My birthday and bluebell hunting

It was my birthday at the weekend, and it was a very lovely birthday. It’s difficult as you get older, to know how to celebrate your birthday sometimes. We thought about having a big bbq with friends and family round but in all honesty I couldn’t be bothered. I do love hosting things like that but it is a lot of work and actually, for my birthday, I didn’t want to do it. I just wanted to relax instead.

So on Saturday I left hubs with the kids, and popped down to London to see some friends. I was armed with a picnic and hoped the weather would be kind as I headed to Greenwich Park. As it turned out the weather was perfect, warm and dry but not too hot either, and I had the loveliest day with my girls, just sitting doing nothing but chatting. It’s so rare to do something like that and I enjoyed every second.PhotoGrid_1493101586890

I was home by 11 so it wasn’t too late a night and wasn’t too hungover the next day for my actual birthday.

Thankfully LM slept in for us that Sunday Morning so I had a relaxed start with tea and presents with hubs and Monkey. I had a nice hot bath and got ready while hubs sorted a picnic for our day out bluebell hunting.

One of the things I love about having my birthday at this time of year is that it is very much bluebell season. There are some woods not far from here that I have visited regularly over the years, but this year I wanted to try somewhere new. I saw that Brampton Woods were supposed to be nice, and are only about 20 minutes away so thought we would try there.

Uncle Mark & Auntie Fran came with us and, well, we weren’t disappointed. Almost as soon as we entered the woods we were greeted by some beautiful bluebells.PhotoGrid_1493101874151

I had read online the best spot to find the bluebells so we headed in that direction and wow it wasn’t wrong. There were bluebells as far as the eye could see, it was stunning and everything I had hoped it would be.PhotoGrid_1493101975270

We spent a while larking around and taking pictures and just enjoying the bluebells, then had a lovely little picnic before carrying on exploring the woods.PhotoGrid_1493102128232

There were areas in the woods where it almost looked like it was showing, or like we were in a misty swamp or something as there were fuzzy spores everywhere. Think like the seeds from a dandelion clock, but everywhere!PhotoGrid_1493103467704

We spoke to one of the rangers and apparently it is the spores from an aspen tree. Normally they get washed or blown away but because it has been so dry recently they are just gathered together. So it’s very unusual but was kind of cool and felt pretty ethereal. Even during our picnic there were spores flying around us, at points it felt like ash falling in the scenes from Avatar after “home tree” burned down. Even though it was quite cool I was glad to be in the non fuzzy areas again as it was just everywhere and it felt like you were breathing it in!

We had great fun and it is a lovely wood as it is so diverse, with open areas and ponds as well as the more dense woodland areas.PhotoGrid_1493102559585

We had a lovely day and it was just perfect for my birthday ūüôā

Reconnecting as a couple at Y Spa Wyboston Lakes

Being parents is wonderful but it is also seriously hard work. I’ve said it before but anyone who things having a child will save a relationship is usually wrong. Having children pushes your relationship to the limits. You’re tired, snappy and the needs of the little people can take over. Household chores can become battlegrounds and it is so easy to feel disconnected and like two people sharing a house and sharing children rather than the couple you are. So as much as me-time is important so is us-time for hubs and I. Getting that us-time can be easier said than done though.

When hubs’ Grandpa passed away last year he got a little inheritance and we decided to use some of it to treat ourselves. To do something that we wouldn’t normally do. So after a bit of research we chose a spa package at the Y Spa at Wyboston Lakes. Nanny & Pops kindly agree to babysit and we have been so looking forward to our weekend together.

With Monkey coming down with Chicken Pox last week it did hang in the balance whether we would still be able to come, but thankfully as he wasn’t too bad in himself (just covered in spots bless him) Nanny & Pops are saints and were still happy to babysit.

