I hate big boobs and I cannot lie …

Sorry, couldn’t resist the title, but yes, it is true, I hate big boobs. I know I am in the minority as stereotypically men prefer them, and I know that many women would prefer their boobs to be larger, but not me! No way Jose! I also partially apologise for the subject matter entirely, as it does feel a bit odd to be so openly talking about my boobs. But there is something about the lack of modesty that comes with pregnancy and childbirth and breastfeeding that leads me to want to write a post about boobs.

Just to clarify, it’s not that I have anything against women with big boobs, I don’t go round looking at big boobs shuddering and hating them, this is just about me, I hate having big boobs.

Being quite pear shaped, when I was younger I guess I wanted bigger boobs as an abstract  theory, but actually grew to be happy with the body that I had, smallish boobs and all. I guess it helps that they aren’t really small, I was a 32D, which actually makes them sound bigger than they are! Then I got pregnant, and with me, one of the first things to happen is the expansion of my boobs. It felt like I was in Mothercare every other week to get bras in the next size up! For a while I was buying nursing bras in the hope they may double as bras when breastfeeding, but I soon gave that up as it became evident they showed no signs of slowing down.

This pregnancy has been no different, except that I now have a drawer full of ever larger bras, but worryingly I am already in a 36 E which I think was about as big as I got when I was pregnant last time. God knows where I will end up this time.  One thing I have learned this time is that you can wear underwired bras when pregnant. Last time I read so many things about underwiring damaging your milk ducts that I spent months with huge boobs, wearing really unflattering bras that probably didn’t help my feelings towards them! I have found that research has improved in the last few years and that there is in fact no evidence to suggest the underwiring hurts your milk ducts in any way! Hooray! It makes sense to me as if your bra fits properly the wiring shouldn’t be digging in to breast tissue anyway!

My boob expansion doesn’t just end with pregnancy either. When choosing to breastfeed, I knew all about engorgement, but I did not realise quite how mammoth my boobs were going to become – 36G in the end – and I actually bought some of those clasp extenders for the back as I had given up on buying new bras by that point!


I know some women would love this – in fact some of my friends miss their pregnancy/breastfeeding boobs and even consider surgical enhancement to fill what they call the “empty sacks” they were left with. I have nothing against that, if it is what you need to feel better about yourself, then go for it, but it’s not for me. I was happy to go back to small boobs in between pregnancies, because I felt like myself again.

I was happy with my body (ish, I mean who wouldn’t wanted a smaller bum, flatter tum etc) before I got pregnant and pregnancy changes it so much. Then came breastfeeding, and while I was glad I was able to do it (in the end) and will try again next time, there was a certain loss of self associated with it.

It sounds a bit bizarre as if my sense of self was entirely built around my boobs, but for a pear shaped girl the sudden expansion of my chest suddenly made me feel a lot bigger all over. The clothes I wore were different as they had to accommodate them and  I guess there is a link with breastfeeding in that I guess they never felt like mine. They were there for a purpose, to feed my little boy, and with engorgement and leaking at set times there was pretty regular reminders about this purpose. Clothing also had to make them fairly accessible, in order to pop them out on demand.

My boobs at about their biggest, when Monkey was 4mths old

Whenever I joke or complain about the size of my boobs already, people say I am lucky or that hubby must be pleased, but no on both counts. I don’t like them, they are heavy and uncomfortable. I now sleep in little crop top bras because they are too heavy not to have any support. Last time they looked so wide and just bleurgh because of the lack of control I was able to use on them.

This time at least I can shape them a bit with underwiring, but even with underwiring, the bras are huge, and hubby says it looks like I’ve had a boob job. And for the record, no he doesn’t love them. He’s slightly intrigued by the fact that they are huge but has told me before that he finds big boobs in general a little scary. Add to that the fact that mine are sore,  so no, he is not allowed near them!

Am I the only one who dislikes this particular change so much? I can’t be, surely?

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59 thoughts on “I hate big boobs and I cannot lie …

  1. Now imagine what its like being pregnant if you started out with 32FFs!!! I actually have some 36J bras left over now! For a while I used to say to the hubster that, when I walked towards him it must have been just like having three big bumps approaching as my boobs felt as big as my bump (not quite in reality!). If you ever read my post on My Three Wishes then you know that I would love to have smaller boobs – I hate the fact that the shops don’t cater for this body shape – it feels like nearly every pretty summer dress I ever see has a built in empire line which sits half way across my boobs leaving the rest of the garment to balloon below like maternity wear. Good bras are more expensive and I do have to wear a non wired bra in bed every night because its not comfortable otherwise. So yes, I am very with you on this but I guess I have to make my peace with it because they’re not going away any time soon!! X

    • Ah Sam, I feel your pain! Glad it’s not just me that feels like that about big boobs, and their expansion during pregnancy, but I am at least lucky that mine went down to pretty much normal after I finished breastfeeding. I know what you mean about the shops not catering for the bigger boobs either, must be so frustrating! Yep short of a very expensive and painful breast reduction they aren’t going to go anywhere are they? Hope you can find peace with them! xx

    • Glad it’s not just me!! I know exactly what you mean about the bigger size tops, having big boobs makes me feel a lot bigger in general! xx

  2. Honestly when I saw the title of this post I was thinking “WHAT is she talking about…What a wouldn’t give for slightly bigger (and natural) boobs!!! But wow, you have some MAJOR cleavage, and I can totally understand the discomfort. I’m sure they will go back to a “normal” size after the birth.

