What’s in my changing bag

From time to time I read some great posts from Mums who are quite honestly, far, far more organised than I am, who share their lovely changing bags. They are pristine and organised and kept well stocked. I am a little in awe of these Mums as I doubt they ever manage to go out without nappies (has happened more than once as I haven’t realised I have run out and can’t remember when I last checked) or are ever greeted by this sight when they open their changing bag.


So, no, sadly I am not one of those Mums, and this isn’t going to be one of those posts! I am more likely to randomly chuck in a few nappies and every now and again. Occasionally I decide to brave taking out all the random stuff that is in there and have a good sort out in the hope I will be more organised next time (let’s face it, never gona happen). This is what I did this week, and this is what I found in my changing bag.

Half a rice cake, covered in sand and bizarrely squished into a suncream lid – yummy.


Some pine cones which were a ‘present’ from Monkey.

A piece of elastic we randomly found Monkey playing with and decided to remove from his possession.


Some of LM’s favourite things to play with, including a bit of dried grass (yup, honestly, playing with a blade of grass makes her deliriously happy), a frog castanet, the hose from a duplo fire engine (she LOVES it) and a rattly whistle thing (that actually contains a sweet but shhh our kids haven’t worked that out yet).

Thousands of bits of broken biscuit.


Random items of ‘spare’ clothing completely coated in the above broken biscuits and crumbs.

Ooh, result, a slightly squished but still sealed mini mars bar. Yum!

A few random nappies that have been squished and mangled so badly that at first glance I am not 100% sure if they are used or not.

It was a good job jobbed, and right now my changing bag is much more organised… but I know in my heart that it won’t last very long!!

What’s in your changing bag? I would love to know if you are reading this in horror or completely relate to my lack or organisation!

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The Truth about… the early days of breastfeeding

WP_20141022_16_24_10_ProSo far all is going pretty well with breastfeeding Little Miss. A complete contrast to how difficult I found breastfeeding Monkey in the early days but that doesn’t mean that it is entirely plain sailing. This isn’t going to be a post slating breastfeeding, or promoting it particularly either. There are many positives to breastfeeding but I’ve always had problems with the portrayal of it as being ‘perfect’. As with anything, setting it up to be perfect experience only leads to problems (as perfection is unattainable) and feelings of failure or not being good enough when you can’t achieve it. Some of the things you read or are told about breastfeeding feel a bit like propaganda and heaven forbid you have a different opinion or suggest there may be any negatives to breastfeeding.
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