We headed off on Saturday and arrived in time for a two course lunch overlooking the lake which was lovely. We treated ourselves to a glass of prosecco to start of the relaxation as we were still thinking and worrying about the kiddies a little, even though we knew they were in capable hands, feeling guilty especially that our little man was not feeling 100%.PhotoGrid_1457257167281

After lunch our room was ready which was perfect timing and we settled in to our room before heading to the spa. It was really luxurious and there was even a tablet in the room that you could order room service on!  PhotoGrid_1457257246551

The package we bought included lunch, dinner, bed, breakfast and 4 hours in the spa from 3-7. We had also booked a treatment beforehand. So at 2 we had an amazing couples hot stone full body massage. It was funny being in the room together but kind of nice to do it together (and slightly cheaper than doing it separately) and the massage itself was amazing! Both our backs are terrible to the massage was brilliant for that and there is something soo lovely about having your hands and feet massaged as part of a full body massage!

Feeling very relaxed it was time to head into the spa itself. One of the reasons we chose the Y Spa was because the spa itself looked amazing. With a steam room, salty steam room, hot sauna, milder sauna, chill out room complete with ice and the piece de resistance, the hydrotherapy pool outside. With the cold weather this was amazing as the steam was filling the air, there was a fire blazing by sofas at one end and there was just such a wonderful ambience.PhotoGrid_1457257384476

There are some wonderful chill out spaces too, including one entitled the big sleep which we took advantage of too. Lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon felt seriously decadent and wonderful. The hot sauna was seriously hot but the milder sauna was really lovely and my favourite room was the steam room. I don’t often like steam rooms but this one was fabulous and hubs actually really liked the chill out room with a wall of ice as he is such a hot bod and it really cooled him down.

We spent the most time in the hydrotherapy pool though. With big underwater beds, jacuzzi bubble and some wonderful water jets it was just amazing. We copied a few other guests and treated ourselves to another glass of prosecco which we drank surrounded by bubbles as the sun went down. Feeling lovely and happy we snuggled under a blanket in front of the fire before heading back to our room to get ready for our evening meal.PhotoGrid_1457257464513

We took the opportunity to dress up a little and had a glass of wine in the waterfront bar before heading to our restaurant for a 3 course meal. The food was amazing and the ambience lovely, with low lighting and just a lovely atmosphere. We really felt spoiled and so well looked after.PhotoGrid_1457257669997

One of the best bits for us though was the next morning and having a lie in. We never ever get lie ins past 7am (and even they are rare) and though we still woke up pretty early (hard to change your body clock) the feeling of not having to get up was heavenly. We lay in bed and watched TV. We don’t even have a TV in our bedroom at home so this felt very luxurious and we watched something they than cbeebies! Shocking haha. A yummy slap up breakfast in the restaurant and then it was back to our room to chill again and for hubs to get a political fix watching the Andrew Marr show while I just enjoyed blogging in bed.

Over the course of the weekend we really reconnected as a couple. We had so many conversations that we never have time to have, either because the kids are jabbering over us or because we are too tired in the evenings. Other than a bit of TV on Sunday morning we really switched off from technology and enjoyed each others company, rather than both sitting with our phones as so often happens at home.

It was an expensive weekend, at nearly £400 in total (including drinks and treatments on top of the hotel package which was £228), so definitely a one off luxury (thank goodness for that inheritance) but at the same time it was worth every penny to really relax and spend time together.

We didn’t hang about too long before going home though as we wanted to see our kiddies and make sure Monkey was Ok, plus it was mothers day so we needed to see our mummies! We had a wonderful time though and hope to go back one day, even if just for the day!

How do you stay connected as a couple? Do you find it hard to make time for each other?

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Our Bonkers week

This last week has been a bit bonkers really. Some lovely highs but some bonkers moments too.

Friday was lovely, a nice day topped off by a visit from my little bro. The kids adored playing with him for the afternoon and then his lovely girlfriend came so we had tea and a good and natter Friday night, which was really nice .PhotoGrid_1455111601111

Then I was planning on heading down to London for one of my bestie’s birthdays at the weekend. I’ve let my London friends down a few times since having kids and I was determined nothing was going to stop me going as I did not want to let her down, again. Hubs had a rotten cold but though still coughing a lot he was feeling better in himself. LM was really poorly though with a horrible high temperature and she wasn’t herself.¬†Still I knew in my heart it was just a virus and I knew that hubs could cope so I put worrying Mummy thoughts aside, got my determined head on and drove down to London.

