Diets and Crochet

I’ve been a bit quiet on here lately and I thought I would explain why. It is largely because I have finally got back into doing my crochet! I did loads when Monkey was little but after making my Granny square blanket I set my needles aside. Then LM was born, and well I haven’t picked them up again, until now. So my word of the week, is Crochet.

Hub’s mum has a gorgeous ripple blanket I always admire and I have loads of wool hanging around so I thought I would have a go at making my own. I have to admit that after a long break I could not remember at all how to crochet. The first evening involved a lot of false starts and head scratching and you tube watching! But once I remembered how to do it, I was on a roll. I’m following the fab tutorial from Lucy at Attic 24, though using different colours.

It was slow going on the first evening!

It was slow going on the first evening!0

One of the reasons that I have chosen to pick the needles up again now, is because I have also started a new diet, and doing the crochet keeps my fingers occupied so I am less likely to stuff my face of an evening!

Now, I know that I wrote recently that I am who I am, and that I was going to stop trying so hard to change myself all the time. Now, I do stick to that and I know I am never going to be super skinny or lose my curvy shape. I am trying to be kinder to myself in all areas. But, and there is a but, the trouble with the “I’m happy as I am” philosophy is that it can sometimes lead to a change of a different kind. As in the scales moving up, kind of change, and that’s not what I want either. So I needed to make a change.

A good friend of mine is a big advocate of the 5:2 diet, where you fast (only eat 500 calories) on 2 days of the week and then eat a normal amount the rest of the week. Now a normal amount isn’t the same as what I was eating before, believe me. So anyway I decided to give it a try.

I’m finding the fast days pretty easy to manage so far, which surprised as I thought I may get really hangry! I still have eggs for breakfast, a big bowl of soup for lunch and a carrot and a little hummus later. It’s not loads but it seems manageable.

What has also happened is that I have really paid attention to what I normally eat. The amount of food that I hoover up off the kids plates, treating my body like a human dustbin, with the argument “I don’t like waste” when really it is pure greed. So let’s just say that even on the non-fasting days I am eating a lot less than I was!

It’s been 2 weeks and so far I haven’t really lost any weight (possibly due to a rather boozy night in london last weekend) which is demotivating. I’m really not a patient person at all, and especially with diets. After Monkey was born, I went on a diet and lost quite a lot of weight, really easily to be honest. It was brilliant. Since LM it has not happened that way at all. Every pound lost has been hard-won and put back on almost immediately which has been hard. I know that in truth I’ve given up too easily each time, so I am determined nor to give up this time.

Not sure shots are ever advised on a diet??

Not sure shots are ever advised on a diet??

There are bound to be ups and downs and I need to find a balance between enjoying myself on the rare occasions that I go out, and not berating myself for that…. But also expecting that that will slow down my progress. I have to stop comparing this weight loss to the diet of a few years ago as clearly my body is different now. As a slight aside I was reading a really interesting article (I know, I know, apologies that it is from the Daily Fail, but it is interesting!) the other day about diets based on the bacteria found in your gut, as there are bacteria that are super efficient at extracting every calorie from food, and other bacteria that are less ‘good’ at that so help you not to gain weight. Fascinating and a reminder that we know so little of the way our bodies work and the reasons things are different for different people.

I’m not about to get my poo tested though, so for now I’m just going to stick with the eat less and move more philosophy. And to help with that, crochet in the evenings or whenever I am tempted to eat out of boredom rather than hunger!

I have to admit I am rather pleased with my blanket so far, a long way to go but it is really getting there, LM seems to like to it too… Though Monkey is moaning at how long it is taking to finish haha.PhotoGrid_1487322124286

Do you find it harder to lose weight than pre children or as you’ve gotten older? Any hobbies that help you?

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My Crochet Cushion finally completed!

I haven’t blogged about anything crochet related for a while now. Mainly because I have been working on a big-ish project, a lovely rainbow cushion! I got the pattern from my mother-in-law ages ago but it took me a while to get round to it, as I was busy with my Granny Square Blanket and then I did some cute Christmas Crochet Creatures. Come January though it was time to get cracking.

Rather than buy the colours listed in the patterns I decided to use up what wool I could from my bag as I have lots of part used balls leftover. I am a bit OCD about colours and like them to be in spectrum order – I don’t know why particularly but we have some colourful mugs and they HAVE to be on the mug rack in spectrum order. Weird I know!

So these are the colours I got cracking with.


