Maternity Wear for a Summer Wedding

My wedding outfit at 8 months pregnant with Monkey

My wedding outfit at 8 months pregnant with Monkey

In a few weeks’ time we are off to a lovely summer wedding! I love a good wedding and so always look forward to them. My biggest worry though, was with being about 7 months pregnant at the time, what on earth should I wear?? We went to a few weddings when I was pregnant with Monkey, and I had a fairly cheap Maxi dress, which at the time I thought I looked ok in. In hindsight, I just looked massive, and basically felt like a huge column of wide! I’m not great in maxi dresses normally, I think other ladies look lovely in them but I have never found one that suits my shape. Being pear shaped I have also felt they make me look wider than I actually am.

So what shape to go for instead? I decided short rather than long would help but it can be hard enough choosing a dress to wear when you are not pregnant, so when your body is growing and changing constantly it is even harder. I really did not know what style or shape or size would work best, and unfortunately there are hardly any shops stocking maternity wear in our area, and the ones that do certainly don’t stock occasion wear! So I took to the internet.

Of course, the problem with internet shopping is that websites only ever show stick thin models, and maternity models are no different. In many cases the models aren’t even pregnant and just have fake bumps attached to their frames. I can understand why they do this, but it doesn’t make it easy to see what clothes will look like on an actual pregnant person!

So I decided to order the dresses I liked the most, in a couple of different sizes, and then return the ones that didn’t fit or look right (thank goodness for Credit Cards and the ability to do this). I haven’t found anything I liked at lower prices and decided that I would really like to feel good about myself and not cringe every time I see photos of our friends’ wedding, so decided to push the boat out and spend around £100 on a dress (then I will probably sell it on ebay afterwards I think!)

I was disappointed that some places don’t offer free returns. I think when you are looking to spend £100 on a dress and there is no other way for you to try the dress on and see if it fits, offering free returns is so important! Otherwise it just adds up to make the dress even more expensive. So many places do it now, and often for not very expensive items, so for dress shops not to offer it on expensive dresses feels a bit cheap to me.

Anyway, I saw lots of lovely dresses online but my favourites to try were from Seraphine and Tiffany Rose.


Cherry Blossom Dress

Seraphine have a lovely range of dresses but the one I liked the most was the Cherry Blossom Silk Chiffon Dress. I wasn’t sure what size to order but thankfully they offer a free returns service, which meant I could order both sizes and return the one that didn’t fit, or both if the style didn’t suit. On the model it looked like a lovely floaty summery dress. Buying dresses pre-pregnancy was always a bit of a gamble size wise as I was a 10-12 top and 12-14 bottom. While some size 12 styles would fit, other styles needed to be in a 14 to fit comfortably. they say in general to order your pre-pregnancy sizes, so although I am a 12-14 top now and 14-16 bottom, I ordered a size 12 and a size 14 in this dress.

cherry blossom

It is a lovely dress in a lovely floaty fabric. The size 14 was far too big for me, and while the 12 was a better fit, I am sorry to say that the style didn’t suit me at all. I personally felt that it made me look a lot bigger all over and made me feel like I looked rather plump, instead of pregnant. I’m all for embracing the curves you get when you are pregnant, but no-one wants to look bigger than they are and unfortunately this was how I felt in this dress. Gorgeous dress, just not right for my shape sadly.

Tiffany Rose

Tiffany Rose have an amazing collection of beautiful Maternity dresses to choose from. Unfortunately they don;t offer free returns and I do think this is a shame, for all of the reasons mentioned above! There were two dresses I was particularly drawn to on their website, but being completely different styles and material I really wasn’t what sizes to try. To be honest the lack of free returns nearly led to me not trying any dresses at all as I knew I would have to pay for returns if I ordered more than one size, and I was looking elsewhere.

After a brief conversation on Twitter I then had an email conversation with the sales team at Tiffany Rose who were extremely helpful. When I explained my predicament regarding sizing they very kindly offered to arrange a one-off collection so that I could try both dresses, in different sizes. They were also very helpful when talking about sizing of the particular dresses and recommended which sizes I try, depending on each dress.

Alessandra Poppy Dress (Short)

The first Tiffany Rose dress I liked was the Alessandra Poppy Dress. I thought the colours would be perfect and thought being quite floaty that it may be nice and summery for the wedding. They recommended I try size 2 – which is 10-12, which I would never have chosen myself as I am bigger than a 10-12 now, so I also ordered size 3 –  which is 12-14.



