Maternity Wear – Luxury or Necessity?

When you talk to mums and mums to be about maternity wear there seems to be a difference of opinion. On the one hand, some mums see maternity wear as a necessity, as a way to embrace your growing bump and an aspect of pregnancy to enjoy. On the other end of the spectrum, some mums see it is a bit of a waste of money. You are only pregnant for such a short time so why spend too much money on clothes you won’t wear afterwards?

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7 months pregnant with Monkey

During my first pregnancy I was leaning towards the latter opinion. I did buy some maternity clothes of course, I needed them to clothe my growing body, but I didn’t buy a lot. What I did buy was all basics, jeans, some maternity t-shirts and  a couple of maternity shirts. Plus one maxi dress as we had a few weddings to go to that year

This time though I have really struggled. I assumed that as I had these basics that I wouldn’t really need to buy much, if anything, second time around. But instead, I have bought more maternity clothes than I did first time round!

WP_20140728_11_25_13_ProA lot of this is to do with the season. I haven’t been pregnant in the summer before and it makes a difference! Last time I managed with some of my normal baggier clothes and jumpers until really late on, and I may have mentioned (once or twice ;)) that I felt basically rubbish throughout my first pregnancy, and I guess in many ways that overwhelmed much caring about style or how I looked. This time I am so hot I need vests and shorts, but of course none of my pre-pregnancy ones fit me, at all, so I have needed to buy more.

WP_20140720_09_11_24_ProPlus, I do care more about how I look this time. I am not 100% enjoying pregnancy, believe me I know how lucky I am but I get so frustrated by not being able to do things that are normally simple. I am in pain pretty much all of the time now which limits what I can do, and I’m just tired. But I am by no means as exhausted and zombie-like as I was first time round… and I guess that maybe I want to at least feel like I look nice. I want to feel comfortable in what I am wearing. So yes, my attitude towards maternity clothes has changed.

I have written in the past about how I can be a bit tight, I really don’t like spending money, so it’s not like I am going crazy or anything. Much of my maternity wear comes from New Look, as I find they fit well and are also pretty cheap, but I also have a few bits from H&M, ASOS & Jojo Maman Bebe. I bought some lovely things in the sales a couple of weeks ago which has enhanced my wardrobe a lot! I was getting fed up of rotating the same 5 vests as I have found maternity dresses with leggings too hot most days. plus it meant a lot more laundry, which I am not allowed to do because of bending and lifting  and carrying and hubby was struggling to keep up!

WP_20140723_08_14_59_ProI still don’t always feel I look that great, but at least I am comfortable and day to day that is what is most important. We are going to a wedding in a few weeks and I want to look nice for that, when I look back at pictures of me pregnant at weddings last time I think I look awful so I am really going to make an effort this time! I have ordered some gorgeous maternity dresses from Tiffany Rose and Seraphine… yep I am pushing the boat out a bit! I am excited to try them on so I really I hope I find one I like and that makes me feel attractive, definitely not a regular feeling right now so fingers crossed.

On the whole though, while I guess the thrifty/tight side of me does still feel like maternity clothes are a bit of a waste of money as you have them for a short time… I am definitely coming round to the fact that they are a bit of a necessity. Partly for reasons of comfort and practicality, but also because they can make you feel good about yourself at a time when it isn’t always easy to. And feeling happy in yourself is so important.

What do you think? Is maternity wear a luxury or a necessity?

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18 thoughts on “Maternity Wear – Luxury or Necessity?

  1. A necessary luxury for me. I love to wear wrap dresses and this means have found (no3) that I can wear my normal clothes pretty much all the way through. I love Tiffany Rose and Isabella Oliver dresses as well though and push the boat out and by loads each time, they tend to fit my pregnant body better. I wear these when not pregnant as well though so they are not too much of an extravagance. I rarely wear jeans, trousers, skirts and tops so get by with just one pair of maternity jeans and one or two tops.

    • definitely worth getting things you can wear normally too so it doesn’t feel too expensive. I’m not much of a dress person sadly so most of my clothes don’t really fit now! xx

  2. I think the seasons you’re pregnant in do make a difference in how many maternity clothes you buy. Summer clothing is hard to fake. I think you do need it for sure then! I hope you find something great for the wedding! #allaboutyou

  3. For me, definitely a necessity. Partly because I’ve been working through all three pregnancies and I have to look a certain level of smart that big and baggy ordinary clothes just won’t cover, and partly because I’m huge! Right now I have a couple of dresses that still fit and that’s about it – hopefully this baby won’t wait for too much longer or I really will run out of clothes!

