit more time playing and learning with him. Yesterday we did some painting with different textures and playing with letters and words so that was good but right now he is sat on the tablet as I write this. (Not the whole post, I can never get a post written in one sitting at the mo!)

Because my blog is another area that I just don’t feel I am doing that well with at the moment. On the one hand I feel that it isn’t important so I shouldn’t worry and that there are much more important things I should be doing. But my blog is for me, it is the one thing that is mine and so it is important. I don’t want to give it up as I feel I have a lot to say, but I also don’t feel I can dedicate the time I want to dedicate to it.

I am struggling to find the time to read and comment on as many other posts as I want to. I haven’t replied to any emails from PRs or people who want to contribute in ages. I could spend time on that instead of writing, but I need  to write. I need to share things as it helps me get things off my chest and makes me feel like what I am going through has a purpose. But as a result I am letting opportunities pass me by, because I don’t have the time or energy to devote to doing a good job at any of them.

WP_20150428_11_09_54_ProI also feel like I am failing LM with weaning. I know many people are big fans of baby-led weaning and I wanted to try more of that this time around but honestly there is so much of BLW that I don’t understand, and I have no idea when I am supposed to find the time to learn it, so we are sticking with purees. But even then I feel like I am failing. I want to be doing so much more and introducing her to different textures of finger food as well as making more homemade purees. But I don’t know when I am supposed to have the time to do any of it.

Monkey has always been a fussy eater and I worry that because I can’t find the time to devote to it that LM is going to be fussy too, and that that is going to be my fault. (Pause to sit and sob)

Hubs and I have been trying to do a bit better with the housework too. When the kids are in bed, instead of loading the dishwasher and then just collapsing we are trying to do any washing up that needs doing (instead of leaving it to the next morning) and actually tidy up toys and anything else that needs tidying. We both feel better when the house is tidy so it is a good thing… But also at the end of the witching hour when the kids are both in bed, we are both knackered to be honest and just want to sit.

I don’t know what the solution to any of this is. Hubs is doing as much as he can as he has a demanding job and as soon as he comes in he is pounced on by Monkey and/or handed the baby so I can get on with dinner and it is then full on until bedtime. Mornings are taken in turns to get ready while the other looks after the kids and get bottles made and do jobs then he leaves for work.

I also want to try and do some more exercise but the “when” question is there again. I know people say you have to make time for things but the only way I can make time at the moment would either be by:

a) Not spending any time relaxing in the evening with hubs, which I think is important for my sanity and for our relationship, and is only around an hour a day. Plus it is the only time we actually get to talk about birthdays and holidays and anything else that needs planning or discussion.

b) Sleeping less. But as I am shattered in general I am not sure how less sleep will help anyone?

So I am struggling. Struggling to find a way to balance everything that I need/want to do. For a while I have just been getting on with things and getting more and more snappy and irritable. A conversation with a friend this morning led to me finally admitting just how much I am struggling and breaking down and having a good cry and finally telling hubs everything that is on my mind.

Friends and family are very kind and tell me I am doing a fab job and that I am doing what I need to to cope and that I am not failing. But I just can’t stop feeling like I am failing. At everything. Writing this has been cathertic and I feel lighter for getting it out in the open, but it hasn’t solved anything.

Maybe I am expecting too much for myself or putting too much pressure on myself but that’s just who I am. I always want to try my best and I don’t know how to expect less from myself.

How do you balance everything? Does it get easier as the kids get older?

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57 thoughts on “Struggling to find a balance

  1. Aww hun this is really hard and it’s one of those situations where I reckon it’s probably LM in a little crap phase which will just need a bit of time. I wouldn’t worry about Monkey have a short period of time where he’s getting a lot of screen time. I bet as soon as LM settles this will stop and you will have more time for him or they will start to play together a bit. I’d say stuff the housework (we do) and leave it for every other day or something. Then you are hubby can have time, you can do your blogging and feel a bit less stressed. Have you got one of those things Monkey can stand on the buggy? Thinking he could have a ride, LM will get some fresh air and you can have a mad power walk and work your arms pushing them both. 30 mins is all you need and you are out of the house xxx

    • Thanks lovely and the power walk isn’t a bad idea, it is blimmin heavy pushing them both so def some good exercise! xx

  2. I think even just the one can be so overwhelming so two must be doubly so sometimes. Hang in there honey, you are an awesome mummy and it will all fall into place. Z is very fussy too and I can really sympathise with that. Xx hope next week is a million times better!

