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This is the first time linking up to The Word of the Week over at The Reading Residence. I’ve thought about joining in a few times but struggled to find one word that categorises our busy weeks – other than busy I guess haha.

Anyway, this week, one word has been on my mind a lot so I thought I would share it.


I started off this week thinking about how you have to be creative as a parent. Creating magical worlds for your children, creating diversions, creating activities for them.

I have also challenged myself to be more Creative with Monkey, to allow him to be more creative.


This led to the idea of starting my very own link up – The Creative Challenge – to see if anyone else would like to challenge themselves to be more creative. To do this I had to be creative with my blog and find out how on earth to do a link and how to create a badge, and all sorts.

Creative Challenge


So there we have it – my word of the week is Creative. If you would like to join in the Creative Challenge – please click here to find out more!

The Reading Residence

4 thoughts on “Word of the Week – Creative

    • Thank you, the word was buzzing around my head all week so thought I should use it and join in! Thank you I hope you can me… have a feeling I will be on my own with it at the moment! haha Good fun learning new things though 🙂 xx

  1. Great word and good luck with the new linky – I’ll try to join in. I’m hoping we can do something creative for Valentine’s Day next week and given the weather is likely to be pretty bad for the next few days, I’ll be needing to come up with some interesting indoor activities to keep Little Miss amused.

    • Thank you! Ooh I really hope you can join in! I think our creativity may be valentines day related too! Oh i know what you mean, this weather is awful, definitely a reason to get creative indoors! Xx

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