    • I can totally understand that, my workplace when I was pregnant first time around was pretty casual which I think helped in terms of maternity wear! Aww hopefully it won’t be too much longer for you now!! xx

  4. I have always done a mix of both. Now Im on baby number three I’m as big at 21 weeks as I was full term and in the last few weeks with the first two. Up until now I’ve managed pretty well. I have lived in leggings and maxi dresses, but have nothing for when autumn sets in (baby is due in December!). I went shopping the other day and bought some maternity jeans from mama and papas (bargain at £9!) ad some matenrity joggers, but also a couple of tunic type things that are non-maternity but will hopefully last! #blogbumpclub

    • I think that’s the trickiest thing actually, not knowing how big you are going to get. I am lucky in that my maternity wear from last time is bigger than I am now and for cooler weather, so hopefully I already have some outfits for the last weeks! It’s just been this hot summer I have needed to buy clothes for!! xx

  5. It’s so difficult isn’t it?! I was so against buying anything with Boo- just got 1 pair of jeans (which I bloody grew out of!) Tshirts for work, massive nightdresses, bras and a bump band- that was it! This time I’ve grown out of my clothes much quicker and because it will be winter when I’m really big I don’t want to waste money on shorts etc, so am currently living in 3 dresses, 2 skirts and various baggy tops! It’s a nightmare! I’ve treated myself to 2 pairs of trousers and a pair of leggings for when it gets cooler though! X

    • It is so difficult and hard to find a balance I think! I also hate having to wear the same 3 outfits all of the time, I like at least a bit of choice about what I want to wear!! xx

  6. necessity for sure!! You’re growing a baby, man, and it’s not that fun so the least you should be able to do is buy a few bits that make you feel good. There’s definitely a thrifty way to do it (and you’re lucky it’s sales time!) buying bigger clothes from charity shops and adding a belt for definition is something I would do next time, to get some more unique clothes. But I basically lived in non-maternity, short sleeved/vest strap tube dresses and cropped leggings (2 years ago as we speak!)

    #AllAboutYou xx

    • Definitely important to feel good about yourself and doing it in as thrifty a way as possible – I am loving the sales I have to admit!! Loving your ideas 🙂 xx

  7. I think they’re a necessity! Like you, I didn’t spend much money on maternity wear last time but being pregnant in a different season has meant I’ve had nothing to wear so no choice but to buy some new things. I’m also going to a wedding at the end of summer and will be wearing a beautiful Keungzai dress – I just posted about it tonight actually! With that dress it’s also a non-maternity dress too, as the style expands with your bump, so I’m planning to get lots of wear out of it for a long time past the baby’s born. For me, wearing clothes that fit properly and are actually flattering has had a huge impact on my confidence. Lovely post to link up to #BlogBumpClub – thank you! x

    • It’s amazing the difference a season can make to the amount of maternity clothes you need! And you’ve beaten me to it with your post, will pop over and have a looky,, fab that you have found a dress you can also wear after the baby’s been born – I have a feeling mine will be ebayed after the wedding, but at least I know i will feel good and like you say that is so important when you are pregnant!! xx

  8. I think maternity wear is a mixture of both necessity and luxury. For me I started buying fairly early on as I was feeling so ill and having normal clothes touch my skin made me vomit!! But I have also come to realise that well made maternity clothes fit the growing body so much better and allow for more comfort and style too. I love shopping and wearing nice clothes and I don’t see why I should change that during pregnancy. For me, all the changes that occur during pregnancy can mean I am left feeling vulnerable and insecure, but feeling good about what I’m wearing directly combats that and gives me a self esteem boost. So for me, that is priceless. The more expensive pieces I am intent on selling as I know they will be wanted by other women. Other bits I will wear until I lose the baby weight and then gift on if they are any good still. Probably much the same as normal clothes, which often last for one or two seasons anyway. I honestly don’t see maternity clothes as a waste of time at all. And ps you look fab!! x x x x

    • i think you are right and have definitely come to the conclusion this time around that there is nothing wrong with buying more maternity clothes if they make you feel good about yourself! I think selling or keeping post pregnancy is a great idea too 🙂 xx

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