  3. It really is so hard juggling everything … as you focus on one thing something else just has to give. On the baby led weaning just any pieces of hand held food that they are old enough to eat are fine – meat, bread & cheese are all good and don’t need any prep. Or if you’re happy with the mess you can just let them scoop up risotto 🙂

    • That’s exactly it and so hard. Maybe I just overthink things with the blw. have given bread and cheese but what meat can you give? How cooked, can they have ham or is it too salty? i guess sausages aren’t great?xx

  4. Sending you a big virtual hug – those moments of feeling like this are so hard and I too have times when finding the balance feels almost impossible. I’m so sorry to hear that LM is struggling with reflux again and I really hope that things improve soon with this. I wouldn’t feel too bad at the moment about resorting to screen time as a coping mechanism with Monkey – we all know it is not ideal but if it gives you the space to deal with LM or get some essential housework done and keeps Monkey happy then why not? When this challenging phase passes, you will be able to focus again on non-screen time. I think sometimes we also need to accept that we have to let go of things sometimes – easier said than done and something I struggle to do as well. I try to make sure I get enough sleep and am trying to let things go in order to look after myself too as this makes a big difference to how I feel I’m coping. Hope you manage to have some time to relax as a family over the weekend and that next week will be a better one for you x

    • Thanks Louise I know you’re right, I just so struggle choosing which one to let go of but you’re right, screen time isn’t terrible and I just need to not worry about that so much I think!

  5. Bless you. I can say from my own experience that it definitely gets easier. Don’t be so hard on yourself (this coming from an expert in this area.) You can’t do everything and Monkey will be OK. Allowing him to watch TV or play on the tablet for a while isn’t going to affect him negatively. He knows he is loved and he is secure in that. That’s what matters. It must be exhausting with LM, I’d try to focus on what you can do and do it in small chunks whenever you can to allow you time and energy to focus on LM. For me sleep is crucial-for lots of reasons I’m having trouble sleeping at the moment and am ending up in bed around 9pm just so I can try to fit in enough hours before the morning-someties it’s simply about making the best of situations until a break appears. Sorry, bit of an essay, but hang in there and be kind to yourself x

    • Thanks Iona and no need to apologise, I do put a lot of pressure on myself which jsut meand it all builds up until I explode, I think I just thought things would be easier by now but I guess I just have to hunker down and get through it for a bit longer! xx

  6. Wow! You’ve certainly had plenty to deal with, haven’t you? I’m in awe of how well you’re coping – I only had one to deal with and he was relatively trouble free (don’t mention toilet training!). Take it one day at a time, do what you can and hopefully soon you’ll see a light at the end of the tunnel. Hugs to you all.

    • Oh gosh I won’t mention toilet training as that is another area I beat myself up over as Monkey isn’t trained yet… Thank you and looking forward to seeing that light at the end of the tunnel! xx

      • Oh hunni, your babies are lovely and you are doing a fantastic job. Remember, how many 7 year old do you see wearing a nappy? or sucking a dummy? or eating puree food only? I always thought Robert would be the old child with a set of dentures by the side of his bed as he was so late in his teeth coming. But guess what, they did! I know your family will have said this to you, enjoy them, they grow up so quickly. The housework will be there today and all the tomorrows whether they are babies, toddlers, teenagers or young people.

  7. Sending you big hugs….Oh gosh i know how you feel with Holly sick this last week and on antibiotics this week the whole house has gone to pot…There is so much needing to be done and I just don’t have the energy with hardly sleeping and comforting one wry whiney and whingy toddler. Like you I am yet to find the perfect balance, but one thing I know for sure that no matter how much you feel you’re failing you are still giving it your best and in the end that is all we can do! Try not to be so hard on yourself and pat yourself on the back for the things you do manage to succeed in *hugs*. Xx

    • Thank you, and sorry to hear your little one has been sick, it really does throw everything out the window doesn’t it? Just got to hang on in there I guess! xx

  8. I found finding he right balance the single hardest thing after having my second. Some days I get it right, some days I don’t. You get used to things and something changes and you have to find that balance all over again.
    Some days I feel like I am literally being pulled in two directions. You are definitely not alone. x

