Time to get back on track..

This is my first weight loss update for a while, mainly because my efforts have stalled somewhat. For a while I was doing really well and a few weeks ago I finally hit the 12stone mark! Hooray! Meaning I have lost a stone and a half overall since Christmas, which I am dead chuffed with even though I still have a way to go.

This made me really positive and though my progress has been slow and steady I was focussed on carrying on and reaching 11 1/2 st and eventually, hopefully, 11 stone. Then Monkey got poorly. And LM and then hubs. Making a really hard couple of weeks. With hubs really rotten it has fallen to me to do all of the night wakings for poorly children, early starts, all the housework and cooking and everything as he has just not been able to help in the way he normally does.

When I re-started my weight loss 10 weeks ago I said there would be no excuses and that it didn’t matter if things were hard, that I would stick to the diet rather than comfort eat. I managed to stick with that for  a long time, but the last couple of weeks I haven’t managed.

Partially because I have been shattered and felt I needed the energy and partially, I admit, because I have felt a bit sorry for myself and treated myself to a few naughty things. I think because I have reached the 12st mark and have been feeling a bit happier with the way I look and fit into clothes I don’t quite have the same drive to lose the weight either.


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There has also been a lot of birthdays lately which meant a lot of celebrations, and a lot of cake! Somebody wise (the lovely Renee from Mummy Tries) reminded me not too long ago not to let the scales take over my life and it has stuck with me, especially around all of the birthday celebrations and the naughty food I have nibbled at parties. Instead of abstaining I have tried to be sensible but also allowed myself a bit of indulgence. As it is not the end of the world and there is no reason I can’t enjoy myself sometimes!

I have been trying to exercise a bit more throughout this though. I was stuck on the idea of exercising on my own, cycling, swimming etc, but failing to find the time to do so. The lovely Sarah at Run, Jump, Scrap suggested power walking with Monkey on the buggy board, which is such a simple but actually genius suggestion (thank you Sarah!). So I have been making an affort to get out and about with the kids. LM loves a ride in the buggy and Monkey loves riding the buggy board giving me directions and deciding where we should go. We usually end up at a playpark where he can run around, and once he directed me to Daddy’s office for an impromptu visit!

Wherever we go though it is definitely a work out and I come home sweating, the pair of them on the buggy are heavy and I try to set myself a good pace.

So the good news is that even with all the extra eating I haven’t really gained weight. I did put on a few pounds but they seem to have come off again.

I do still want to lose the rest of this weight though so it is time to get back on track, stop over-eating and keep exercising! I can’t believe it is now June and feel like I have been on this diet forever, but I have to remember slow and steady wins the race, and not give up just because I have had a few less successful periods of weight loss. I will reach my goal!

Have you been trying to lose weight? How is it going?

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19 thoughts on “Time to get back on track..

  1. Yay for getting back on track. I am too this week. I had a few weeks off plan and was pleased not to have gained. But now it’s time to knuckle down and shift this weight.
    Good luck and I look forward to reading how you are doing.

  2. It’s always the last half a stone that’s the hardest my lovely (says she who is writing a post about wobbly bits as we speak)… wishing you the very best of luck in getting back on track and owning those scales!! Big hugs xxx

  3. You WILL! Well done for taking the kids out for walks, it can take a lot sometimes just to get out of the door. It sounds like you’ve done brilliantly already but as long as you keep going you’ll reach your target. Well done and good luck. xx


  4. Well done you!
    I was a Slimming World Member up until yesterday. I did loose 3 and a half stone. I went on holiday to Thailand for 3 weeks and gained 7lbs. I then gained and extra stone since. I can’t get myself motivated so decided to make a change, quite Slimming World group and do it from home instead. I know the plan as I have been a member for over 2 years now. I have a very long way too go but I will get there one day!
    We can do it.

    Good luck!!

  5. You have done so well so far, you should be really proud of that. Your attitude sounds perfect, and getting out to exercise is as important, if not more so, for reaching your target and staying there. Good luck lovely xx #allaboutyou

  6. Good for you! For me the key is not getting upset by lack of progress and then drowning my sorrows, eye deep in a greasy pizza. Sounds like you’ve got a great attitude. I’m a firm believer that slowly and steadily lost weight stays off for longer too.


  7. Well done you, sounds like you’ve got a great balance at the moment. Keep it up, you’re doing great, this is a mammoth battle for me. I am on my way now I’m hoping with being able to move again after a battle against my body since having Eden. I need to lose the entirety of you to get anywhere near a healthy weight xxx so well done, keep going xxx #sharewithme

  8. Well done for getting back on track. I think the advice you received was spot on, don’t let the scales rule your life. A little indulgence here and there is going to be ok. Keep going, you are doing great 🙂 #sharewithme

  9. Well done you for getting back on track. I think we’re all allowed to slip a little and the race should always be a nice and steady one with these little diversions as I always think its what gives the long lasting results xx

  10. It’s great that you’re getting back on track and feeling motivated again! Try to not get too hung up on the scales and maybe limit to standing on them to once a week. Total body weight can fluctuate so much from day-to-day and from hour-to-hour. Keep hydrated, drinks lots of water. Drinking can often curb a craving away! Don’t deprive yourself of treats altogether though, as you’ll likely gorge on them eventually! 🙂 x

  11. I have been. My pants fits me now when before I cant even pull it up till my knee. But like you there are events (good and bad) that made me indulge more than I shouldve and I have been a bit back to being serious and focus again! #sharewithme

  12. Well done for maintaining your weight loss. There is nothing wrong with a bit of cake now and again, but then I would say that, cake is my weakness!

  13. I feel like there have been weddings and birthdays and holidays every month since MM was born and I have been desperately trying to get back on track since she has been born and I have far too many excuses to keep falling off. I wish there was one thing that kept me motivated and on track. Wish you all the luck and success more than mine hunny. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  14. Well done for getting back on track chick! Power walking with the pram and buggy board sounds hard and expect it is a workout and a half! I think the majority of us have hit that stumbling block, where we look back and realise how far we have come but there is still a way to go… you can do it though!
    Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week too! 🙂 Sim xx

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