Think before you speak…

Monkey’s speech is developing so quickly and improving by the day. He tries to repeat just about everything and his pronunciation is getting a lot clearer. There are still times that we have no idea what he is saying, but most of the time we can work it out and some things he says are just so clear.

With this development, which we absolutely adore… we are really having to be careful what we say now. I nearly called it a phase but let’s face it, once they start talking and repeating things they don’t really stop, so this is it now, we have to be careful what we say from now on!

The most obvious words to avoid are obviously swear words and I am surprised how well we are doing with this. My language has always been… er pretty colourful, particularly when stressed, so there was definitely a time when I worried about Monkey’s first words being slightly rude. Somehow though it has completely changed and I am now almost anti-swearing. I guess maybe it’s because I am with most of the time, swearing almost feels wrong to me. At the wedding we went to last week someone swore and for about 5s I forgot that Monkey wasn’t with us and took a breath in…. then realised no kids were present so relaxed again.

Hubby is doing pretty well too, and I mean neither of us are 100% perfect and occasionally we gently correct each other but so far thankfully Monkey hasn’t picked up on any naughty words. What he has picked up on though is some of the random little phrases that hubby and I say without realising. I think everyone has things that they say regularly without realising. Monkey talking and being our little parrot we are becoming more aware of these little sayings.

This has been true ever since he first started talking as the first phrase he picked up was “I Don’t Know” not something we thought we said much, but once he started saying it, we realised that we both in fact said “I don’t know” to each other all of the time, even when we do actually know, so daft! Then he picked up a very reluctant ‘okay‘ from us when we don’t want to play play-doh for the millionth time!

Another phrase he has very much picked up on now is “Oh dear me” and apparently I say this quite a bit, as opposed to swearing I think! It is so funny hearing a little two year old running around saying “oh dear me.” He saw a man cutting the grass on one of those big drive on grass cutters the other day and it was “oh no! Oh dear me!!”  He drops something on the floor and it’s “oh dear me.” hehe I don’t think it’s purely me that says this though as I heard it being said on Postman Pat the other day, and as he loves it, that is a big influence on him too.

His other favourite thing to say is “No, not yet, soon” to anything he doesn’t want to do. I actually really like this one as at least there is room for maneuver. It is very rarely a definite no (though we do get those too of course) and we can then set a limit, so yes, after this episode, or after one more go on the slide, etc. etc. Again though I have a feeling he has picked this up from us, which is just amusing really.

Something else which he has definitely picked up from me is saying “I know” instead of yes. I really was not aware that I did that, but since Monkey has started saying it I have become so aware of how often I do it and I hate it! Makes me feel like a right know-it-all! Because I have been more aware I think I have been saying it less, and Monkey is definitely saying it less, which is good!

Only time will tell if he picks up any of the other things we say – hubby’s phrases are “it’s one of those things, where…” and “this is it” (hehe sorry hubs) so I wonder if Monkey will start parroting back those phrases any time soon!

Do you notice your kids repeating anything back to you? Any choice phrases they have picked up on?

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35 thoughts on “Think before you speak…

  1. I remember that phase of having your little verbal idiosyncracies parroted back to you! I now find that my automatic knee jerk verbal reaction to something surprising or negative is ‘Oh Blast’! or ‘Oh my word!’. These are phrases that I never thought I would hear myself say, but after hearing JJ make up a little song one day which pretty much consisted of ‘bugger, bugger, bugger, bugger’ (set to a happy little tune!) I reined it in!! 🙂

    • haha it is funny the ways we change when we have kids, that we never thought we would! I really chuckled reading about JJ’s bugger song – doesnt even seem like that bad a word, until it is coming out the mouth of a toddler!! xx

  2. It really does make you think when they start picking up on your little phrases that you use almost unconsciously. Jessica likes to tell me “you’re a pickle Mummy” and stand at the bottom of the stairs and shout “Get up Michael!” to my hubby. She’s also got my exasperated sigh down to a tee x

  3. I love some of the ones I get parroted back, mostly by Elma at the moment – if you ask her if she needs a new nappy she’ll say “no, just a little gas!” and she picked up on my saying “goodness me!” only it comes out as “goobness me!” and it’s just so cute! Luckily neither of them have picked up on some of their Daddy’s more exotic expressions but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time!

  4. Such a lovely post that made me smile. I remember fondly my eldest son learning to talk and how strict we had to become with ourselves and visitors. It does pay off though. Its the little phrases they say though that are just magical!
    My youngest is on the ASD spectrum and parrots EVERYTHING we say so we have to be very careful but the odd word or phrase does slip out on occasion and very delightfully gets repeated back to us, not straight away though, usually a few days later and in context!! I dont know whether I should be relieved with that or not! haha. linking up with #SSAA

    • Thank you, it’s such a lovely phase isn;t it, but tricky too! That’s the worst, when you think you’ve got away with something, only for it to be repeated at a later date! haha! xx

  5. We are also going through this and it is really cute. My son, unfortunately HAS picked up on swear words, but surprisingly says them at the right time and in the right context!

