A Change of Scenery

You may have noticed that things have been a bit quiet here lately.. and that’s because we have had a bit of a change of scenery. For the last week we have been on holiday in lovely Yorkshire!

Hubs doesn’t like me talking online about going on holiday until after the event. I’m not sure why as I highly doubt any of my lovely readers are stalkers who would rob us the second we go away but as I can’t categorically prove otherwise I don’t argue the request.

Anyway,we have had such a lovely time. We have seen the ruins of castles, abbeys, & temples and have been to the seaside.

Change of Scenery 1

We have spun in the sunshine, chased bubbles, eaten picnics, walked through the woods, built sandcastles and met up with friends.

yorkshire holiday fun

In some ways going on holiday as a parent feels a little like a busman’s holiday. You still have all the same things to do and children to take care of and it can definitely be stressful at times. I swear I packed just about everything imaginable, including the kitchen sink, but still somehow managed to forget things we needed and have had to buy! (Thankfully we are in Yorkshire though not on Mars so can buy things :)).

We still have a toddler to entertain and a baby who needs feeding, changing, playing with etc. but the change of scenery does do the power of good and there is no (or at least less) housework to worry about for the week. Hubs and I get to spend some time together, sharing the load of the childcare and we have had lots of lovely fun as a family.

Plus we have been to able to enjoy some gorgeous views of green rolling countryside and absorb a lot of history. There will be some more detailed posts about the fab places we have visited over the weeks to come :).

My word this week is scenery. How has your week been?

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40 thoughts on “A Change of Scenery

  1. I love that hubby wants to keep hols quiet! Being from Yorkshire myself I do approve. Everything just looks so much more beautiful when it’s sunny! I know what you mean when you say a bus mans holiday!! You forget holiday not the same meaning hehe! Looks like a fab time regardless! Xx

    • Ah I never realised that, beautiful place, we had such a lovely time! Definitely not as relaxing with 2 kiddies but we did still have a lovely time 🙂 xx

  2. Scenery is a very lovely word for the week and I love all your photos of your holiday in Yorkshire. I’m quite similar to your hubs in that I don’t like to post about being away somewhere until I’m back again. So glad you had a lovely time although I know what you mean about it being a bit of a bus man’s holiday when you have children – the change of scenery is nice though!

    • Ah so he is not alone! I do understand really but so tempting to share the lovely pictures at the same time! xx

  3. I think you have to re-assess your understanding of the word holiday when you have young children. A change is as good as a rest as they say! And what a beautiful place for you to spend some time x

  4. Ah, looks like you’ve had a brilliant time! It isn’t quite as relaxing as holidays were before ids, that’s true, but still nice to all be together with what looks to be a beautiful change of scenery. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  5. Ah! I know what you mean about packing everything but the kitchen sink! I’d love to go up to Yorkshire with the kids but it’s a bit too far to drive with the the two of them right now. X

  6. You definitely picked the best week to go away, it looks like you had such beautiful weather in Yorkshire the entire time you were there. You all look so happy in these photos it’s clear you all needed to get away and enjoy some quality family time. I love the photo of you and LM she’s got such a big smile on her face! Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  7. This is so lovely. Totally agree about the whole busmans holiday thing- it can be exhausting and stressful but also it’s lovely to spend that time as a family and be away from your normal environment. It looks really gorgeous, I look forward to reading more about your holiday. I live in Yorkshire and the weather has been fabulous the past week or so. #ordinarymoments
    Amelia x

  8. Lovely pictures, looks like and sounds like you and an amazing time! I love Yorkshire.. Popping over from #ordinarymoments linky xx

  9. Oh what a wonderful week to have been on holiday! It looks like you had a really lovely time and while I kno what you mean about holidays sometimes just being hot childcare I’ve always liked going away just for the novelty value if nothing else. I just have one rule that I really tidy before I go and then it’s nice to come home too!

  10. It’s wonderful to have a break, even if we don’t get as much of a rest as we would hope! We went to York earlier this year and would love to return to explore further, it is such a stunning area. x

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  12. Looks like you’ve had an amazing time, and what great weather for it! I often question why we go on holiday when it feels like the same s*** different location but hey, it is at least the latter! I am terrible for broadcasting that we are going on holiday, your husband is probably quite wise.

  13. We went on holiday recently and it’s true, as a parent you still do have to do all the parent stuff. But it was nice to not have to think about all the ‘work’ stuff that we usually have to think about as well. Yorkshire looks lovely. I used to visit regularly when I was little as I had grandparents who lived there. It’s a shame I didn’t explore more of the UK when I lived there (we now live in France) as there are so many great places to visit.

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  16. What a lovely break you had! My husband is like yours re holidays (you’d think it was fight club) but I have posted while we’ve been on press trips. I’m with you on family holidays being more a change of scene than a real ‘break’ though as you’re right that we still do all the same things but in a different place! Even so I love our family trips abroad and I know we’re making memories the kids will look back fondly on 🙂 Thanks for linking up at #sharethejoy

  17. Gorgeous photos. Definitely know what you mean about a busman’s holiday. It is nice to have a change of scenery while you’re doing the usual, though, isn’t it?!

    Visiting from the #countrykids linky

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