    • Thanks Claire it definitely helps to know I am not alone, I was not expecting it to be quite so hard to find a balance I don’t think! xx

  9. You are not failing, and it will get easier. It’s tough having two little ones, and I think a big way to cope and deal with it is by accepting that it’s tough, that you can’t do everything. Monkey will not suffer watching Cbeebies for a bit, I assure you, and if it makes life easier in the meantime, do it. LM’s reflux will soon go, though I know it feels like forever. Both of mine had it, though I’d say Little Man was worse. We had to do BLW with him as it helped his reflux, purees made him much worse. Don’t get het up about researching it – basically, give LM finger food/bits of whatever you’re having. BLW should make your life much easier with two, not harder, as they’re eating themselves, rather than you having to sit and spoon feed them. Solid food like this helped Little Man to keep it down, rather than liquids and purees which made him sick and any onion/citrus based purees (and most are) aggravated his reflux. If I were you I’d try to aim lower, and then you’ll be pleased to at least have 1-2 things off your lists each day, rather than hoping for loads to get done – you have two small kids, it won’t get done! Sorry for the long comment, just want to help xx Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Thanks Jocelyn and please don’t apologise, I really appreciate the help! Sorry your two had reflux but good to hear how you handled it and that they got over it. I think I worry too much about the BLW but just worry about the salt content of our food and we have a carbonara with semi cooked eggs so not sure about giving her that and we also eat a lot of spicy food I don’t think would be great for her reflux so I struggle with what she can have other than bread, pasta, cheese and veg. I’m not sure how to give her meat the BLW way either. I probably overthink it but have a lot of questions in my head baout it!

  10. Try not to be too hard on your yourself, it sounds like you are doing a great job, and I for one understand what it is like.
    I have a 4 year old little Monkey and almost a 6 month old little Monkey too. It does get bloody hard at times, but hey all we can do is our best.
    I hope things settle for you soon and that you can find some kind of routine.
    And if something doesn’t get done, well there’s always tomorrow.
    Enjoy your weekend xx

    • Thank you, I would love to get into a routine but our LM never stays in one for long which definitely adds to my stress! I know it will get easier, just got to hang on in there :/

  11. Oh hon I’ve definitely been here more than once, so you have all my sympathy! I found months 6-9 particularly challenging with all three of mine because they were not easy to wean at all… Plus second, third time around by that point the novelty of a them being newborn had well and truly worn off. Try and be kind to yourself lovely, if you only post once a week for a few weeks your readers will understand. That’s what I’ve done in the past. Lots of love xxx

    • Thank you hon and good to hear I am not alone, though sorry to hear you struggled too, the novelty has well and truly worn off here though too! xx

  12. No advice here as I’ve only got the one kid … but just saying I feel for you. I understand how you feel, too. Sometimes I feel I’m failing massively as a SAHM as I can’t seem to get to grips with housework, organising finances, feeding everyone, making sure my daughter has enough socialising/time outside/enriching activities, blogging, spending time with my husband, exercising, being a good friend and daughter and sister .. argh! It just feels like so much sometimes, and I feel I can’t really moan because other women work and still manage to stay on top of everything …

    But I feel like every mother goes through this ‘can’t cope’ stage at some point. Especially when they’re little. Hope you get some rest time soon and that LM’s reflux calms down x

    • Thank you and always good to know I am not the only one feeling like this, makes me feel a little less like I am failing and more just being normal! There is so much to balance as a SAHM isn’t there? How the heck to working mums handle work on top?? I have no clue!

  13. I can relate to this. I too often struggle to find a balance between finding time for me, my relationships and my son. Motherhood is hard work! and it is so easy to let one area slide.

    You are not failing at anything though.

    I too feel like I am failing when I let my son watch screens half the time..but often that happens when I just need to do some stuff for myself.. and that is ok.. a burnt out irritable mum is worse then a bit of screen time imo. In your case you have the baby to deal with and her health… so right now I think it sok to have a screen on when needed. 🙂

    Also you shouldn’t feel bad for feeing purees 🙂 If its working for you its working. If you did want to try baby led weaning again all we did is give Eli anything we were having for dinner and let him get on with it. We didn’t add too much sugar to the food and went salt free but other then that he pretty much had anything :-). I know chokeing can seem scarey but I reminded myself that a gag is not a choke and then if he seemed to be struggling committed myself to counting to 10 before intervening. I never counted past 3 🙂 Sorry if you didnt want this advice. Just you seemed sad that you wernt managing to baby led wean like you wanted and I wanted to inspire you to believe you can do it if you want to 🙂

    We also have a cleaning at night rota in our house. We find it really helps and once it sank into our routine it just gets done now and we feel better for it. I hope you manage to stick to your rota 🙂 but again don’t feel bad if you don’t.