It started off well enough as it was quite small, I made a big mistake somewhere on the first side of the cushion but thought I had rectified it enough (turns out I hadn’t but i will come back to that later!). In the pattern the reverse of the cushion doesn’t have frilly edges like the front, but hubby and I had a chat and decided we’d quite like the cushion to be the same on both sides.

WP_20140116_20_45_10_Pro WP_20140121_19_06_08_Pro

As I mentioned, it starts off quite easily but as it gets bigger, and the rounds get longer, it starts to take a lot longer to finish a row, and, well get s a bit repetitive and dull. I have now well and truly decided that I am better off with smaller projects. I just don’t have the patience to work on big things. Much as i love the way they look, I get so bored and then can’t be bothered to crochet in the evenings and it takes months for me to finish it as a result. It’s a hobby I have really been enjoying but I really don’t enjoy the big projects quite as much. Which is a shame, as I think the blankets and cushions look so lovely when they are finished.


Anyway, it has taken me a while but I got to a point where both sides of the cushion were progressing nicely… then I compared them and realised that the side which I made a mistake on earlier was actually quite a bit smaller than the second side. boooo. It’s not the end of the world, it’s only about a round smaller, but that was a little demoralising and led to the cushion being put to one side again for a couple of weeks…. honestly I can be such an ostrich, I totally bury my head in the sand and ignore problems sometimes! Which isn’t the best idea!


I eventually picked it up again, determined to actually get it finished and knew I just needed an extra row of trebles on the smaller side. I would have dine it in the same dark purple as the final rows… except for the fact that I ran out, I literally only just had enough to actually complete the final row of frills as it was (And that was doing a stitch less in some of the petals on that row) oops! So I had to use lilac for the joining row.


But you know what, I am proud that I have finally finished it and it doesn’t look toooo bad!


So that’s my creative challenge for this week (which has taken me months!) what’s yours?

Creative Challenge

The Creative Challenge – Join in with me!

I recently posted about how I am challenging myself to be more Creative with Monkey.  My aim is to come up with some more arty crafty things to do with him over the next month, and then report back on my progress and how successful I have been! I have decided that this kind of challenge is more fun done as a team, so….

Do you think you could be more creative? Do you shy away from messy play? Is there are a craft/art/hobby you’ve wanted to try but never quite got round to it?

I CHALLENGE you to change all that and give something new a try!

It could be anything you like as long as it’s a bit creative, such as:

 Always fancied crochet/knitting? Now’s the time to try.

Do you shy away from sticky/messy play? It’s time to be brave!

Want to get more adventurous with cooking/baking? Do it.

Always fancied writing a short story? Why not start right now?


Then come back and let me know how you’ve got on.

I’m giving us a month to give time to prepare and have time to make a good start.

The linky will open on WEDNESDAY 26TH FEBRUARY for you to share your creative story.

Please grab my badge, and spread the word! #CreativeChallenge

If you think you are going to join in I would love it if you could comment below and tell me how you are going to challenge yourself


Creative Challenge

What’s New this week – The Theme Game

I am linking up with two lovely ladies, Jocelyn at The Reading Residence and Iona at Redpeffer for The Theme Game. This week’s theme is New. There is so much you can right about with this theme that I have been wondering what to write about… and I have been thinking about how New is quite transitory. Nothing stays New forever and there is always something New… so in that vein I thought I’d write about a few things that are New in our house this week.



My New crochet project. I haven’t done anything since before Christmas so am excited to get going with my crochet hook again! This will be a cushion cover… though not quite in the same colours as the pattern as I want to use up the wool I have… and I have a weird thing about colours being in the right order of the spectrum… anyway, I’m sure I will write more about this as it progresses.




I have finally bought a New Family Recipe book. We love cooking and baking in our house and have a book to write recipes in, but it’s a bit of a hodge podge so it’s difficult to find what you’re looking for. It also has Jamie Oliver’s face on it, and nothing against Jamie Oliver but I’d rather have a family recipe book that doesn’t have his face on it. I’ve been looking for ages and just wanted something simple. I know it doesn’t look much, it’s just a plain notepad, but it also has a handy pocket on the front to put some of the handwritten recipe cards from our mums in. Anyway it may not seem like a big deal but it is new and exciting to me.


Our New Yellow wall in the conservatory. Since we moved in it has been quite a depressing shade of grey green and was a bit patchy and peely. We’ve planned to paint it since we moved in (2 years ago in April) and finally got round to it at the weekend with leftover paint from Monkey’s bedroom. It’s mainly used as a playroom so we wanted it to be a bit brighter and more fun. It just makes the room feel so much brighter, it’s lovely! We still need to paint the wooden doors into the house, then the little bits of wall under all the windows, but small steps and I am pretty pleased with it.





