Visiting Friends and Family #GetGoodSummer Wk 2

One of the 5 goals that I set myself as part of #GetGoodSummer, hosted by Claire at Clarina’s Contemplations, was to make sure we visit lots of friends and family this summer, while we still can before baby no.2 comes. (You can read more about my goals here, and see how I have got on so far with some other goals, here.) We have really made a start on that over the last week and so far it has been lovely.

Last week I got in touch with a good friend, who also happened to be my manager at one time and arranged to meet up. She really doesn’t live too far away but she does work crazy shifts and with one thing and another, and life going by to quickly, we haven’t caught up in months! Both of us were eager to do so and as she was on a week off from work she popped in for a cuppa one day last week. It was really lovely to see her and we spent a lot of time chatting about her wedding (which is later this summer and I am getting really excited about going – though I need to find a nice maternity dress for it!) and her hen do and it was just really nice. We have also arranged to catch up again in a couple of weeks! Very organised of us!

The main purpose of the goal though was really to see people further afield, and a while ago we had arranged to visit my Auntie, who lives in Raynes Park, SW London, for the weekend. A very good friend of mine lives in Bromley, SE London and they have just had their 2nd baby girl. I wanted to pop in and see how they are doing etc. but at around 2 hours away it’s not really a ‘popping’ journey time. But, we decided to combine the two visits in to one. They aren’t exactly on the way to each other, and with London driving it is not the easiest journey between them, but worth it to get to combine the trip.

So on Saturday morning we set off bright and early down the M11 to Bromley for a morning cuppa before heading over to my Auntie for lunchtime. I met my friend travelling in Brazil about 7 years ago. It is safe to say it was a very alcohol fuelled trip (we love the Caipirinhas), we clicked instantly and have been friends ever since, Fast forward 7 years and our lives are so different! Her eldest (little S) is 6 months older than Monkey, and she has just had no.2 about 6 months before our no.2 is due. Very similar stages so I was keen to know how they were all getting on!

The answer, is brilliantly. She seemed so relaxed and happy and all of their little family is as gorgeous and happy as ever, with a darling new addition! I got to spend a little while giving lovely cuddles to their gorgeous baba girl, and then I gave a hubby a go and she then fell asleep on him, meaning he got a really long cuddle (and got to practice holding a sleepy baba for a while). It was lovely to be able to give the new parents a little rest too, and Monkey and little S had a lovely play together too with her Daddy who is always so good with them.

Visiting Friends and familyIt was really reassuring to see, and hear, that 6-7 weeks in they are coping really well and that little S is also handling the change well. It was also really good to see that Monkey didn’t get jealous when either Daddy or I were holding the baby. He wasn’t particularly interested in her, but we figured that was better than him getting upset or jealous about us holding her. He did spend a few minutes sat behind me hiding from everyone, but he soon warmed up when little S and her Daddy started to play.

It was lovely to see them and I really we can always keep the friendship going, it will be great to see each other’s kids grow over the years!

After some tea and cake (yum) it was off to my Auntie’s. We chose to get back on the M25 and round, as though distance wise that is about 60 miles compared to the 15 miles to go straight across South London, it takes about the same amount of time and at least you feel like you are getting somewhere, rather than stop-starting all of the time! You can tell we are not big city drivers I think! 🙂

We made good time and got to my Auntie’s in time for Lunch. Monkey had a bit of a play and then settled for a lovely long nap meaning hubby and I got to have a lovely rest and catch up with my Auntie Maggie! After his nap, it had thankfully stopped raining for a while, and after so much time cooped up in the car and indoors we decided to take a little walk to a local park (actually one I remember going to as a little kid as it is in between my Auntie’s house and where my grandparents lived) to burn off some energy!

Monkey had a whale of a time, running about all over the place, so happy, even though everything was soggy and he got a soggy bottom! Auntie Maggie & Daddy had a lovely time too by the looks of it 😉 Monkey thought it was hilarious they were playing on the park too!

Visiting Auntie Maggie

That evening, once Monkey had gone to bed, Auntie Maggie cooked us a delicious evening meal. She wouldn’t accept our offers of help so we got to have a rest and a natter, then a delicious evening meal. It was soo lovely to have someone look after us, and also eat a meal without worrying about what Monkey is doing or how much he is eating. Very lovely and very relaxed. Hubby got a tiny bit tiddly by the end of the eve and I was very sleeping but we were both very relaxed!

The next day we went to visit Kew gardens before heading home, but I will save that for another post! 🙂

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26 thoughts on “Visiting Friends and Family #GetGoodSummer Wk 2

  1. What a lovely week, there’s nothing better than catching up with your nearest and dearest is there! You look so happy holding that baby hon, not long now until you get your own little pink bundle xxx

  2. Aw lovely Caroline! Look at that tiny baby! So cute. Glad you got a little insight into what it might be like with a newborn and a toddler. I have to say I was so much more relaxed (after the first week which was a bit stressy – hubby had decided to take on 6 weeks of Olympics overtime including night shifts which was really bad timing! I think doing myself a huge favour by giving up breastfeeding early helped me personally and meant that we were much more chilled out about going out and about including our holiday with EJ at 5 weeks!). Raynes Park is really close to where I grew up – I know for a fact that a trip to Bromley is not an easy one from there! I’d have taken the M25 too! Glad you can tick something off your #getgoodsummer list hon 🙂 X

    • Thanks Sam, I know, she is so adorable, I very much enjoyed my cuddle! Oh gosh that sounds so hard! I have a friend who struggled more with breastfeeding 2nd time round and she also coped much better when she took that pressure away from herself! Holiday at 5 weeks though, eek! You are so much braver than me! xx

  3. Sounds like you had a lovely time 🙂 I have really lost touch with the majority off my friends and sadly most of my family members live so far away. As always I love your photos 🙂 xx

    • Thanks lovely we really did! I have lost touch with quite a few too but am trying really hard to keep in contact with others. It’s just not easy when your life goes in different directions, is it? Thank you 🙂 xx

  4. It was so lovely to see you all too. I did appreciate the break from holding the baby but felt a little guilty that hubby didn’t get to sit down for the whole visit!! Don’t worry, we’ll definitely stay in touch and I’m looking forward to those caipirinhas returning in the future! Look after that lovely bump, see you soon xx

    • Thank you lovely! He really didn’t mind at all and it’s good practice for him anyway 😉 Yay glad to hear that and I very much look forward to sharing more caipirinhas with you again one day! Take care of yourself and your gorgeous family til next time! 🙂 xx

  5. Ahhh bless what a great trip to combine friends and family. YOu are so great to get out and make the effort to see people. I always try to do the same no matter how long it’s been. I think more people should look at their busy lives and stop and think who should we give some quality time to this month. Even just a little pop in can make such a great impact. Lovely post. Love the photos too! Thanks for linking up to Share With Me .#sharewithme

    • Thank you lovely, it can be so easy with busy lives to let things slide and before you know it years have gone by but friends and family are all so important to me so I really think it is worth making the effort to see people when you can! xx

    • Aww, do it! It’s the best time, before we get too bumpy and let’s face it, it all goes out of the window a bit when baby arrives! Lovely excuse to see people 🙂 xx

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