My Lovely Mum

With Mother’s Day approaching I have been feeling a little soppy and nostalgic. Motherhood is hard and I have to admit this past month with all of the illness in our house I have found it especially hard. Don’t you find that being a Mum yourself really makes you appreciate your own Mum all the more? It certainly makes me appreciate my Mum.

It’s been particularly tough with both kids having Chicken Pox lately and it must have been much harder for my Mum as she had Chicken Pox at the same time as my brother and I. I have known this for years but never really appreciated how tough it must have been before. It is hard enough dealing with two kids when you are well, let alone when you are suffering too.

We have always been close, even with the stomping and door slamming of my teenage years, and though we didn’t always get on so well living together when I came home from Uni (not an easy transition), as long as we aren’t living in the same house and both have our own space we get on really well. We have been through some tough times, with the death of my Dad and her fight with Breast Cancer a year later. But we’ve also had some amazing times including a week in New York on the start of my world travels and her wedding to my ovely Step-Dad (Pops). She set me up on the blind date with my lovely Hubs and is a wonderful Nanny to my kiddies. She helps us out so much with the kids, mostly because I know she just loves being their Nanny!

I’m not very good at sentimental writing, and I certainly can’t write a poem but here is a little photo tribute to my lovely Mum on Mother’s Day, I could not appreciate and love her more. (I could have used some very dodgy shots of us both from over the years but chose to be kind to both of us – note the jump from toddler photos straight to adult ones lol!)

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Thanks for being fab Mum 🙂

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24 thoughts on “My Lovely Mum

  1. Aww these photos are lovely and LM looks like you on the baby one at the top! I get on really well with my Mum too but I’m not sure we could live together all the time! hehe. Have a lovely Mother’s Day and thanks for the linky xx

  2. Such lovely photos. Being a mum has really made me appreciate how much love my mum has for me. Of course I’ve always known she loves me but until you feel that ‘I will protect and look after you forever’ feeling about your own child you never really understand. Mums are a special breed 🙂 x

    • You are so right, becomign a mum really does change your perspective and I really appreciate my mum a lot more now! xx

    • hahaha that is very true, my little bro’s girlfriend and I were discussing the other day the fact that we had the same fashion “mistakes” as kids! xx

  3. What a lovely post – your mum sounds like an amazing lady. Managing to look after two children when you have chicken pox yourself is no mean feat! The photos of the two of you together are beautiful and I hope you both had a wonderful Mothers Day.

  4. I don’t know if it’s my pregnancy hormones but your beautiful photos have me welling up – how wonderful! It’s so lovely to see how close you are to your mum 🙂 🙂 Mim @ #maternitymonday

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