Our New Scrapbook, for our Days Out Scrapbook idea. I will make a bit of a cover for it and then need to get some pictures printed from our day at Lyveden New Bield but I love the thought of a New project and I hope that Monkey will love to look back on it as he gets older, and that it will be something we can do together too.



WP_20140121_19_08_40_ProNew Play-doh – it was on sale for 50p a pot so I couldn’t resist. We play with play-doh a lot in our house and even when you remember to put it away each time (which sadly, we don’t) I find it doesn’t last that long, so it is good to stock up while it is cheap. I have made homemade play-doh before but at 50p a pot it’s much less effort to just buy it!


A New music group. Nanny and Grandpops took Monkey to a new Rhyme Time group at a local Library on Monday. Lovely ting for them to do together and they all really enjoyed it. So much so that they want to take him every week – Yay for me as it also means I have a New hour of me-time to clean/blog/whatever 🙂

So there you have it, some of the things that are New this week, but by next week will have lost some of their novelty value.


Redpeffer The Theme Game

Cute Crochet Christmas Decoration

As part of keeping myself busy, I have been doing some very lovely and cute Christmas Crochet. Only small things that give me a lot of satisfaction for not too many man hours. I wanted to do a lovely decoration for our Christmas tree, my mother in law makes lovely decorations every year and as I have got into crochet this year I have been inspired to make one or two of my own. On browsing the internet for inspiration, I came across these very cute decorations, but I could not find the pattern for them anywhere.

Cute Crochet Father Christmas

Cute Crochet Father Christmas

First attempt

First attempt

I was a bit disappointed but carried on looking for other options, but really couldn’t find anything I liked as much. So, after making the lovely reindeer and penguin that I did find patterns for, I decided to be brave and have a go at making a pattern up. My first attempt went ok but wasn’t great and not really the look I was going for, so I had another go and Eureka! I love him, and am really proud of the way he turned out 🙂 So I decided to share this cute pattern with the rest of the world. So any crocheters out there that fancy having a go at making this cutey Santa, the pattern is below.


Our Christmas Tree


Some the patterns I have been using lately have been in American terms so this one is too, but basically all you need to know for this pattern is that an SC is a UK DC.

With White, ch 2
Rnd 1: Work 6 sc in first chain.
Rnd 2: 2 sc in each sc around – 12 sc.
Rnds 3-4: Sc in each sc around.
Rnd 5: Sc2tog around – 6 sc. STUFF BOBBLE OF HAT
Rnd 6: With Red, sc in each sc around – 6 sc.
Rnd 7: *2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc; rep from * around – 9 sc.
Rnd 8: Sc in each sc around – 9 sc.
Rnd 9: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 2 sc; rep from * around – 12 sc.
Rnd 10: Sc in each sc around – 12 sc.
Rnd 11: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 3 sc; rep from * around – 15 sc.
Rnd 12:  sc in each sc around – 15 sc.
Rnd 13: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 4 sc; rep from * around – 18 sc.
Rnd 14:  sc in each sc around – 18 sc.
Rnd 15: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 5 sc; rep from * around – 21 sc.
Rnd 16:  sc in each sc around – 21 sc.
Rnd 17: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 6 sc; rep from * around – 24 sc.
Rnd 18:  sc in each sc around – 24 sc.
Rnd 19: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 7 sc; rep from * around – 27 sc.
Rnd 20:  sc in each sc around – 27 sc.
Rnd 21: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 8 sc; rep from * around – 30 sc.
Rnd 22: In White, in back loops only *2sc in next sc, sc in next sc; rep from * around – 44 sc.
Rnd 23: *2sc in next sc, sc in each of next 10 sc; rep from * around – 48sc.
Rnd 24:  sc in each sc around – 48 sc.
Rnd 25: sc2tog around – 24 sc.
Rnd 26:  sc in each sc around – 24 sc. PARTIALLY STUFF HAT


Rnd 27: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 3 sc; rep from * around – 30 sc.
Rnd 28: *2 sc in next sc, sc in each of next 4 sc; rep from * around – 36 sc.
Rnds 29-33: Sc in each sc around. Fasten off A.
Rnd 34: With B, sc in each sc around – 36 sc.
Rnd 35: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 4 sc; rep from * around – 30 sc.
Rnd 36: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 3 sc; rep from * around – 24 sc. FULLY STUFF ENTIRE DECORATION
Rnd 37: *Sc2tog, sc in each of next 2 sc; rep from * around – 18 sc.
Rnd 38: *Sc2tog, sc in next sc; rep from * around – 9 sc.
Rnd 37: Sc2tog, around until near enough to close.