I had a wonderful night with 2 very very lovely ladies and it was so fun to really relax knowing I was staying at my friend’s house (rather than rushing to get the last train home) and we had lots of giggles. We ended up in Gordon’s which is London’s oldest wine bar and it was so cool sitting in the old tunnels.PhotoGrid_1455111882458

Meanwhile back home, things weren’t going so well. LM was really really poorly and unhappy which definitely made hard work for hubs. Then to top it all off she did a poo in the bath! Never a fun thing to deal with and even worse when you are on your own. Apparently Monkey was an absolute star for daddy thankfully. It was an early night for our poorly girl and that was the last I heard that night.

The next morning I got the first sleep in (till 7.45) that I have had in years, then checked in with hubs. I apparently text at a bad moment as I got a short reply telling me to come home ASAP. Oh God. But a phone call later and it was just a bad moment and he was doing fine. Told me not to rush, so knowing my friend was asleep I made the most of being able to lie in bed and doze for a bit (bliss!).

Hubs' trousers after being cut open by the paramedics

Hubs’ trousers after being cut open by the paramedics

The came another phone call from a very odd sounding hubs. Saying he was sat at the table but his knee had locked and he couldn’t move it at all. Not to worry though his parents were coming to help and hopefully his muscles would relax soon. Nevertheless I decided time to get ready and head home. Over the course of the next couple of hours with his situation not improving I got regular updates that he had called 111 and they sent a non emergency ambulance and well, turned out his knee was partially dislocated! Hence not being able to move it. So his trousers had to be cut off, and with a bit of gas and air his knee was popped back in.

He was told to go to the walk in centre for an x-ray and did as he was told (by which time I was home) only for the nurse there to basically disregard everything the paramedics had said, refuse to x-ray him and sent him home saying speak to your gp. Wonderful waste of a couple of hours that was!


Meanwhile back at home LM had a very long sleep and my brother and sister in law popped over. Monkey and Uncle Paul had tonnes of fun playing star wars lego together.PhotoGrid_1455132939823

Hubs has now spoken to his Dr and they think he may have torn the cartilage in his knee so may need surgery. He has an MRI¬†scan booked and is waiting for appointments with the Musculoskeletal team to jump through hoops while they figure out what is wrong.¬†We spent a couple of very worried days not knowing whether he should sit, stand, walk, drive etc. amid concerns it would dislocate again so he was getting lifts everywhere and being very careful. Yesterday he had an emergency appointment at the private physio he sees for his back and they were so so helpful and put our minds at rest. They also suspect a cartilage tear but have said he doesn’t need to be especially careful in terms of movements etc. Phew!

After dropping him at his physio the kids and I explored a nearby play park which was fun but late in the afternoon for them and nearing tea time so it did get a bit stressful towards the end! Glad to know hubs can drive himself around again rather than needing lifts everywhere with kids in tow.PhotoGrid_1455118868726

So it really has been a topsy turvy week. It was always going to be as there was bound to be jobs¬†to catch up on after I’ve had a weekend away but it has been even weirder with all the to-ing and fro-ing about hubs’ knee.

I’ve felt really guilty about the fact I wasn’t at home when it happened and that has been really hard. Topped off by Monkey making some delightful comments including “you’re not as good at that as Daddy, be better like Daddy. ” I know not to take any notice but it was the cherry on the cake and was feeling really low and rubbish anyway. But you can’t please everyone all the time. I wanted to be there for my friend for a change and there’s no way anyone could have predicted this would have happened while I was away. So now I have caught up on my sleep I am feeling a bit more rational about it. Oh the joy of Mummy guilt eh?

We also had a lovely pancake day and it may be the consumption of tonnes of pancakes that led to me feeling more cheerful haha. Monkey was a great help with making both american pancakes and the traditional ones, bless him. PhotoGrid_1455119070628

I’m also dead proud of myself, as one of the jobs that didn’t get done at the weekend was replacing the light switch in the kitchen (it broke Friday night when the actual switch fell off annoyingly) so I decided to give it a go myself. I’ve never done anything electrical before but made sure I turned it off at the mains and thought it shouldn’t be too hard to replicate what was done on the existing switch. Anyway, I did it. I didn’t electrocute myself and the switch works so hooray for that!