    Angie from reasons to dress, life as a North American mom in Italy.

  3. Ha! I’m with Sam 🙂 I am a 30FF/32G, so you can just imagine how ridiculous I looked when breastfeeding… Although I think I probably only ended up in a 34G/H; on a small person, they look pretty blooming ridiculous! I can completely understand where you are coming from 🙂 At least it’s a temporary situation! Great post xx #AllAboutYou

    • Sara – I can’t help but think we will have a hard time trying to maintain eye contact when we meet at BML next month now! 😉 Tee hee! X

    • Bless, at least they didn;t get too much bigger, though they do sound big enough!! Thank you and glad I am not alone with this! xx

  4. Can totally relate to the discomfort as when pregnant, the back pain was bad. Now 2 sizes down with an 18 month old and still a good size (I love my curves) but no longer painful thankfully! #allaboutyou

  5. Hey I’m a man and am wondering what to say ! Lol !!! My approach to this post will not be the stereotypical male approach. I do understand what your saying in that my wife and her friend constantly talk about this issue. Great post #MMWBH

  6. Ah this is interesting. I have itsy bitsy breasts, 32a in fact, but everything about me is small so they work and I’ve never had an issue with them. People seem to presume that all women with small breasts feel really bad about them and wish for larger ones in their sleep!!

    I didn’t much enjoy my larger ones when I was pregnant and breastfeeding, they just got in the way, I sweated under them for the first time in my life (too much information right?) and I’ve always known what clothes suited me and suddenly I didn’t. I must mention too that if anybody has ever made fun of my breasts it has been women and in the work place.

    • I am with you and also find bigger boobs just get in the way and if anything are uncomfortable. I’m glad I am not alone in being happier with my smaller boobs!Thanks for commenting! x

  7. I hate my boobs. I’m a 34E. Actually I don’t hate them. I hate the fact I can’t find nice clothes to fit well. I hate that it’s difficult to find nice bras that are reasonably priced. Also that if I do find nice bras, the matching knickers are more expensive than knickers!

    • I can totally understand that, sometimes it’s not really about the size of the boobs, but the added complications they bring to your life! xx

  8. Best title ever and I’m with you all the way. I was soooo pleased when my boobs got smaller – although they ended up being smaller than when I started, which I was less pleased about! haha 🙂 xx Good luck and try and enjoy being a bit Jessica Rabbit 😉 xx

    • Lol, thanks Hannah! Glad to hear it’s not just me that was happy about having small boobs back! Mine got a bit smaller too, though they did gradually get back to the size they were before…. not sure what will happen second time round! Lol, having properly supportive bras is definitely helping this time! xx

  9. I know the feeling, I’ve always been on the generous side boob-wise but when I was feeding and pregnant they were MASSIVE. And poor hubby didn’t get a chance to tell whether he liked them or not, I’d have ripped his hand off if he’d got too close haha :p

    • Lol, bless you, I bet they were, and no wonder hubby wasn’t allowed near them! Hope they went down a bit afterwards! xx

    • Aww well bless both you and your mum – you can definitely see it from both sides of the spectrum! xx

  10. For a long time I was very happy with mine, at 36D I was pleased. That was before pregnancy… While pregnant with my second child I went up to a 38F, I think. They were huge. I hated it. I’ve always had breasts that were on the bigger side but now I find myself wishing they would go down. I’ve been on a weight loss campaign for a few years and they have steadily gone down, now at a 34D, but I do hope that I can get them smaller still. Great post Caroline. xx

    • Thanks Morgan and I am with you 100% Good luck with the weight loss campaign too if you still have further that you want to go 🙂 xx

  11. I’m in the middle of BF my 3rd baby so I know where you’re coming from. I always had a reasonable ample chest but they were perky. Now they are big but flat (in the way that only a post feeding boob could be)

  12. Great post. I know exactly what you mean about bigger boobs. I went bigger when I was pregnant and although not as big as some people I still found it uncomfortable. #MMWBH

    • Thank you, it’s incredible isn’t it and in many ways I am just pleased I don’t have to have big boobs all of the time! xx

  13. I understand, I’ve never been a boob lover myself. Mercifully mine never grew too big even when I was breastfeeding, but all the rest of has me hahaha. We all have our body issues. I do hope you find a way to make piece with it, it must be hard its not a part that you can not not notice. If you have not already maybe check online for a brand that is flattering and comfortable that made for ladies with larger boobs. Good luck.