Row 1: With White, ch 15
Row 2:  Starting in first ch from hook, Sc in every chain, at the end, ch 2, turn then
Row 3: Sc in every sc, at the end, ch 2 then turn
Row 4: Sc in every sc, at the end, ch 2 then turn
Row 5: Sc in every sc but skip the last sc, slip stitch into chain at end, ch 1 then turn
Row 6: Skip first Sc, sc in every sc but skip the last sc, slip stitch into chain at end, ch 1 then turn
Row 7: Skip first Sc, sc in every sc but skip the last sc, slip stitch into chain at end, Sign off


Row 1: With White, ch 15
Row 2:  Starting in first ch from hook, Sc in every chain, at the end, ch 2, turn then
Row 3: Sc in every sc, at the end, ch 2 then turn
Row 4: Sc in every sc, at the end, ch 2 then turn
Row 5: Sc in every sc, at the end, ch 2 then turn
Row 6: Sc in every sc but skip the last sc, slip stitch into chain at end, ch 1 then turn
Row 7: Skip first Sc, sc in every sc but skip the last sc, slip stitch into chain at end, sign off


With Red, ch 2

Rnd 1: Work 4 sc in first chain.
Rnd 2: sc in each sc around – 4 sc.
Rnd 3: Sc in each sc around. Sign off

Sew it all together! I Sewed on the hair first, then when I sewed on the beard, I tried to give it a bit of a peak in the middle so that it looks like he is smiling! Then sew on the nose and finally use a bit of black yarn to sew some smiling eyes. Enjoy!

If you do have a go yourself, please share a picture or a link so I can see them too!

Battling boredom and keeping busy

As I have written before, being a stay at home mum is the right decision for me at the moment, because I am lucky enough that we can afford it, and because I like being the one to teach Monkey and to watch him grow. Even though I am confident that it is the right decision for me, it isn’t always easy and some days are definitely more difficult than others. Boredom is one of weirdly hard things about it. We live by a routine as it is the best way for Monkey to be happy and healthy and therefore the best thing for me. But  as with any routine, this can lead to monotony. Particularly as Monkey gets older and needs my constant attention a lot less.

Playtime with friends

Playtime with friends

With the grandparents

With the grandparents


I’ve known for a while that one of the key things to do as a stay at home mum is to get out of the house every day. To get some adult company where possible, to help Monkey burn off some energy, to get a change of scene, you get the idea. This helps with boredom somewhat as it keeps us busy. We go with friends and other kiddies to parks when the weather is good, and indoor soft play places/cafes with play areas etc, when the weather is not so good. We visit relatives and have relatives round. We go to the shops, shopping centres, garden centres (he particularly likes fish and pet areas) or sometimes just for a walk round the block.

Playtime with friends

Out for a walk







This does help a lot but doesn’t really solve anything, and on days where we have nothing planned and the weather isn’t great for getting out…. I can get quite moody and irritable. I just don’t always know what to do with him to burn off some energy and keep him going. We could obviously always go to a garden centre or shopping centre, but I am also not a huge fan of wandering aimlessly with no purpose so if I don’t need (or can’t afford) to buy anything then I don’t like going. So that is when I come up with all sorts of playtime ideas, but even those don’t keep him occupied for that long.

Yummy Red Velvet Cake

Yummy Red Velvet Cake


Having fun with crochet

Having fun with crochet

Even when we do keep busy  together, it’s not usually very mentally stimulating. I can absolutely understand why some mums want to go back to work, because they need something else for themselves. I understand that completely and because of this I do question my decision at times, though for me all of the reasons I chose to stay at home, outweigh this one thing. But I do also recognise that I need some mental stimulation. This is why I crochet and do other crafty bits. It’s why I bake and cook to challenge myself (when I am not on a diet at least haha). I think a lot about home improvements and do all the household budgets, manage hubby’s business account. I also read a lot and I do most of the housework too but that doesn’t stimulate my mind! haha


If we didn’t know we wanted baby number 2 within the next year or so, I think I would be looking to go back to work now, but as it is there isn’t any point trying to find a job at the moment so I will just have to keep busy and find new ways of battling boredom until number 2 comes along, and then we will just wait and see how I feel after that. I think about studying something or even doing some work from home part time, but again I am not sure that I am ready to commit to anything like that when I know we hope to have another baby at some point, as I am sure I will have much less opportunity to get bored with 2 little ones in the house! At least until number 2 is a bit older.