    • Thank you for the support and the advice, I guess I just worry about making our food suitable for her as it is a whole new area for me. I’m not sure what is age appropriate. I am trying to do a bit of a combination at the moment so will see how that goes! The cleaning rota is probably a good idea, it is just getting going with it that may be the problem I think! xx

  14. Everyone else has said what I was going to say. Don’t be so hard on yourself, Cbeebies will not harm your little boy and it gives you the opportunity to sort the little one out.
    It does get easier as they get older so hang in there!

    • Thanks Karen, always good to know it gets easier, I just need to hunker down and relax a little about the screen time I think! xx

  15. I so identify with where you’re at at the moment! And I only have one kid to deal with!!! My #WotW this week was anxiety, mainly brought on by the impossibility of juggling everything as well as I want to be able to. I think we have to be kind to ourselves though and focus on all the many positives – being a SAHM, especially a blogging one, is a challenge in itself, even without all the other stuff life throws at you!

    In terms of your frustrations with LM… Have you tried wearing her at home? Arthur had reflux on and off a lot when he was little, and it always seemed to get worse when he was lying down. Once I got to grips with the moby wrap (and later the ergo and connecta) he seemed much calmer – and it might give you a bit more hands free time to play with Monkey too?

    Just to echo what others have said about BLW too… We went down that route and did have to adjust what we ate for a while, but things like sticks of roasted veg/potatoes, cucumber, avocado went down really well, and it wasn’t long before he could have strips of chicken or homemade burgers etc. I never would have found the time to make and then feed him purees! I found Gill Rapley’s books really useful for inspiration, and super easy to dip into…

    I hope you feel more on top of things soon – I’m sure it will get easier. I still have the challenge of two to look forward to at some point – no idea how I’ll manage to cope with that!! xx

  16. I can’t relate to the SAHM bit because I work full time, and only have 1 child (and a husband who does nothing except work 7 days a week). But like others have said, you’re likely doing a lot better than you think you are.

    BLW is easier and less hassle than pureeing. I’d just stop the purees (especially if you’re making them yourself). You can just feed them what you have (minus the salt, and potentially less spice if you like spicy food). From 6 months they can have everything assuming there aren’t allergies in the family. Meat and fish, just make sure it’s well cooked. We found the first time N had mince it was a bit rich for him and he struggled to eat it, but otherwise he ate anything we had. The occasional sausage is fine. Nowadays a lot of food has reduced salt in, but if you’re cooking meals for the rest of you to eat later, then just save some to reheat the next day for LM’s meal. If they’re eating ham/sausage one day, then the next balance it out with chicken or fish or just veg. A lot of it’s confidence by the parents, so once you get going yyou should find it easier.

    My other tip…don’t do housework unless it really needs doing. As long as the kids are healthy, the place isn’t filthy, then no-one’s really going to care.

  17. OMG, I read this and it so sounded like my life. I was a SAHM and now I work from home just two days a week and am at home the rest, managing the house and the children whilst husband works & commutes long hours so it also feels like I’m home alone for long periods of time. So I so get why you feel you’re spreading yourself thinly, but by just writing it all down you can see just how much you HAVE achieved! And, to be honest, having happy healthy children and managing and understanding their needs and helping them thru the difficult periods is the most important job you can be doing. It can be all encompassing and sometimes you can’t see the wood for the trees but you’re doing a great job – probably better than you actually realise.
    When I weaned my first child I almost drove myself mad with cooking and purees, but second time round I did BLW and it was so much easier and my fears that baby wasn’t getting enough was completely unfounded. I was a bit more messy and my kitchen floor was constantly scattered with bits of food but it was for a short period of time. He picked it up so much more quickly than my daughter and it helped hugely!
    And don’t worry about the Blog, it’s always going to be here and people at the end of it to respond to you whenever you’re ready. That’s the good thing about blogging, you know there’s always someone out there who ‘gets’ you.
    Big hugs xx

  18. It definitely gets easier as they get older, but once mine were at school I tried to take on too much again! I think it is brilliant that you prioritise writing, so often for me I find I have wasted ages on social media and email and not written much! Thanks for finding time to share my post in Sunday Share Fest by the way 🙂

  19. Oops, it wasn’t you, sorry – the linky thing makes it look like it was you, but I can see now that your post got shared too, and I can see why!

