Looking to the future..

I have been thinking about the future a lot this week. I have now hit my 2nd trimester and thankfully seem to have got a bit more energy back. I still have very tired patches and my pelvis problems sadly haven’t magically evaporated, but I definitely have a bit more of my usual energy. Thank goodness! Hopefully this sticks around, or even improves over the next couple of months!

This has meant that I have started thinking a lot about things to come. I am trying to decide what to do about a buggy when baby no.2 comes along. I actually thought I had made decision and started a post about it…. then realised something I am not 100% happy with and am now up in the air again about what to do! A post for another day it seems!

We’ve also had Monkey accepted into the local playgroup we want him to go too when he is 2 1/2 in November, which is very cool. Only for a few hours a week but hopefully to get him ready for pre-school, and then school as I know it comes around so quickly. It also has links to the local school we hope he will go too and it would be lovely for him to make friends at playgroup that he then starts school with in a couple of years time.

I’ve also been thinking about the future in a totally different way. I haven’t blogged about it before as it wasn’t my story to tell and we didn’t know what the outcome was going to be, but one of my best friends has been really quite poorly lately. I won’t go into details about it but it got a bit scary and she was very very badly messed around, and, I feel, neglected, by the NHS. It’s taken about 6 weeks of being messed around, with a lot of worry for her, her family, and us as her friends. She has finally had some good news this week which has revealed that she doesn’t have the brain tumour she had been warned she may have. Phew.

She does however have a very serious condition affecting her brain and her vision, but now that a tumour has been ruled out they have started some medication and she can look to the future and to hopefully getting her life back to normal. It may not be the easiest of journeys ahead but it is not the worst case scenario and we are all immensely grateful for that and as ever, once you have a diagnosis you can at least work out a solution. All of the hanging around and being passed from pillar to post, while also being told how bad itΒ could be, was very stressful and worrying, as I am sure you can imagine.

It’s worth saying (as I know she reads this sometimes) that she has handled the whole situation remarkably well and I really admire her for not letting the situation get her down and for not thinking too hard about worst case scenarios. She has a 3yr old so some terrible things must have crossed her mind, but she has not allowed them to drown her. And she’s taken the news this week with such a positive and practical attitude and, well, I love her to bits.

It hasn’t been the most perfect of weeks, in fact the weather has been downright cold and miserable for the most part, but, there has been some positive changes. Changes that give a bit of hope for the future.

My word for the week, is future.

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35 thoughts on “Looking to the future..

  1. oh I hope your friend is ok. The future seems rosy. I think pushchairs are such a big decision. I went with my heart instead of my head with our and it is beautiful but heavy. Research my love and try out πŸ™‚

    • Thank you lovely, she is doing so well! Hmm thank you for the advice, think i will have to write another post about the whole dilemma lol! xx

    • Thank you, such good news, I am so relieved, and so is she! Yep, I have my negative moments, but focussing on the positive future xx

    • Thanks Karen, we are all so relieved and it is exciting about Monkey’s playgroup, though a bit scary too!

  2. Such good news for your friend then, and a relief for you, too, I’m sure. Close encounters like this do have us stopping and pondering our own mortality so I can understand that ‘future’ will be playing on your mind. Exciting news for Monkey and nursery, though – Boo loved it from the first minute she entered the building, so I hope Money does, too x Thanks for sharing with #WotW

    • Yes such good news and a huge relief, it has pretty worrying at times so definitely nice to think about the future now. Ooh that is good nes, hope Monkey loves it too, it’s exciting but also ever so slightly scary! xx

    • Aw dear, i can be a bit pessimistic too but try and see the positive side otherwise I get a bit dragged under! Sorry about the creative challenge, hopefully will be back one day! xx

  3. Aw firstly congrats on your Baby Bump hun, I am also feeling for you as I have just hit the 2nd Trimester also. I am very sorry to hear of your friends illness and wish her well.
    But glad to hear Monkey has got into his nursery :), Our Monkey has just been accepted into his first school in November, isnt it a huge relief?!.
    Great post
    Jayne x

    • Aww thank you and congrats to you too! Thank you, we are just relieved it is not the worst case scenario we feared it could be. Aww that’s lovely, it is a huge relief they get in where you want but it’s all a bit scary too – they grow up so fast! xx

  4. Hi – so pleased your friend had gotten some better news. And great to look forward to the future, with preparations for no2, and monkey starting playgroup… My wee boy has started doing a few hrs at nursery and it is making a huge difference to our week! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, we are so relieved! Definitely exciting times ahead, though the change is all a bit scary too! Aw I bet, can imagine it really helps! xx

  5. Sounds like positive news all round. What a relief for your friend and her family – its always the not knowing that is the worst. As to the buggy situation – I had exactly the same dilemma when I was pregnant with EJ (and I think you will have a similar age gap) – I nearly bought a double a couple of times but in the end I decided that it wouldn’t be worth it as JJ would be too old for it in such a short space of time. I bought a buggy board instead on ebay, had EJ in a sling and JJ in a pushchair to begin with, sometimes EJ in the old travel system and JJ walking or being pushed in pushchair if there were two of us, then when EJ was big enough JJ went on buggy board on the back of Maclaren pushchair. I’m glad I didn’t buy a double as I feel it would have been a waste and they are more aimed at children just one or two years apart (or twins obvs!). X

    • Thanks Sam, definitely good for some positive news and like you say, just knowing means so much at the moment! Ooh thanks so much for the buggy advice as there must be a similar gap and everything you’ve said makes so much sense to me! The sling is a very good idea too, we have a lovely baby carrier I had completely left out of the equation. hmm food for thought, I have another more detailed post about this planned but this helps so much believe me!! xx

  6. Great news all around. Glad for monkey getting adjusted to playgroup. I am sure that’s a great relief.

    P.S: Been quite long since I hopped over. have a great weekend.


    • Nice to see you, miss reading your creativechallenge posts! Must pop over to you too πŸ™‚ Thank you, relief could well have been a good word for the week! xx

  7. What a relief for your friend – it is amazing what perseverance can do! I am glad things are OK with your pregnancy and that playgroup place will be invaluable for you when the new baby comes along πŸ™‚ Thank you for linking to PoCoLo x

  8. Glad that you are feeling better and Monkey has a place at playgroup. We are looking at playgroups for Little 2 at the moment but there isn’t much around here that suits around the school run! I am also glad that your friend has positive news. #pocolo

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