Monkey & Daddy Make a Tractor – 30mths

Monkey has always loved his arts and craft activities, and now he is that little bit older, his abilities and what he can achieve (with some help) have come on leaps and bounds. There are so many activities I want to try with him and so many things I want to make with him, but with a newborn who has colic, reflux and a possible allergy, my hands are sadly tied a bit more than I would like them to be and I am struggling to balance both of their needs. Thankfully Daddy loves doing things with Monkey and this weekend he stepped in to have a go at some Monkey & Daddy crafting :).

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Monkey & Daddy go to the zoo

Life in our house has been all change this last week with the arrival of our Little Miss, but we have also been trying to keep things fun for Monkey. We have kept his routine as much as possible. On Monday he went to rhyme time as usual with Nanny & Pops. On Tuesday he normally goes to Tumble Tots with Daddy but being half term this week it wasn’t on. We had a think about what they could do instead and decided Daddy and Monkey should go to the zoo! Continue reading