  20. I came across your blog through the #pocolo linky. This is the first time I’ve taken part in a linky and I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m glad that it has introduced me to so many blogs. I enjoyed reading your post this week as sometimes it’s nice to know that others are going through the same things and feel the same way as yourself. I too have 2 kids (3 and 7 months) and I’m getting very little sleep at the moment. Some days are great but others are hard and I also feel that I don’t give my 3 yr old enough time. I hope things get better now that you have started LM on gaviscon – reflux is horrible for baby and mum! I’ve just started weaning too and have decided on blw this time. If you are looking for some ideas my blog is all about feeding my sons. Looking forward to reading more. Amy x

  21. Oh you poor thing. We all have days/weeks/months like this love.
    You are doing a great job and we’ve all given the tablet to the older child to look after the younger (until ours got stood on and broke aaaarfg!!!!) I set aside an hour every week day night. One night I comment, one I write, one is social media and one I respond to email. I also do it on the tablet whilst watching tv and sitting talking to hubster.
    Boo is at nursery 2 full days so I clean as much as I can then.
    It is so hard and my way may not fit your way. It helps here that hubster works so much so I can blog at night and not feel guilty but then he can’t help with anything child related. None of us can win 🙁 big hugs xxxx

  22. I think everyone can relate to this post, but you are definitely not failing! You are a busy mum raising two beautiful children, running a fantastic blog on top of that too! Who cares if the house is a bit messy from time to time. I totally agree you need those relaxing evenings with your oh to wind down and relax a bit xx

  23. Oh gosh I could have written this myself the other day! Ava has reflux too and some days are just a nightmare to get anything done, I find myself snapping at the boys and the house is a mess. I really want to exercise too as I know it will make me feel better, but Im so tired once they are all in bed and like you its the only time we get together. Sorry not much help, but sending hugs x

  24. Poor you – we all have weeks like this sometimes and it’s such a horrible feeling. It may not feel like you have achieved anything, but it sounds like you have actually been doing an awful lot and coping at best you can – which is an achievement in itself! A little more screen-time is ok during difficult times – the fact that you’re thinking about it and worrying about it just shows that it will soon pass and won’t do your little one any harm. I feel like I am mostly treading water at the moment – the house is a tip and I never remember to get things done. My pet hate a the moment is that we’re not finding enough time to do my six-year-old’s homework as much as we should – I feel terrible about it, and need to find ways to manage it better. I also feel very guilty about the amount of time I spend blogging – I have three hours a day to myself while they’re both at school/preschool and I am increasingly using all of this time to blog. The house is getting dirtier and dirtier, and I’m feeling guiltier by the day. Ah, mother’s guilt – there’s nothing like it is there?! Hope you have a better time this week x
    p.s – try not to feel too guilty about weaning. I made huge efforts with my first son, much less so with my second. They both turned out to be equally fussy – which in my mind, just proves that whatever approach you take makes little difference!

  25. What a lovely site you have produced, I found the “early days” especially helpful and agree it’s very difficult to find a balance that works. One thing i couldn’t find information about on your site was “child safety at home” so i have attached a page i found to this comment, hopefully you will approve and share the great information.

  26. I think as parents we are too hard on ourselves! The way you wean your baby doesn’t matter – do what works for you. Reflux is a bugger, just getting through the day is an achievement. Be proud. You are doing a fantastic job.