    I was at the airport and dropped something and he looked at me and said “Sh!t” . I was actually a little impressed, but now we REALLY watch what we say.

    And how cute is it that your son says ” Oh Dear Me”, love that. When I ask my son “how about we have some fruit for a snack?” he now responds with “No Mamma, how about we have a cookie”. You win kid!

  6. Isn’t it funny when you hear yourself speaking back through your children. My son kept saying ‘careful’ for ages-obviously something I said to him a great deal! My mum is always saying how listening to my two is like hearing me (slightly worrying…) The only place where my swearing appears is in the car-it just pops out then-I’m currently trying to explain to our 8 year old that swearing isn’t always ‘wrong’, it’s about context. That’s making for interesting conversations 🙂

    • haha it is funny. Oh I totally know what you mean about swearing in the car, I have to be so careful but my language is still colourful! A friend of ours’ 7 yr old recently asked him, “Daddy, what does fucksake mean?” lol xx

  7. This brought memories screaming back!!!! The time Lucas called me a ‘bugger’ in front of my Dad is always my favourite. Now he questions us………… The other day I suggested doing 2 things together to OH and said “we might as well kill 2 birds with 1 stone….” Oh dear. I then got the third degree about why I would want to kill birds and also how large the stone would be!!!

  8. Lucas says – Well Done Monkey. You’re still keeping them well and truly on their toes! Remember, any naughty words they say ALWAYS needs to be repeated in front of the grandparents. That’s the Law!!!!! he he High-5’s #sharewithme

  9. I must admit, I’m pretty foul mouthed, although I try my best to not swear in front of the kids.
    The kids have been well taught, and if I di swear they shout at me for doing it.
    I have started trying to say things like holy guacamole instead, which is funny because I say it so much I have started saying it at work now too..

    • Aww that’s good if they tell you off too! Things like holy guacamole are good and it is funny how easily somethings can be adopted into your vocab! xx

  10. Oh god hun the worst is when I am driving and I shout! My girl has been known to say a VERY rude word at home. Luckily I have managed to stop myself so my boy as yet is rude word free! #brillblogposts xxx

    • I can’t believe I didn’t mention driving as it is definitely the worst! Well done on keeping your boy rude word free so far!! xx

  11. Oh God, yes. Our kids parrot back everything we say. Thankfully we’ve been pretty good about not swearing, but it’s hilarious when Isaac (our oldest) will patiently tell off his younger siblings using *exactly* the same words and tone of voice that mummy does. (Well, it’s funny to everyone except mummy …)

  12. Really interesting post! I have always used a lot of swear words (I LOVE swearing!), but never swear in front of the kids. As I don’t go to work in an office any more it means I’ve pretty much given up swearing! I remember my eldest saying ‘mimit’ (for ‘in a minute’) when he was trying to delay something and also ‘bit bigger’ when he felt he didn’t want his baby brother to do the same things as him (ie until he was a bit bigger!). Now my daughter is 8 she literally doesn’t stop saying literally! It drives me mad and I realise it’s from my husband.

    • haha loving the literally, such a frustrating word! I have always loved swearing but being around Monkey all day has definitely toned down my language!! xx

  13. So lovely when they repeat you and love his ‘I know’-think my eldest (4 going on 14) has helped Alexander as he chats non stop, this post reminds me of watching what I say though as A shouted ‘shit’ (it was in context at least) when one of the fridge slides fell out! Ha! Thanks for linking up to #brilliantblogposts

  14. This post made me smile, if ever we get to this stage with Ethan we will have to watch our swearing. It’s so sweet that he is copying you. I have noticed that Ethan says Hello the same way I do. The tone and everything, it makes me check myself as I drop the H. Naughty mummy ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • haha it’s funny when you only really realise you do something because they have started imitating isn’t it? Can suddenly make you so self conscious about what you say and do!! xx

  15. I love this. So true it’s it now. He is talking and repeating and the questions will start soon and you will wonder where did you get that idea or how do you know about this or that. Buba absolutely blows my mind with his on a daily basis now. I even blogged about it this week the crazy things he comes out with. I love it. So entertaining and cute most of hte time. I have been great at the cursing Mr P not so much but working on it. lol Thanks for linking up to Share With Me I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round! #sharewithme

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  17. It’s scary when they start parroting your words and phrases back to you – our 22 month old has started repeating a French word which is the equivalent of “sugar” instead “sh*t” and Hubs and our eldest pointed out that it’s because I say it all the time. As I said, better that than the real swear word!

    • haha it is funny isn;t it and you;re right, definitely better than the actual swear word, though it still sounds funny coming out of a toddler’s mouth! xx

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