My pregnancy craving – Tangfastics!

There is only one word that can really sum up my week! Tangfastics! I am obsessed with them, they are definitely my guilty pleasure at the moment!


I’ve always been a fan of our sweets but I hardly ever eat them (I have had more than enough work on my teeth over the years to put me off eating them frequently). However, the last couple of weeks they are almost all I can think about. At the time of writing, I have eaten 4 packs this week!  It is seriously bonkers and I know I need to ration them, eating a tiny bit extra is one thing, 4 packs of sweets in less than a week is a whole other matter!!

After telling my friend she she is now convinced that it means I am having a baby girl, as even though she usually hates sour sweets, she had a huge craving for them when she was pregnant with her daughter. When I was pregnant with Monkey I didn’t  really have any particular cravings. I had a few aversions, mainly to spicy food, but no real cravings. This time though, give me those tangfastics!

I wonder if it means something? I have googled pregnancy cravings and according to experts  they have no relation whatsoever to the sex of your baby and are merely your body’s response to hormonal changes and nutritional requirements. I’m not sure what nutritional requirements 5 bags of tangfastics could possible be fulfilling!

There are so many old wives tales that suggest you can tell whether you are having a boy or a girl. Whether you are carrying high or low, whether your hair is shiny or dull, and of course what types of food you are craving! But there seems to be so much online debunking these theories that it is hard to tell if any of them have any relation to to reality, or if they really are a load of nonsense.

I’ve been in quite a bit of pain again this week – I have new exercises from my physio which should help in the long term, but which right now are really aggravating my SPD. So on Thursday afternoon, when my stash of tangfastics ran out, and my hip and pelvis were seriously hurting, I made my first “Pregnant Wife who’s in a lot of pain and really feeling sorry for herself” call to hubby to nip to the shop and get me some! I am glad he works so close! Naughty wife!

In other news though we had a lovely BBQ for my birthday at the weekend, lots of family and friends, and somehow the rain held off! As always with lots of people and toddlers it was a bit chaotic at times but overall a lot of fun. Nice that we had the garden ready for it too, although it was a shame we couldn’t walk on the turf!

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What’s your Word of the Week? And did you have any pregnancy cravings? Have any stories of Old Wives’ tales that turned out to be true? I’d love to hear them!

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