“Walk this way…” or how to persuade your toddler to walk in the right direction!

I love it when little ones start to toddle about, they are so cute wobbling about and of course they want to walk everywhere. It is lovely… But it does mean it takes a long time to get anywhere! I remember going through it when Monkey was little and LM is exactly the same.20160211_122839-1

They get so easily distracted and very rarely want to walk in the direction you need to go. Because obviously it is more fun to walk the opposite way and have you chase after them! So what can you do about it? There are reins, which while I can see the point of, I have never been a huge fan of and neither of my kids have been that happy about wearing. There are other ways too, that take a bit of effort but that can help persuade them to walk the right way without tantrums or having to wrestle them back into the buggy.

N. B these are all safest on paths well away from roads and where they are safe to roam, otherwise reins or buggy it is, like it or not!

1. Playing hide and seek.

Kids love hide and seek, so while I may feel a bit daft hiding behind a tree or the buggy shouting “where’s mummy gone?” it works and it is lovely seeing LM run towards me with a huge smile on her face rather than cheekily running away from me! Especially good when there is an older sibling who can do the hiding 🙂PhotoGrid_1455205768266

Yes I am taking this picture while hiding behind the buggy shouting “where’s mummy gone?”  haha thank goodness Monkey loves hiding so much and is happy oblige when he is with us!

2. Chasing a ball

We also have a ball on the bottom of the buggy these days, and rolling a ball for a little one to chase along the path is a brilliant way to get them going in the right direction! Sometimes it feels a little wrong, basically playing fetch with your toddler… But it works so hey ho! Plus they have fun too.

Less good with a sibling around as they tend to take over haha


3. Bubbles!

Kids love bubbles don’t they? So this is a lovely way of tempting kids to walk towards you or in the right direction. It works with older siblings around too as they enjoy it as well.PhotoGrid_1455220601995

The only downside is when the bubbles blow the wrong way and the little ones follow them in the opposite direction….

So there we have it, my go to methods to help persuade LM to walk in the right direction. They don’t walk every time but more often than not thankfully! Do you have any tips for persuading your little one to go the right way?

13 thoughts on ““Walk this way…” or how to persuade your toddler to walk in the right direction!

  1. What great ideas on how to keep your little one on track, it’s sometimes so difficult to get them to do what’s needed isn’t it? LM looks like she’s having a ball playing hide and seek, I bet it’s lovely to see her and Monkey playing together in the park. The big smiles on their faces with the bubbles is lovely, kids really do love bubbles. I’d never thought of taking a ball but my boys would’ve probably enjoyed that method. Thanks for linking up with me on #CountryKids.

  2. I always find putting my two in wellies helps them walk. No idea why but they always walk further .

    We also stamp like an elephant, jump like a kangaroo etc to get them moving x

  3. Fab ideas. It is always tricky getting toddlers to walk where you want. Unfortunately with having twins I had to rely on reins more than I would have liked, as two toddlers running in opposite directions can be even more tricky! I love your idea of using a ball to play with…makes it good fun too.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsbeKids

  4. Fantastic ideas! We’re the same with reins, I never wanted to use them and with Mr O it was easy as he loves holding hands, but littlest doesn’t! Fortunately he’s happy enough up in the carrier when we’re near roads (we don’t have a buggy for him) and then he can race about on the tracks when we’re out. He’s generally happy following his big brother, good when he’s going in the right direction! We have also thrown sticks for them, which I felt a bit bad for, as if they were dogs too, but they initiated it and it worked! Love the bubbles idea. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whateverthweather 🙂 x

  5. Awww such great tips. Evie is a nightmare for suddenly turning around and bolting in the opposite direction. It does get really frustrating sometimes. I’m going to try some of these for sure! Thank you for sharing with #whatevertheweather xx

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