    • Thank you, I feel like I am coming to terms with them a bit better this time, more supportive bras help, we’ll just see how i get on with breastfeeding again but will cross that bridge when i come to it! Thanks for the comment! xx

  14. I am very Jealous!!! My boobs have completely vanished since having my second! And yet the rest of my body is still fat!!! I was a DD when pregnant and now am an A/B. My usual is a C/D


    x x x

    • Aww hopefully they will come back, mine went a little smaller to start with, then gradually got back to normal size about a year or so after I stopped breastfeeding. It happened gradually though so difficult to tell exactly when it happened, they just filled out a bit more again! x

  15. oh wow its a drastic change in sizes, i have not a small boob myself but i dont think its too big (DD going on E) or at least thats how i feel but ive been told its big) hope its not going to grow

    • It depends what you’re used to i guess isn’t it and I think that’s why I struggle with it sometimes, I just liked them as they were!! xx

  16. I really sympathise, and don’t think it’s easy to understand unless you’ve experienced this…
    Strangely, my ‘big boobs’ shrank massively after my second child… can’t explain that!
    Great post – and best wishes,
    Emma 🙂

  17. I can totally understand where you’re coming from. I didn’t have too much of a problem sizewise but hated the boring bras that I had to wear in late pregnancy and early breastfeeding. One of the first things I did when my babies were feeding less was to go out and buy some really pretty lingerie.

    • Always glad to hear it’s not just me! Buying nice lingerie post breastfeeding is an absolute must!! xx

  18. Love the title, and Love the pics of your up-sizing bras! Too funny. But I’m a petite 5’1″ and started off with 30Fs – I couldn’t believe the size of my boobs at engorgement, and remember staring at them in the bathroom mirror yelling out to hubby that I can’t believe women pay for disproportionate boobs like those! It took me a really long time, and my boobs definitely affected my confidence, but finally I’m at peace with the gals (although don’t appreciate that they’re MIA post babies! That whole “empty sack” syndrome is not cool). I now enjoy the curves I have left, and my only moan is bikinis – why why why can’t you buy separates?! Don’t worry hon, like someone else said, enjoy being Jessica Rabbit – albeit with breast pads – and then they’ll go back to a size you can handle soon! Great #AllAboutYou post x

    • Thanks Zaz, seeing my bras like that really summed it up I think! Wow bless you and I know exactly what you mean! I look forward to the post-baby reduction though I ma coming to terms with them a little better now! xx

    • That comment is insulting! women pay for big boobs because big boobs are feminine and attractive. Shorter women have more estrogen because estrogen halts/reduces height. Look at wendy williams who is 5’10”, her chest looks off because therye not natural.
      a busty non tall woman is sexy. Think sophie de,kim k, scarlett johansen,marika fruschio.

  19. Oh yes, I know where you’re coming from! Mine have gone up and stayed up since having my daughter, I don’t mind too much, but it’s taken a while to get used to having ‘more than a handful’ 😉

    Oh and I’m now going to have ‘Baby’s got back’ as my earworm for the rest of the day – err, thanks for that!!

    Thanks for linking up to #AllAboutYou

    • Oh really, wow, it does take a while to get used to, but glad you have! Lol sorry, I know, I get it in my head every time someone comments on it or I see the title! It’s an interesting song to have in your head constantly! xx

  20. What an ace post and I can relate! I hate having big boobs too. My Mum told me when I was going through puberty that one day I had nothing & the next day, I had everything! She wasn’t wrong either! At 13yr old I had an impression D cup size. Also, as a tomboy you can only imagine the stick I got from the other guys and the sly looks from the girls.
    Now though, {five kids later} I’m now an INSANE 38H! I had to get my bras from online stores, until Belfast opened its own Bravissimo {which I’ve still to treat myself in!} madness. I dream of having a chest that when I ran, wouldn’t threaten me with a fat lip! lol

    Thanks so much for linking up to the #MMWBH xx

    • They’re awful aren’t they! So unflattering and not what you need when you already feel so different! I am so pleased I have found wearing underwired bras ok this pregnancy, affects my confidence hugely!! xx

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  23. Definitely feeling your pain. I am a huge 38DD (huge for my size) and I’ve always been slim and after I had my daughter I went up to 40 DD but they have never gotten much smaller and I am so envious of those with youthful, perky boobs these bigguns make me feel so much older than my 31 years!! I can imagine in a few years they’re gonna droop too! I can see them down to my stomache after 40. It really spoils my enjoyment of exercise. I love being fit and active but I laze around now as my boobs are so painful when I work out. I’m pretty miserable tbh.

  24. I love big boobs and proud of not looking like a prpubescent boy.Its a shame that its ok to insult being blessed “endowed” on top!!!
    and for the poster who said big boobs mean bigger shirts..umm no. I wear a small in express and im a 38g. My waist is small.

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