Things seem to be settling back to normal now which is nice, and just in time for half term craziness haha. How has your week been?

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Our Day ‘Off’ in London

Mummy me-time is so so important, but can be really hard to come by. Last week I had a very much needed day of Mummy me-time and it really was wonderful. Hubs’ business was up for a Learn Direct award for the number of apprentices they hire, and having won the regional award they were invited to the National Awards at the Kensington Roof Gardens in London. Lovely!¬†Hubs and his business partner thought it was a good opportunity for us wives to have a day in London too and as soon as my parents agreed to babysit both kids, I jumped at the opportunity.WP_20150707_09_24_34_Pro

So I put a pretty dress on and did my make up and we very excitedly headed off on the train down to London, though it was a bit weird too as it was the first time we had left LM with anyone other than one of us, for the whole day. Eek!

We headed straight to the Kensington Roof Gardens and I have to admit I was excited as for a long time I have wanted to see what this place was like, and well, as expected, it was gorgeous. So many beautiful flowers and so serene and peaceful considering we were in central London. Loved it!Kensington Roof Gardens

Unfortunately (Fortunately?) us wives weren’t invited to the awards ceremony so we headed off for a bit of a natter instead.¬†And where better to go for lunch than to the Harvey Nicks roof terrace? If our husbands were having some posh fun, why shouldn’t we? It was lovely to catch up as we never really see each other without kids running around (they have 3 girls), and our husbands are so close that we hear about what each other are up to via them, but not directly if that makes sense!

Anyway we opted for some lovely food and a gorgeous bottle of wine, which the waiter clearly thought was a little OTT… “a bottle???” haha. Put simply, it was blimmin’ lovely. I have to admit I felt very decadent and about as far from my normal day to day life as possible. Sipping a chilled Chenin Blanc and eating mussels on the Harvey Nicks roof terrace, getting a little tiddly, sharing stories about kiddies, motherhood, and of course our husbands ūüôā It was lovely to just really¬†relax for a change and get to know each other a little better.Harvey Nicks

Then we heard the good news from our husbands, they won the award! So they came to join us for a little celebration with some yummy petit fours and some martinis to taste, which was great fun.


Much as we would have liked the afternoon to continue it was then time to head back across London to get the train home to see our lovely kiddies.¬†We had a fab day in London, both spending a bit of time together and apart, and, much to our relief the kiddies had a wonderful day with their grandparents… and the grandparents loved it too and have said they would do it again! Hooray! Time to book in some more days off ūüėČ

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Launch of the new changing bag range from Babymoov

Last week I was very lucky in that I managed to get some real Mummy me-time, a day in London! Not just for anything, but for the launch of the fantastic new range of changing bags by Babymoov. Being mid-week I didn’t think I would be able to go, but knowing I was in need of a break Hubs took charge of the kids for the day and off I trotted to London, very excited to see some lovely bags.

Before the launch I got to have a bit of a mooch round by myself (such a luxury) and had yummy falafel in a very cute Lebanese restaurant near Carnaby Street. All very peaceful and pleasant ūüôā


Anyway enough about that, and on to the Babymoov bags, which I am really excited to tell you about because I truly think they have such a fantastic range with something for everyone.

My Bag, My Style

‘My Bag, My Style’ is the theme for the new range, with the idea being that your changing bag should be your¬†bag,¬†your¬†style. A bag that you would have chosen just for you that doesn’t¬†feel like a frumpy changing bag, but that is still every bit as practical. They have designed the range with Mums and Dads in mind and I really think they have a bag for just about everyone and for all occasions.

There are 29 styles in total, ranging in price from ¬£29.99-¬£79.99 with 7 models each coming in a number of colours and/or patterns. From uber-glam bags that don’t feel like changing bags at all, to large holdalls and some styles which make perfect changing bags for Dads to use.


The whole range of bags come with¬†the essentials, an insulated bottle holder, soother holder,¬†wet clothes bag and the changing mat, which always has it’s own outside pocket/storage space which I love. It may sound daft but any parent will know it is not always easy getting a changing mat back inside a very full bag, so having a place to put it without having to do that is a real plus in my book. All the bags come with a lifetime warranty as standard too.

