Water Bead Play – 35 mths old

About a year ago I tried some water bead play with Monkey as I had seen so many great examples from other bloggers, but he just wasn’t that interested in it. Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago when we tried again, and he had a whale of a time playing with them. Just goes to show that just because they aren’t ready or don’t enjoy something once, it is always worth trying again. I set up the Tuff Spot with the water beads and a few other bits and bobs from the kitchen.

So, what did Monkey get up to with them?

He started by scooping them  and pouring them.

water bead play 1

At which point we discovered they bounce! They are funny and plasticky but also wet and slippery feeling which makes it great as sensory play. He had great fun picking them up and dropping them to watch them bounce!


He then decided a car needed to drive through them (?)


Before having more fun bouncing them again!

water bead play 2

Then Monkey decided it was great fun to squish them, first with his fingers, then using a rolling pin,

water bead play 3

Then with his fingers again. Check out the glee on his face?!

water bead play 4

I’m not sure how to describe what he did next, he poured the beads back into the muffin tray and started wiggling his fingers around to make the beads bounce around all over the place! Which he really enjoyed 🙂

water bead play 5

Whatever makes you happy Monkey!

As you can see, Monkey absolutely loved our free play session with water beads in the good old Tuff Spot 🙂

Do your kids like playing with water beads?

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15 thoughts on “Water Bead Play – 35 mths old

    • They really are great, they are designed to be used to keep plants hydrated. They are tiny little plastic beads that you soak in water for a few hours or overnight and they fill up to look like this! I just got mine from amazon 🙂 xx

  1. Oh he looks so happy discovering them this time. It just goes to show, just because something didn’t work once, doesn’t mean it won’t be liked in future. Water beads are good fun.
    Thanks for sharing #LetKidsBeKids

  2. Love the glee photo! So cute! I love water beads, we’ll need to get ours out when it gets sunny again, although maybe only when A is napping, he’ll try and eat them! 🙂 xx

  3. These look great! I may wait a bit until my girlie is a bit older but I think I would like a little squish of those things too! xx He is so cute and happy xx

  4. Water beads are great aren’t they? I love his face when he’s pounding them with the rolling pin!

    Thanks so much for linking up to #toddlerapprovedtuesday again Leandra & Becky xx

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