  27. Oh lovely, I wish I could just give you a big squeeze. We all have weeks like this (sometimes longer) you’re certainly not failing at anything. You’re doing an amzing job, but parenting can bloody suck sometimes and can become very overwhelming. If you need to take a break from blogging, do it! Sometimes we need to drop something for a while for the other things to catch up x #WotW

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  29. I relate to this so much. There’s so much that I want to achieve and I feel like I’m only giving 20 percent to any of it. I try to keep on top of things by making lists and choosing one or two things a day that I really want to get done. Anything else is a bonus. I’ve also decided very early in with baby 2 that I want to only have one outing, visit or activity away from home each day. More than that with a newborn and toddler is unachievable. However I doubt I’ll stick to my own rule! I think the key is managing your own expectations – something that I’m a bit rubbish at!! #MummyMondays

  30. Sounds like things have been really hard. So many comments about being hard on yourself – which is what people often say to me too, but I never feel like I’m being hard on myself, just factual and I’m not living up to what I want to be.
    I can completely relate to not being able to dedicate the time to blogging and all the other things as well as just the writing of the blog- I don’t know how people do it. I really don’t!
    I am someone who has to try really hard to believe in the encouragement that others give me, even though it’s hard to take or believe when people say I’m doing an amazing job at being a mum – because more often than not I don’t feel I am enough.
    All in all, I’m sending love and support in a long-winded way. Nicki xx

  31. If you find the magic answer can you share it. I know what you mean about trying to balance everything & in reality I too should step back from my blog to focus on other things or just relax for 5 mins but I love blogging & feel if I don’t keep up with it now, when life’s not so busy I won’t have it ticking away. Good luck xxx

  32. Oh lovely, what a post. I complete relate to the too much screen time for the big one and feeling totally exhausted! I’m trying to plan fun activities but of course he doesn’t want to do them which adds to my frustration!!

    With blw when they are little you don’t need ro over think so much, cucumber sticks, steamed veg (which you can do a bif batch of then stick in the freezer) strips of chicken (dark meat is easier) hard boiled egg, anything they can gohold, it doesn’t have to be straight away eat the same it can just be an eating big food exercise! Xxx

  33. I could have written this myself. Perhaps not having the same problems but equally it’s the same thing if that makes sense… The line where you say you are spreading yourself to thinly and not doing anything particularly very well is something I have felt and said myself a lot in recent weeks. To be honest reading someone say my words has made me feel better in a way because I realise I am not alone, as much as we don’t want to feel this way. I am about to read your positive changes post so it seems you are feeling better in yourself, I hope so. Don;t worry about all these things, although easier said than done. I try and take each day as it comes and then at the end of the day I look back and pick out all the positives from the day, even if it is just managing to drink a hot cup of coffee, I go to bed feeling much better. 🙂

  34. I love how honest you are in this post.
    Parenting is so so ridiculously hard, and feeling like we’re lacking in certain areas is, I feel, just part and parcel of being a parent. We’re never going to be ‘on top’ of everything, but finding the balance is so hard.
    I think getting the 3 of you out and about for a walk a few times a week could tackle a few things, LM hopefully would nap or be distracted by scenery; Monkey could get fresh air, exercise and hopefully tire himself out and you will get a bit of gentle exercise whilst hopefully getting some ‘me’ time.

  35. I love reading honest posts like this, they show the truth about parenthood. I think we all feel like we all struggle from time to time, it doesn’t mean you’re failing. I put pressure on myself so often and it sets me up a fall if I don’t hit my ridiculously high standards. Please don’t feel too bad, I hope things are improved. Your post was added to #sundaysharefest x

  36. Aw hon, I totally know where you are coming from right now. With a small baby in the house Little 2 is getting zero attention sometimes and is watching far too many disney dvds. I too feel bad about it but there isn’t a lot I can do, it’s either that or she gets bored and plays up. It won’t be for long though.

    I puree weaned my first two and I shall be doing it this time around too, but thinking of a bit of BLW, like sharing some of our veg etc at dinner. With the meat thing have you tried some mince for her to pick up or large strips of chicken she can hold and suck/chew most of it will endup on the fkoor or spat out but she’ll get some nutrients from it.# maternitymondays

  37. I so could have written this post! I too have been surprised at how stretched life feels when baby number two comes along, you’re definitely not alone. My blog has really suffered lately and it’s hard to not feel tetchy about how little time I get to myself. At least I know I’m not the only one who’s feeling the strain. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. X

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  40. It’s not just you, you are not alone. I feel the same as you and I blame myself, do I put too much pressure on myself etc. Ethan used to eat like a king, all Little E is eating at lunch time is toast! She hasn’t had any fruit for weeks. Don’t even mention Ethan’s screen time. I really wish I had some answers for you. I can only send HUGS x x x

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