My favourites

WP_20150519_15_08_48_Pro (2)My absolute favourite in the range has to be the Glitter bag, and I was lucky enough to be able to take one of these beauties home with me (cue girlish squeal!). It is just gorgeous and does not feel at all like a changing bag.

It looks and feels like a luxurious handbag and some of my non-Mummy friends have said that they wouldn’t hesitate to use it as a bag.

Inside though it is every bit the practical changing bag with plenty of pockets and space to keep all the nappies & other bits and bobs . Plus of course the coordinating essentials and shoulder strap.

It is so roomy and although it looks very similar in size to my current changing bag, when I transferred everything across it felt a lot more spacious and much less crammed in! (With two kiddies still in nappies I have a lot of stuff in there!)


WP_20150519_13_37_19_ProAnother style that I absolutely love is the Messenger bag. I think this style is so perfect for Dads as it is so unassuming and again just looks like a normal bag.

I know Hubs would much rather carry round one of these than the girly bags I prefer so we may well have to get him one. It’s not just for Dads though as it comes in different colours and styles to suit different personalities.


image courtesy of

The Glober bag is also worth a mention as I love the idea of a backpack changing bag. I think this bag would be perfect when you are out and about with active toddlers as you can have your hands free but still have everything you need.

This would also be perfect for anyone with back troubles as the weight can be distributed more evenly. This would have been perfect when I was pregnant with LM because of my SPD.

I¬†was under orders from my physio not to carry a bag on one shoulder so used a¬†my normal backpacks, but it just didn’t have the necessary pockets and useful bits so this would have been much more handy. Again it comes in a variety of colours and patterns, from an assuming grey to lovely bright patterns.


The range also includes:

  • The City bag, which is another glamorous handbag style changing bag which also comes with a handy change purse. and stroller harness.
  • The Traveller is¬†a large holdall which would be perfect to take away on holiday,or to use as a hospital bag.
  • The¬†Essential bag is a¬†simple design which would be great to use on days out to the beach etc.
  • The Style bag, which is¬†a lovely handbag design¬†in gorgeous patterns and colours.

I had a lovely day in London and really enjoyed hte launch of this fantastic range of changing bags, perfect Mummy me-time!

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I received the Babymoov Glitter bag in return for attending the launch of the range however all thoughts and opinions are entirely my own.

Making some positive changes

Positive changesRegular readers will know that I didn’t have the best week last week… by a long shot. I was feeling lower than I have felt in a long time and couldn’t see what my next step should be I felt I was sinking fast but a bit of a breakdown including much crying, and a very cathartic blog post… and I feel much better.

Friday was a pivotal moment. I got so angry with Monkey about not eating his lunch¬†and really flew off the handle, which just isn’t like me at all. Hubs came home in the midst of this and took Monkey to playgroup, at which point I sat and sobbed as I felt awful. I didn’t like my behaviour at all and I think I knew I couldn’t allow myself to be like that all of the time.

I think it was a bit of a shock for hubs too seeing just how upset and angry I was and he really realised how much I have been struggling recently.¬†Since then my mood has gradually improved and all I can say is that I don’t feel the same. I feel lighter and much more positive.

I have to give a huge thank you at this point to all of you wonderfully supportive readers out there. You have to take a lot of credit for helping me put things in perspective. I am so so grateful for the support of the blogging community and I don’t know where I would be without my blog. The tips, advice and just moral support I received from everyone has buoyed my confidence and helped me move on from the hole I was in.

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No more excuses

At the beginning of the year I wrote about how it was time to make time for me. To take a bit better care of myself, to lose weight and basically find some me time. We are now nearly a quarter way through the year (bonkers eh?) and it is safe to say that is not happening at the moment. With Monkey and mostly baby LM, I am continually pushing myelf to the bottom of the priority list.

The diet has stopped as I have been too tired, too poorly, too busy, etc. etc. I don’t like the way I look in most of my clothes as I am larger than I want to be and I don’t want to buy new clothes because the truth is I won’t be happy whatever clothes I am in as I know I am bigger than I want to be. I am lazy and I am making excuses not to look after myself. I only wash my hair a couple of times a week and because I can’t always be bothered to detangle the frizz it very often gets scraped into a bun and stays that way until I next decide it looks too greasy to be acceptable. Some days I don’t even straighten my fringe as if I know I am not going anywhere then who cares whether my fringe is all kinky and sticking out. Well, I should, I think.