Any other stay at home mums get bored sometimes? How do you keep yourself going?

Cute Christmas Crochet

Cute Christmas Crochet

Cute Christmas Crochet

This is a post from this time last year, linking up to #TinselTuesdays and #FestiveFridays

I have been uncharacteristically organised for Christmas this year, not sure why but we have been saving in advance (very unusual) and it’s not even December yet and we have bought 99% of our resents for people (unheard of, and bonkers :)) . I’ve obviously just been  in a very Christmassy mood!

Anyway, after the mammoth task that was the Granny Square blanket, I felt that I needed to have a bit of fun with my crochet again, as I know what I can be like for giving up on things! I really enjoyed making some of the cute animals in the spring so thought I should do more of that type of crochet. The kind of crochet where I get quicker results and a feeling of accomplishment. I think I am too impatient for the longer projects at the moment as I just don’t have much time to commit to them.

So the two things combined led to me making some really cute Christmassy crochet animals!

The first is a Penguin, you can find the pattern here. You may have to register to be able to see the pattern but it’s free and no obligations etc. required. Anyway, mine didn’t turn out quite as cute as the picture, so I was slightly disappointed, but everyone else thinks it’s cute, and Monkey loves it so I’m not too disappointed!



I used some sparkly wool that I was given as a gift to make him feel extra wintery.

I am reeeeally pleased with the reindeer. You can find the pattern for him here. It’s the same website as the penguin so again you have to register. He turned out just as cute as the pic so I am dead chuffed with him 🙂

WP_20131126_15_03_57_Pro WP_20131126_15_04_08_Pro WP_20131126_15_04_30_Pro


What is getting you in the Christmas Mood at the moment?

The Granny Square Blanket is finally finished! (for the moment at least…)

Sooo, as I have mentioned before, I was getting pretty annoyed with my granny square blanket, which is why it has taken me this long to finish it! But it is done, finito, finally!!



The border isn’t quite the way I planned or wanted but it is done and I am happy that it is finished.

So, I think the last time I blogged about it, I was frustrated by the waviness of the edge of my blanket and wanted it to be a straight edge. After a bit of a break I decided to embrace the wave. What I had originally wanted was a few rows of straight then a wavy edge, but instead I ended up with no straight, and just wavy edged.

I got a bit creative with crochet stitches to create the first line of the border, in the navy. This is what it looked like with just one line of border.



I wanted to use this lovely peach wool for the next line of the border. I wanted to carry on the wave, but thought as I had already created a wave, that by just doing purely treble stitches in the next wave, that it would automatically follow the same pattern. Nope. This didn’t happen, instead it pretty much straightened out! When I wanted to straighten out the edges of the blanket, I couldn’t get it to do it, now I want to carry on with the wave and it goes straight, crazy! Anyway got a bit creative with stitches again (and got some inspiration from wave blankets from much better crocheters than I) and made the wave bigger and better.WP_20131011_19_53_31_Pro WP_20131105_15_19_16_Pro

I was happy with this, but this blanket is huge and it’s a lot of repetitive crocheting to get it finished. Add to that my boredom and impatience and it has taken me ages to get round to doing it. I had thought I would do at least one more layer on the border, if not two, but at the rate I am going it would never get finished. So I have decided to leave it be for the time being, and maybe look at doing some smaller projects, with more instant results.

I may pick it up and add to the border again one day but for now, I am very relieved to say that at last it is finished. It has certainly been a labour of love but I am proud of it, considering that at the beginning of the year I had no idea how to crochet.




Frustrated with my Granny Square Blanket :(

Urgh is how I am feeling towards my blanket at the moment. After months and months and months of crocheting and sewing, the blanket is now together and I just need to put a border on it. ‘Just’ pffff.

The problem is that I don’t think I am really very good at crochet, as my squares aren’t really squares, they are more like wavy blobs really. I thought when I put the whole blanket together that they would look ok, and the ones in the middle of the blanket have been pulled together when I have sewed them up, so they don’t look too bad. The ones on the edge however are another matter. They are so uneven and wiggly that the blanket has an unintentional, higgledey piggedly wave to it and I am just not happy with it at all.


