#MaternityMondays week 15

Welcome to week 15 of #MaternityMondays! Thanks so much to all you lovely bloggers who are continuing to link up very week, I am loving our little community, celebrating the joys (and sharing the challenges) of pregnancy, life with babies and motherhood in general. I am finding myself really excited each week now to see if we have any more babies being welcomed into the world! I know a lot of you are very close now!!

It was the lovely Emma‘s turn to host last week and here are her favourites from last week:

“First up was All the Things I Used to Know, I actually laughed out loud at this one and the photos are so cute (and funny). Definitely worth a read. Especially if your children are being particularly trying.

 Next up is Baba B Makes Three and I totally agree with this post about the ridiculous things people ask when you have a baby-especially ‘is she or he good.’ I commented that with Beb, I started trying to say well, yes for a baby but gave up in the end just saying yes for an easy life. 

Last up was from Everyday 30 who wrote about getting babies to nap properly. A really interesting read.” 

Last week was a much better week for me than wee have ha in some time. It really feels like we have turne a corner, at least I very much hope that is the case! So I am sharing about our lovely happy week and how my postnatal cloud seems to have lifted a little.

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