It’s not just me, hubs is the same. He let his hair and beard get so long he was looking a bit scruffy (sorry hubs but you know you were) and he hasn’t been to the gym or cycled to work in ages. We put the kids needs above our own (of course) and in our free time prioritise jobs around the house (and I do prioritise the blog too) over taking time out for ourselves and making even a little bit of effort over how we look and feel.

We convince each other that it is ok too, we buy crisps and chocolate and bad things and tell each other we deserve it, that it’s temporary because we are going through a hard time. That it doesn’t matter. But the truth is, it does matter. We matter. Making time to feel good about ourselves does matter! I am feeling so low so much of the time and I think it’s all a symptom of the same thing. Yes babies are hard work and yes I am tired all of the time but I am dragging myself down instead of lifting myself up. If that makes any sense?


So, together, hubs and I are refocusing on the diet. He doesn’t need to lose as much weight as I do but some of his clothes are getting tight and it’s more about our frame of mind and we need to support each other through this. We need to encourage each other to look after ourselves. We usually take it in turns to do the 530am start with LM (yawn) but at the weekend we got up together so that hubs could cut his hair and beard before Monkey got up and the day fully started.

On Monday we started counting our WW points again. Just to remind ourselves what we are putting in to our bodies and also, hopefully, to lose some weight. There are no excuses this time. I have had a couple of difficult days this week where LM’s screaming has dragged me down and I have been a mess at times. But I haven’t given in. I am a huge comfort eater but I need to remember that it doesn’t solve anything and while it may make me feel better in the uber short term, longer term it does not help because I don’t like the way I look or feel.

I will never be skinny but I want to be me-sized rather than big for me-sized. I don’t want to feel so wobbly and squeezed into clothes and I don’t want to buy bigger clothes as they will just be masking the wobbles and I know I still won’t be happy.

We have a goal in mind too. It is my birthday at the end of April and at the beginning of May we have arranged a babysitter (thanks Mum) so that hubs and I can go out together with a group of our friends. It will be the first time since the wedding in August, I think, that we have had time out of the house as a couple without the kids and will do us both some good to be out with friends and out with each other. So the goal is that by then we are looking and feeling better about ourselves.

LM getting into a routine would undoubtedly make this task a lot easier, but (while I am still going to keep trying to get her into one) I am not going to use her lack of a routine as an excuse for eating rubbish and looking and feeling rubbish anymore. No more excuses.

Starting weight is 13st and I am aiming for 11 1/2 st, but as I have said before it is more about how my clothes fit than what the scales say.

Wish me luck!

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My word of the week this week is Rest.

It is half term next week and for the first time that really means something to us. Monkey’s first term at playgroup has gone really well, he loves it and talks about it all the time. But, I do feel he is quite tired. He only goes 2 afternoons a week but I still feel that it has tired him out, just as it is such a new ¬†addition to his routine I suppose, meaning regularly missed naps and a busy week overall as he still has other activities such as Rhyme Time and Tumble Tots. He has come down with a bit of a cold this week and I just feel having a bit of a rest from playgroup will do him good ūüôā

We also had quite a restful weekend last week, we have been s busy every week since Christmas so it was nice to have a bit more of a chilled one. We saw some friends for a coffee on Saturday morning and also saw Hubs’s parents as his Dad is recovering from a shoulder op. Then on Sunday we kept to ourselves and stayed home – and cleaned the house from top to bottom. Not¬†exactly¬†restful to spend a chunk of the day cleaning but it did us good and we did get to rest once the cleaning was done!