I was hoping that by adding the border to it that they would also get pulled a bit straighter, but as soon as I started my first line of crochet border I could tell that wasn’t going to happen, so I unpicked it all for a rethink.

I spoke to my mother in law the next day when she came to play with Monkey, as she is much better at crochet than I am, and how I got started with it in the first place. So I hoped she may have some ideas to help. She tried a few different things and we decided on one approach, which is basically to crochet double stitch on the high bits and then to half trebles, or trebles in the gaps (which are longer stitches) to try and even it out. I am trying that but honestly it still looks really wavy and a bit rubbish to me, even though it is definitely straighter than it was.

P1030031 P1030032

I then wondered if I made the border and then sewed it onto the blanket, whether the act of sewing would straighten the edges… I tried that last night and that didn’t work so well either. So honestly I am not sure what to do with it. I may have to leave it for a few days so I can approach it fresh, but it is really bugging me at the moment 🙁 Not feeling very happy with it at all 🙁 which sucks when you’ve put so much effort into something! Maybe It’s as good as it is ever going to be, I dunno, just urgh!

Easter Nests fun and crochet chicks

Who can believe that it is Easter but it has been snowing?! Miserable and so so fed up of the cold but hey ho, what can you do? Have lots of fun indoors, that’s what! We’ve also taken the opportunity to do lots of the niggly little DIY jobs around the house that we haven’t got round to so far, but I won’t bore you with those! This post is about making some lovely Easter chocolate nests with a bit of help from the Monkey, and my attempts at making some cute crochet chicks.


After making the lovely blue bunny I decided that it couldn’t be that hard to crochet a little chick for Easter. I looked at lots of patterns online but couldn’t find any that matched up to the image I had in my head so I decided to just go for it, using the bunny pattern as a starting point and then going from there. I couldn’t make up my mind whether to make the head and body separate and then sew them together, or whether to try and make it so that it went in, and then out again, kind of like a skittle pin. I tried this first and the body looked ok, very much like a skittle pin, or maybe a yellow penguin! It was ok but where I really went wrong was with the eyes!! I am not very good at this bit and the end result is here – now known in our house as Evil Chick! hehe


You see the problem is the knots in the yarn, clearly the eyes need to be a lot smaller if they are to look cute but as I am sewing them on after stuffing them, I don’t know how to hide the knots at each end without them ending up huge, and, well, evil looking! hehe


So I decided to try again and as I wasn’t 100% happy with the shape of Evil Chick I thought I would have a bash at making a separate head and body. I also decided this time that I would sew the eyes into the head before I stuffed it, so that the knots could be inside and therefore the eyes much smaller. This ended up looking much better! Much cuter and just a nicer shape all round I think too so yay me 🙂



Loving the long weekend with hubby off and wanted to do a few cooking things, including making some chocolate Easter nests, because they are delicious and it’s really the only time of year you can make them! Monkey has dropped his morning nap this week (it’s been fun) and so is awake much more and I am having to find ways of entertaining him more, whilst also getting my jobs done, more on that in another blog, but it also means I have less time to do baking and chores when he sleeps.

I thought making the nests would be a nice thing for our little family to do together, and have this week bought a little sand and water table for him for crafty time and in readiness for the summer, so decided to involve monkey in the crushing of the shredded wheat. He was much more interested in eating it, but as it’s 100% wheat I don’t think there’s too much wrong with that! It was a bit chaotic and it went all over the floor but it was lots of fun too!



Daddy then melted the chocolate over a pan of boiling water while Monkey and I played. He also did the serious business of mixing up the shredded wheat and chocolate.



Monkey has never really eaten chocolate before now but we thought we can’t keep it from him forever, and as it’s Easter it’s a bit mean not to share. So we gave him a little bit of the much cooled but still soft chocolate and wheat mixture, and he loved it. He loved eating it, smushing it around his tray and generally waving it around and spreading it throughout the living room hehe. All good fun.



Meanwhile Daddy finished making the nests and filling them with yummy mini eggs.


Then we ran out of mini eggs and made some more with minstrels hehe. Slightly less elegant but still good.


Yum, yum, yummers 🙂 we have eaten far too many but I have also been handing them out to all the family we have seen to make sure that we don’t eat them all! haha Had a lovely quiche for dinner, another of my mum’s recipes, but this one is a slight adaptation from a Mary Berry recipe, and much easier to follow and tastes delicious. Monkey loves it too which is great so some has gone in the freezer for him later in the week 🙂