They were spot on with the sizes however and the 10-12 was a perfect fit. Unfortunately though the fabric of this dress was surprisingly heavy for a summery dress and this counted against it a little bit. That wouldn’t have been enough to stop me if I loved it but it definitely counted against it a little. It was a lovely dress, but again I just didn’t feel like myself in it. It felt more flattering for my shape than the previous dress but I still felt that it wasn’t quite right for me.

Riviera Dress (Orient Blue)

The second Tiffany Rose dress I liked was the Riviera Dress. A totally different style to the previous two and I loved the way it looked on the model but I really wasn’t sure how it would look on me – as I am no model! Being a firmer fabric I was particularly unsure of the size to try. The sales team at Tiffany Rose suggested I order the 10-12 and 12-14 but I was very sceptical of how these would fit. Looking at the shape of the dress, and the size of my bum I was very unsure so I ordered the 14-16 as well.

I couldn’t even get the 10-12 on (eep) and the 12-14 fit, though was quite tight. It was quite tight around my boobs and wouldn’t give much growing room for the bump. With  a month to go before the big day I have a feeling I may be a bit bigger by then, so the 14-16 it was!

I love this dress. I do. It’s not a perfect fit, in fact it gapes a little at the top so I need to pin the straps slightly, but it has room for the bump to grow and I feel like myself in it. I feel pregnant still but a pregnant me, rather than a pregnant plump woman.


So Yay I found a dress!! Woohoo 🙂

Now I just need to work out what to do with my hair,(I am not the girliest girl and never know what to do with my hair!!) and what shoes to wear as I cannot manage heels at the mo!

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41 thoughts on “Maternity Wear for a Summer Wedding

  1. I love the dress you have chosen. It really suits you. I also like the Tiffany Rose Alessandra Maternity Dress Short Poppy. I was pregnant over winter so only occasion I had was Christmas so bought a maternity dress from H&M. It’s still in my wardrobe!

  2. Firstly you look gorgeous in that maxi dress but there’s nothing anyone says will make you feel that if you didn’t feel comfortable in it!!!
    I loved both of the bottom two dresses as well I’m really pleased you found something you like, you look lovely 🙂 xxx

    • thank you lovely and you’re right it’s about how you feel yourself really and I feel much nicer in this dress than the old maxi dress! xx

  3. Love love the blue dress. You look absolutely beautiful (glowing and all). I love it. Your bump is adorable too. Makes me miss my bump so badly. lol Can’t wait for baby to arrive. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Thank you darling, lol you can borrow mine for a bit if you like hehe aww I can;t wit for baby to arrive either! xx

  4. Oooh yes that’s lovely! Very unusual to find a fitted maternity dress but this one looks gorgeous! You look beautiful! Hope you have fun showing it off at the wedding! X #BlogBumpClub

  5. Yes that’s my favourite too 🙂 such a shame there aren’t more high street maternity retailers- they would make a bomb!! I like to try things on so online shopping is such a gamble for me. I’ve been lucky this time!! I always go for dresses that cut under the bust ( empire line) as these are the most flattering for my shape. Also like you I am different sizes all over- 8 top, 10 waist, 12 hips!! But I read an interesting guide that said in the first trimester you should choose maternity wear that is your normal size, in the second go up one and in the third go up one more. So theoretically start at pre pregnancy 10 and end in pre preg 14. For me this is fab advice and helps to make me feel a little better about my self too! Anyway sorry for the ramble- maternity wear is my new favourite obsession!!!
    X x
    Ps you look fab!!!

    • Ooh that is interesting, and definitely helps to make you feel better about the expanding clothing sizes! I can;t understand why there aren’t many maternity clothes shops either – if anything pregnancy is a time you need to try clothes on more than ever! Thank you, I do love that dress, seems perfect for my shape, at the moment anyway! 🙂 xx

  6. You look beautiful! I love that last dress – I’m similar in that I like the more clingy shapes as they really enhance the bump. Mind you, I’ll be back to loose, non-clingy wear once the baby is born! Brilliant #BlogBumpClub post, thank you for sharing. x

    • Thank you, yep it sounds daft but I like being able to show off that it is a bump, now that it really looks like one – I will definitely be in the looser clothing post birth too, no doubt about that! 🙂 xx

  7. You really suit dresses! I never suited a dress whilst expecting and lived in leggings and skinny jeans :/ , maybe next time i’ll try some more dresses! You look lovely in all them! x

  8. I am a big fan of Tiffany Rose and have one of their dresses myself, which is so gorgeous and fits so well that I am wearing it now, and Max is 14 months old! I love the Riviera dress you chose, it looks beautiful on you. Thanks for linking up with #triedtested

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