My little Fireman

Not a very exciting or deep post this one but I can’t share resisting these cute snaps of my little fireman. He actually started the morning as a pirate, but when we suggested going to the playpark he said he wanted to go as a fireman. He got the costume for his birthday and hadn’t worn it yet, so I thought, why not?

We had great fun at the playpark. We pretended to take water from the round spinney thing up the climbing frame to put out the fire and rescue someone by coming down the slide.

WP_20150609_013 1 WP_20150609_014 WP_20150609_016

His trusty squirrel helped him get to the fire quickly of course!

WP_20150609_032 (2)

He is such a sweety in his little costume and I adore his imagination as he grows, he really is a darling.

WP_20150609_029 WP_20150609_027

Though I am not sure why but whether he is dressed as a pirate of a fireman, he always says “I need to do some digging!” Do firemen dig???

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Making a Crown & Magic Wand

Friends and family have been very generous since Little Miss’s arrival and she has been given some very lovely presents. One of which was this cute little fairy princess Peppa Pig toy. Monkey helped me open the parcel and he took quite a shine to it himself and particularly liked her crown and magic wand, so I decided maybe we could make a crown and magic wand for Monkey to wear!

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Monkey’s Mini Milestones at 29 months

I haven’t done a mini milestones post in a while and there are a few lovely Monkey things that are making me dead proud at the moment so I thought it was time I did. It seems that he has grown up and his development has sped up rapidly just in the last couple of weeks since the arrival of his baby sister. It is incredible and he really is very fun to be around at the moment.

This may seem like a slightly braggy post (Look how amazing my toddler is) but it’s mainly to keep a record of what he can do, when, and if I sound a bit braggy it’s because I am actually pretty amazed by his development, and loving every minute of it.
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First attempt at Fancy Dress – 18 months old

I’ve been thinking for a while that it may be a good idea to start a fancy dress box with Monkey. Another way to have some fun when we are stuck in the house more over the winter, and I hope it will also help with teaching him how to get dressed, maybe! haha But I hadn’t got round to doing anything and I wasn’t 100% sure how keen he would be.

WP_20131128_16_33_47_Pro WP_20131128_16_34_02_Pro

A week or two ago, daddy had a meeting and came home from work a bit early (yay), he kicked his smart shoes off in the lounge and sat on his laptop to do some work (boo). To make Monkey laugh I put Daddy’s shoes on, which are huge. He is a size 12, whereas I am a size 5 1/2. ¬†Monkey giggled but then to my surprise he came and tried to put them on him! So we did and he was loving walking around the living room in them, and he really started to get the hang of stepping in and out of them, it was so cute.


Then a couple of days later, round at Uncle Simon’s house with daddy, Monkey was having great fun putting Uncle Simon’s gloves on and off!

WP_20131130_12_56_49_Pro WP_20131130_12_56_57_Pro

So I thought that maybe it was time to start a fancy dress box for him. I had a box of stuff in the loft from the parties I had in my wilder, pre children days so went to have a nosey and see what was in there. I found a couple of wigs, some glasses from a harry potter costume, and then got a random selection of old scarves, gloves and other big t-shirts from the bag destined for the charity shop.

We got the box out one afternoon and had a bit of a giggle with it, but it wasn’t hugely successful. He had the most fun with glasses and wigs, and a scarf stayed on for a few seconds, but I didn’t even attempt Tshirts or bigger items, not on the first try. It was fun but I think it’s something he’ll enjoy more as he gets older.

WP_20131205_12_16_07_ProWP_20131205_12_16_18_Pro WP_20131205_12_16_48_Pro WP_20131205_12_17_09_Pro

He still likes shoes though, and tried putting mine on when we went for a walk this afternoon! I’m sure I will get the box out again over the winter months and hopefully he will get more adventurous the more we do it.

Do your little ones like fancy dress?