Jellycat Toys – A review

I was recently sent these lovely toys to review from Bella Kidz. The toys are made by a company called Jellycat, who I have to admit I had not heard of before.

The toys

The toys

Walter Whale Clicketty, Bashful Beige Bunny Medium & Octavia Octopus Jitter Toy

As soon as the post came, Monkey was intrigued to know what was in the lovely big package! In the package each toy was individually wrapped inside a lovely tote bag with the Jellycat logo on. Monkey had a lot of fun just with the bag to start with but he was soon eager to find out what was inside!


My initial impression was that they were all gorgeous, and my immediate favourite was Bashful Bunny. Monkey felt the same and immediately had lots of cuddles with her! She has the softest fur imaginable and you just want to cuddle her. Daddy and Nanny both fell in love with her too so she will be very well loved in this house! Monkey has been enjoying dancing with her, giving her kisses, and feeding her, which is very lovely to see!


Octavia Octopus is a very lovely too toy, though Monkey is a bit older than the intended age he still very much enjoyed the jitter as you pull back and then let go! From a parent’s perspective, hubby was impressed with the length of the jitter pull. It may sound daft but we had some other jitter toys when Monkey was little and they were so short that they barely jittered. We found that because it was so quick, Monkey would almost miss the movement, whereas with this toy I can imagine that it would have held his attention a lot better.


Walter Whale Clickety is also a very well designed toy in our opinion. With the jangley rings around the whales tail I imagine it would make a great teether toy, and with the added crinkle in his tail I think it would keep a younger baby fascinated for at least a few minutes. Monkey himself was pretty fascinated, though was mainly trying to work out if he could take the rings off (he couldn’t). Of the three I think this was the least suitable for his age, but that’s not to say that it wouldn’t be a lovely toy for a younger baby.


Bashful Bunny is now a part of the family, and though Hubby pondered giving the baby toys as a gift to someone with a baby (as he feels they are so lovely) I have decided they will wait for number 2 if/when he/she arrives as I think they are gorgeous and don’t want to give them away!

All in all I am very impressed, I hadn’t heard of Jellycat before and so didn’t know what to expect but the toys are all gorgeous designs and very high quality. I will look out for this brand in future.

You can find the whole range of Jellycat toys available on their website.

I also found that John Lewis currently sell a wide range of Jellycat toys, including Walter Whale for £11.00 and a  cream version of Bashful Bunny for £16.00 which is good value for such high quality toys.

We were sent these products free for the purpose of this review, however all opinions are 100% honest and our own.

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27 thoughts on “Jellycat Toys – A review

  1. We love Jellycat here! We have a few of them. Boo sleeps with ‘rabbit’ her favourite of her many, many soft toys, and that’s the same as the one you have there. Lovely soft toys, and a lovely review x

    • Oh really! I can’t believe it has passed me by until now! I’m not surprised Boo loves rabbit, it is so so gorgeous! Thank you, am still a bit new to reviewing, but it’s fun! I wil definitely be looking at Jellycat toys as gifts for any friends who have babies! xx

    • I find most toys really expensive to be honest! But then I am realising that I am quite tight! They are lovely though so I am very happy to have got some for free! xx

    • Ha ha i know what you mean you absolutely cannot have too many, I had LOADS as a kid! The bunny is so gorgeous though! Xx

  2. We were given a ‘bashful matt’ doggy when bear was a baby, & we all love it! he’s so super soft. Love, love, LOVE the jellycat teds, they’re great! x

  3. These look like gorgeous toys. A great price too! I’ve not heard of this company before but I will look out for them in the future. #TriedTested

  4. I was really looking for something for my daughter and she was having problem with numbers, she cannot identify numbers but now this toy helped me a lot when she played with numbers, toy is game numbers from 1 to 20, now she is fine with numbers while studying it feels to her as if she is playing, we live in Riyadh and I bought this game from ezclick, after this I can say learning is fun. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing

  5. These toys have beautiful designs. And at a terrific price! Although I haven’t heard of this business before, I will keep an eye out for them in the future.

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