The Stick Collector

We were out and about on Saturday. We popped to a local garden centre where we are members so get offer on lunches etc. After lunch we started to walk home but our bossy little Monkey kept disagreeing with us about which way to go. As we weren’t in a particular hurry we let him be in charge for a little while so we headed in the direction of our local country park, Ferry Meadows, which we go to a lot because it’s close and there’s lot to do.

Anyway we were walking along (thankfully the rain had passed for a bit) and we suddenly realised that Monkey was carrying a lot of sticks. Now he loves sticks, it’s not rare for him to get quite attached to sticks. They are regular companions on walks, they are a great motivational tool if he doesn’t want to walk any further (wow, come look at this stick!) and I constantly seem to find bits of stick at home, in our shoes, down the back of the sofa, etc.

What was unusual though was the quantity of sticks. So we watched for a bit and realised he was collecting them. Every time he passed a stick he picked it up! With the crazy weather of late (especially the mental winds on Friday night) I’m sure you can imagine there was a loooot of sticks about! It was so cute to see him problem solving with each new one, finding a way to keep hold of them all while picking another one up. Daddy and I thought it was brilliant 🙂

sticks 1 sticks 2


The funniest bit was when all of a sudden he sort of looked at the sticks as if to say to himself “What AM I doing?” and then dropped them on the floor and continued his walk. So funny.


A little while later he started collecting again, and the same cycle continued. He then tried to pick up a huuuge stick, then found one that was about his size and was content to use just that one for a while.





Daddy thinks he looks like Moses in this pic! he he




We went all the way to Ferry Meadows but then the winds were getting up, the clouds were starting to look a bit foreboding, it was nearly naptime and Monkey had done a poo. Despite all of this Monkey still didn’t want to go home so we had to strap in the buggy (with a lot of protesting) and thankfully a couple of little sticks kept him entertained most of the way home 🙂 Just in time as the heavens opened within a few minutes of getting home! Monkey was obviously very tired after all that problem solving and stick collecting as he slept for 3 hours and we had to wake him up! 🙂


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41 thoughts on “The Stick Collector

  1. Oh how cute is his stick obsession. That’s funny. I love the Moses picture. Looks like he is one with nature. Glad you got a chance to go out and play outside. The weather has been not so friendly lately. #wotssofunee

    • Thank you, we think it’s hilarious, so funny and so cute seeing his own personality develop, along with some random little obsessions! I know what you mean, I really can’t wait for Spring! xx

    • it’s so cute isn’t? There’s obviously something about little kids and sticks! My inlaws told me today they saw a little tot on a trike who kept stopping to put sticks in his basket and he had a huge pile of them! Adorable! 🙂 xx

  2. omg he has the same habit as my 4 year old she developed this as soon as she could walk so now she is 4 we tend to bring home at least 2 branches of a tree plus sticks and twigs, make great kindle lol

    • haha it’s so funny isn’t it? Loving how many other kiddies love sticks as much as Monkey does! Great free entertainment! 🙂 xx

  3. Haha, I love this! Our little girl collects leaves quite often – easier to carry multiples at once but she does get upset when they start falling apart! Maybe she will start collecting sticks now, after her Grandad has been reading Stick Man to her lots,

    The photo of him holding the perfect stick is great, I’m glad he found one that was “just right” after finding so many of different sizes!

    • haha thank you! Aww bless her getting upset when the leaves fall apart! Monkey got obsessed with a leaf once and carried it for ages, then the leaf fell off the stalk and blew away. When he noticed he was distraught and kept looking for it and trying to find it. Thankfully he has moved onto sticks now which are less fragile 🙂 Hopefully your little one will too 🙂 xxx

  4. I actually laughed out loud at this! Mushroom likes stick collecting too and often brings them home if he gets particularly attached. I love the serious expression on his face as he negotiates carrying the extra load. Brilliant

    • haha fantastic, glad he amused you – he certainly made me laugh 🙂 So cute watching him take it all so seriously! 🙂 xx

    • It’s great how children can get so excited by so little isn’t it? I just love watching and seeing the world through his eyes. Thank you, it’s a pleasure to join as always 🙂 xx

  5. How sweet. Love the last photo. We have a stick collector too. He seems to be going through a stage of bringing only one stick home. Always the biggest. #CountryKids

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