Through the eyes of a child #ThePrompt

It is Friday so  I am linking up with the lovely Sara at MumTurnedMom for The Prompt.

This week’s prompt is the following quote:

Seek the wisdom of the ages but look at the world through the eyes of a child. Ron Wild

When you look at the world through the eyes of a child, everything is new, everything is a learning experience.

You see the fascination on their faces when they first notice dust particles floating in the air. When he was younger, Monkey used to try and chase the sunbeams around the living room floor (it was so cute). He sees wonder in things that are just normal to me. He loves buses, and sticks, and tin cans. He likes knocking on trees. He can spend ages flipping light switches (if you let him!). He wants to have us read the same story to him over and over and over.

Every time he has some cream cheese he has to dip his fingers in, rub it around his hands and then smear it on the table, like he’s never felt anything like it before (even though he only had cream cheese sarnies 2 days ago!).

For our little ones there is so much to learn and so much excitement in their learning. Monkey is at a stage now where he wants to know the name of everything. We can spend ages with him holding up two items to me while I repeatedly name them one by one, Bottle, Lid, bottle, lid.. or Red crayon, green crayon, red crayon… you get the idea.

Sometimes, when he sees something new, for example he saw a picture of himself on my open laptop the other day, his little brow furrows then the eyebrows raise. You can see the thought process of “what is that?” “Woah that’s me!” then begins the point and the ‘ga!’ as he wants me to explain it to him.

We still don’t have words yet, I know it’s within the range of ‘normal’ but I am very impatient for words to come. We are getting nearer, there are a lot more noises approximating words, but for the moment our communication very much relies on watching him, watching what he is seeing through his eyes, so I know what he sees, what he wants to know the name for.

And what I see, when I watch  his eyes, is wonder. He is fascinated by everything and wants to know how everything works. He wants to help me peel the vegetables. He wants to run down that hill to know what it feels like. He wants to be tickled because he likes to giggle. He wants to pick up the stones because he likes to watch them fall from his fingers. He likes to play with his numbers and help me put them in order. He likes to close doors, and try to open them. He wants to put lids on bottles, and take them off again.

He looks at the world with wonder, and I look with him.

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24 thoughts on “Through the eyes of a child #ThePrompt

  1. Lovely post. It’s such a lovely age right now. Boo creates magic with her storytelling and energy, whilst Little Man does it simply by being in awe of the little things you’ve described there – door opening and closing is a huge hit here, too 😉 #ThePrompt

    • Thank you, aww yeah tere is just so much magic at all the different stages isn’t there. Looking forward to seeing monkey grow through all of them 🙂 xx

  2. Lovely post 🙂 My Little Man is a little older and much more verbal….arrrrgghhh it’s questions, questions, questions every waking minute. I try not to get fed up of him though, even when it’s the same question 10 times over, he’s learning, it’s natural and he’s going to be a bright little fella!

    • Thank you! haha it’s funny because right now I can’t wait for that stage, but I KNOW that I will be just as frustrated as you when I get there, no matter how much I try not to be. Better than having a little one who isn’t interested in learning though I think 🙂 xx

  3. It’s such a wonderful stage isn’t, the joy they get from such simple things. I remember sitting with a two year old, well before I had children of my own, being stunned by how any times she could ask me the same question! That boundless curiosity 🙂 Thanks so much for sharing with #ThePrompt xx

  4. Such a lovely post. I love trying to see the world through the eyes of my son; everything is wonderful and new – there’s so much to discover and a posivity and innocence which is lost so quickly. #PoCoLo

  5. A lovely post. It is so true that our children teach us to look at things differently – and I think it’s great that they make us pause for a minute to appreciate everyday things. #PoCoLo

  6. That’s a very lovely way to look at it. I had. To remind myself of this a few times when he was smearing sudocream all over his clothes or asking endless questions. Come to think of it, he still does that all the time.

    • Thank you, it would be nice wouldn’t it? You’re right though, it doesn’t work like that. Sad, but true! xx

  7. It’s so true that we forget what it’s like through a child’s eyes… Finding beautiful, honest wonder in everything!

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