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We were contacted recently and asked if Monkey would like to review some WOW toys and I have to admit that we jumped at the chance. We regularly visit a few garden centres stocking WOW toys and Monkey absolutely loves playing with the ones they have on display. He also has one at his Nanny & Pops’ house which he loves so we know what great toys they are. So we are thrilled to be able to review this great set and even better, we have a fantastic giveaway so you can see how great they are for yourself!

WOW Toys are designed for pre-schoolers with some toys from 12 months and many from 18 months plus.  They are safe, durable and don’t require batteries to make them work. They are perfect for firing little one’s imaginations as we saw when we reviewed the Police Patrol Pals set.

This set comes with both Charlie the Police Car and Pete the Police Plane, along with 2 policemen and 2 police dogs. Monkey loved them as soon as he saw them and was immediately flying Pete the Police Plane around the room.

WP_20150611_17_17_19_Pro Wow toys 1

We then drew a very basic road and runway on a big piece of paper so Monkey could let his imagination run wild and he spent ages nee-naw-ing the police car and vrooming the plane

Wow toys 2

The toys have great little details, such as the stickers showing the policemen’s equipment, notepad, torch, and of course supplies for their doggie friends! Monkey also loved the fact that the roof of the police car flips up when you press the petrol cap. In fact he spent the whole weekend showing everyone we came into contact with “look, it does this!” and flipping the top!

Wow toys 3

They are such fab toys and you have a chance to win one via the fab giveaway below! They are also available on Amazon, which you can reach by clicking my Wow blogger buddy badge in the sidebar. They are available at a variety of independent shops too so be sure to keep an eye out for them.

On to the competition, good luck! (Competition opens 00:00 16/06/15)

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  1. I want to write a comment about wow toys. I used to be a Registered Childminder. Until health reason stop me doing the job I loved with all my heart. I had alot of Wow toys. I found them great you never needed to buy batteries for them they were lovely colours. Plus you got them in all different shapes and sizes. Example farm tractors fram animals. Ambulance Doctors nurse’s etc, Police cars police men. Bin lorries bin men. The list go on and on. Plus the Wow toys are are good and strong plus sturdy. Made especially for little hands. I loved them I had quite a few of them. Then because of health reason when I had to give up the Childminding for good. I gave the Wow toys to my friend who has strated Registered Childminding two years ago so as the children she looks after can get fun out of them. I was talking to her from time to time and she said the Children she looks after and has looked after have got great fun out of them. Which is nice to know. Dawn

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