Second Trimester Style – Under Bump or Over Bump?

At 19 weeks I am now well into the 2nd trimester and I am actually enjoying it (which is a nice surprise as I didn’t enjoy any of my first pregnancy!). I am managing my SPD problems ok at the moment and though I am still tired at times, the overwhelming exhaustion of the 1st trimester has faded away nicely. The bump is also growing now, although (and hubby is getting really fed up of me saying this) I still feel like I look more plump than bump! (I have stolen that phrase from the fab Ghostwriter mummy as I love it) I just don’t think I look pregnant to the casual observer!

It varies day to day and also from outfit to outfit. When I look down at my tummy – it looks huge to me and then I am surprised when I catch my reflection and see that it is barely there really. Anyone else get that? Different perspectives I know but my tummy feels massive to me!

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