Who do they look like?

Isn’t it funny how people are often so obsessed by which parent a child most takes after? People have always said that Monkey is a mini-me for his daddy. That he is the spitting image and it is very rare anyone says he looks like me if they know both hubs and I.
Then LM came along and everyone has said she looks like me, yay! Then thre are those who see resemblances to grandparents, aunts, uncles and the likes. I guess it is inevitable really and lovely. But in truth we both struggle to see who they look like, as to us they just look like themselves.

It doesn’t remotely matter of course and this really is just a bit of fun as I thought I would share some pics of us as kiddies to see who you think they look like. Try not to laugh too much at the pics of hubs and I haha.

So does Monkey look like Mummy?


Or Daddy?


And does LM look like Mummy?

lmmummy1 lmmummy2

Or Daddy?


What do you think? To be honest I think this has proven a couple of things.

1) that I take waaaay too many photographs as it took me a seriously long time to find the pictures of the kiddies for this post (I have been planning this post for months!)

2) They both resemble both of us at different times. I think that’s the best way though isn’t it? Nice to see a bit of both of us in each of them :).

Who do your kids look like?

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8 thoughts on “Who do they look like?

  1. What a fun exercise! I can see both of you in both of the children, different expressions change so much. I think all of mine started out looking like Hubs, but now there is more of a mix #Twinklytueday

  2. What lovely photos. Your son looks soooo much like your husband (but also like you too). My mother-in-law repeatedly tells my husband that our son looks just like him only much much bonnier. The bonny bit comes from me. (My husband is starting to get a complex!) #twinklytuesday

  3. Aww I agree with you – they look like both of you! When my little girl was born, she was the spitting image of her daddy. Now, has my crazy hair and mannerisms. I think it’s nice when you see a bit of yourself in them. In truth, they’re half and half but 100% new. 🙂 x #twinklytuesday

  4. This was an easy one for us. Mine came out looking look a miniature clone of myself, to the point where it gets a little freaky sometimes. We still laugh at my wife’s look of surprise the first time she was handed to her at the hospital! #twinklytuesday

  5. I think you’re right – the kids are always going to have a bit of both parents in them, although with that dark hair Monkey does look remarkably similar to his dad at the same age!! Fun little exercise! Thanks for linking up this week Caroline #thetruthabout X

  6. Ah I love this, I am going to get the photo albums out soon as everyone says bubba is the spit of his daddy to the point where I get quite annoyed! I want some photo proof he has me in him too!

  7. I can’t even answer this….waaaaaaaaaa!! haha I think baby number 2 will be a clone of Chris too. Monkey is def hubby and LM is def you 🙂 Lovely. Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst x

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