WP_20150211_14_35_27_ProThen the best reason that Rest is my word this week is because on Wednesday¬†I¬†managed to get a rest. A real proper full day of rest at a spa! Not a regular occurrence for me at all! It was part of my best friend’s hen do and 4 of us headed to Ragdale Hall for the day. All I can say is that it was blissful and I felt so so rested for the first time in a long time. It was hard leaving the kiddies, particularly LM as I certainly never left Monkey this early (she is only 3 1/2 mths old) because I was breastfeeding. Because LM is on formula¬†I do have the freedom to be away from her on occasion but that doesn’t make it easy. It was a wonderful day but I really did miss her! Such a soppy Mumma. BIt also broke my heart a little to hear that Monkey had asked Daddy at bedtime “When’s Mummy coming back?” I know they were fine and does them no harm to be away from them, it just goes against your instincts a little I think.

It was amazing though as Ragdale has a fantastic Thermal Spa with tropical showers, a candlelit pool, thought room, outdoor spa pool with massage jets and waterfalls. It was blissful. We spent the day mooching around in our swimming costumes and robes, feeling so dozy! We did intend to take part in some exercise classes but there was so much to do we didn’t need to, and actually felt so rested we didn’t want to. It was an amazing day and lovely to be able to spend time with my friends and properly talk without kids running around us or taking our attention away. Very very peaceful and I felt well rested by the end of the day.

Unfortunately I came home to a Daddy who was very much in need of a rest after a stressful day with LM – I have been saying for a while she is teething and I think a tooth may be about to erupt, there is a sharp ridge on one bit of her gum and she is very unsettled at the moment poor thing. We have an amber anklet, teething gel, various teethers and teething granules but sometimes the only thing that will settle her is good old baby ibuprofen. Poor thing really needs a rest! Daddy is off to see his business partner’s new house today so hopefully he will get a bit of peace and quiet on the car journey, even if it isn’t that restful it is less stressful than a screaming baby!

How has your week been? Are you feeling rested?

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Feeling Cheerful

Yep I am feeling cheerful this week :). It’s amazing how much better you feel when you are getting enough sleep isn’t it? LM has now slept through from 7pm till 430/5am for the past 6 nights, meaning hubs and I are both getting a good long sleep at night. After a troublesome week last week ¬†we are so very, very pleased about this!

We are expecially grateful as we had a busy weekend. On Friday night my brother and his girlfriend came round for a takeaway which was really lovely and, well, the four of us can natter away til the cows come home so it was an uncharacteristically late night for us, meaning instead of our usual 9/930pm bedtime we went to bed after 11! Shocking I know! We were a little tired Saturday morning but had another busy day ahead of us as it was one of my best friend’s hen do. I had my hair cut in the afternoon and then in the evening I left hubs alone with both kiddies for bath and bedtime – the first time one of us has done this alone with both kiddies since LM became part of this routine!

Hard work for him but I had a lovely lovely time with my friends, having a good natter and a bit of hen do silliness :). I love my kiddies but I so need some time for me sometimes and this gave me the push I needed to get out of the house and enjoy just being me, rather than being Mummy.

hen fun

Sunday was a yummy lunch at my Mum’s with my side of the family and we had a very lovely time, Monkey so loves playing with all of his aunts and uncles and LM was good as gold too.

at mums


I love that pic of my Mum and Stepdad with Monkey and LM, just gorgeous :).

Monday I have to admit I was shattered from a 430am start to the day and the busy weekend, but as the week has gone on I have been feeling positively restored. Getting a series of solid nights sleep, even with the early start to the day, really is making a huge difference to my energy levels. LM has been a lot better too, she is still dribbling a lot but she doesn’t seem to be in as much pain with the teething and has been sleeping really, really well. This means I have had more time for me but also more time for Monkey.

We have had some lovely playtimes out in the cold this week while ¬†LM has bee happily dozing. I have also been trying to be less negative towards him, to give more positive praise. I am a huge believer in positive reinforcement but it is so easy when you are tired and stressed to focus more on the negative behaviours. So instead we have been concentrating on the good and while we have had to threaten the naughty spot a few times, in general his behaviour has been much better this week and he is learning to say “please can I have” instead of “I want” which is actually going surprisingly well bless him! We are still having issues at dinnertime with him refusing to swallow food but there are a lot less tantrums and he is much more cheerful and so I am much more cheerful….or is that I am feeling more cheerful so he is feeling more cheerful hmm maybe a bit of both :).


How has your week been?

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