Siblings March 2016

I love watching my funny pair and seeing their relationship grow. They get on so well (for the most part) and have a lot of fun together. They obviously have their moments of irritating each other where LM screams at Monkey or he shouts at her and tells her off. But the fun times are more frequent.

On a rainy morning last week I set them up playing with lentils in the tuff spot. They started off playing happily side by side, then after a reminder from Mummy to Monkey that he needed to share the bowl of lentils, played together a bit.PhotoGrid_1457528322846

Then things got a bit chaotic, in the best way. I think LM started it but I wasn’t watching at that moment so I am not sure. What I did see though was Monkey pouring lentils on LM’s head. Then her tipping some on his head. Then this happened. Just lovely and thankfully they are both so tolerant of each other as they were having so much fun!


On another occasion, sat on the sofa watching TV, LM decided they weren’t quite close enough so started clambering onto her brother. He retaliated by holding a funnel on her head. As you do. She got annoyed and wanted off… at which point he clung onto her saying he wanted to cuddle her (awww) but she was not happy about that. It was getting a bit silly (not in a good way) so I separated them a little. LM hadn’t quite had enough though so carried on sticking her legs on him… at which point Monkey decided to go with it and started “fixing” her foot with the funnel. And she was completely tolerant of that. Random kiddies. PhotoGrid_1457528933011

Monkey has a thing at the moment where he likes wrapping himself in a blanket on the floor and being a caterpillar. LM loves it when he does this as she loves climbing on him haha.PhotoGrid_1457557914219

They really care about each other a lot too. LM has hated seeing Monkey unhappy and poorly with chicken pox last week and every time he cried she ran over with a very concerned expression to see if he was OK. And for his part, when I bring her down from her nap he greets her with “hello my darling, did you have a lovely sleep?”  What a cutie. 

There is so much I could say about this lovely pair’s relationship, so instead, here are some more snapshots of them together over the past month. 


dear beautiful

Siblings February 2016

Wow how are we in the middle of February already? This year is already whizzing by and I have a feeling that won’t change.

My gorgeous pair are growing and developing all the time and their relationship is growing and changing with them. I just love to see them together, it makes all the tricky times that come with having 2 children so worth it.PhotoGrid_1455284539747

I love watching them play together, sometimes just side by side but other times helping each other, or copying each other. They just love to be around each other.PhotoGrid_1455284833865

And Monkey has some seriously tender moments with his baby sister where he just announces how much he loves her and bowls her over with a giant cuddle!PhotoGrid_1455285088321

For her part she just loves messing with her big brother. Difficult to catch on camera but she just comes up to him and starts messing with his hair. Or she lies with her feet on him kicking him. Or she runs up to give him something then snatches it back and runs away laughing. Such a cheeky madam and for the most part Monkey is so good and so accommodating of her cheekiness towards her.20160205_083628

Hubs managed to catch a video of this last weekend while I was away. It isn’t amazing quality as it was very early morning so quite dark, and post breakfast so they are still in their pjs. Proof that they did manage to have some nice times together while I was away though 😉 and a very good example of LM messing with her big brother, and him being amazingly tolerant of it. The toy she has is his doggy bear, his one special toy, and as a sign of how much he loves her he often says she can share him. Bless.

Of course there are plenty of squabbles and snatching of toys at times too. Monkey takes something from her and refuses to give it back no matter how much she screams and she does the same to him. He barges past her and knocks her over without realising she is there and doesn’t know his own strength and leaps on her when we are messing around. Sometimes, because he is the big brother and because he is so tall for his age, it is too easy to expect him not to do these things. But we have to remind ourselves that he isn’t even 4 yet. To not expect too much of him.

So instead we focus on the lovely moments, as they are far more frequent.

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