Having some fun

My word of the week this week is a great one. One that I am really happy to talk about. It has been a lovely week, full of fun, so that is my word, fun!

After the past however many months of struggling, first with the difficult newborn days, with colic and reflux thrown into the mix, to just the endless parade of germs, colds and flus keeping us down, it is great to say we have had a fun week for a change!

I satrted last Friday when we went to The Gadget Show, then after a chilld day on Saturday, Saturday night my little bro and his girlfriend came over for a takeaway and a catch up and we all get on so well and have so much fun together it was lovely! sunday the fun continues with a trip to Wimpole Hall and Farm. a National Trust place that is really close to us. It was a lovely sunny day but so windy! Nonetheless we had a great time visiting with my older brother and his wife.

Wimpole Hall

Then to top off the weekend I got to have a girls night out and some scrummy tapas with some of my friends and we really did have a giggle. Much as I was tired from a busy weekend I am so glad I went as it does do me good to get away from the house and relax with my friends.

Then on Tuesday I headed out with the kids to met one of my friends for her daughter’s 2nd birthday.ย The sun was shining and we had such a lovely time. Monkey has great fun ย ith her son, who is a yr older than him and it was lovely to see them cuddling and chuckling at each other and generally building a friendship. LM was lovely and happy too which helped and it was a lovely fun day in the sun.

Es birthday

Thursday the fun continued with another playdate with all of my friends. It is a rare occasion that we get together with all of our kiddies and was lovely that we were all able to make it. We went to a soft play and it was definitely chaotic as there was 7 kids (soon to be 8 with anotherย baby due in May!) but it was a lot of fun too and so good for us all to catch up. LM loves people and she very much enjoyed all the cuddles and attention from mummies and kiddies!

fun with friends

We really seem to have turned a corner at the moment. It helps that none of us are ill but LM is getting older by the day and I have to say, more fun. My mood is improving too. Iย don’t know if it would be classed as PND but I do suffer in the months post birth. I was the same after Monkey and I just don’t feel myself. I wake up feeling low, am anxious about everything and feel angry a lot of the time. I feel a bubble of rage in my chest over the slightest thing and spend a lot of the time crying. there is a dark cloud over me and I have moments where I feel like I hate my life, even though the rational part of my brain knows that that is completely untrue as I know how incredibly lucky I am and that in fact the opposite is true, as I love my life. How could I not? Look at my lovely family having fun taking silly selfies on the bed.

edited 3

Whatever it is that causes this does seem to be passing. The cloud has lifted. I still feel anxious at times and of course I have ups and downs like everyone, but my general day to day mood is much brighter, and more like me, than it has been for some time. It helps that I am still doing well on the diet (for the most part) and am still losing the weight. I feel like I have more energy so am doing more around the house and getting out and about more. LM still has no routine but while this has bothered me for a while, I am more accepting of it now and am just going with it and actually enjoying the flexibility that her lack of routine allows.

All I can say is that long may this feeling continue so we can hove more weeks as fun as this one has been ๐Ÿ™‚

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38 thoughts on “Having some fun

  1. I hope the anxiety goes away very soon, I remember feeling like this after z and it’s not nice as you feel so up and down and very lost xx the girlie night sounds wonderful though, especially with Tapas ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You have a lovely family and it looks like you all had heaps of fun. It is important to get out and spend time with friends even when we are blessed with lovely families – tapas is one of my favourites ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. So glad to hear it Caroline. Things look great and such a lovely week with so many plans. Great to hear you feel better in yourself too! Those first few months are a killer and with two! Can’t imagine yet! Xx #wotw

  4. I’m so pleased to read this, I think the better weather definitely lifts our moods and gives us that extra energy we need. It’s lovely to se so many happy smiling faces in the photo’s xx

  5. Oh wow hon you packed an awful lot in to a week, and yes it did sound like a lot of fun! Love that photo and the end, you all look so happy and LM looks gorgeous. Have a fab weekend xx

  6. So glad you have had such a lovely fun week (fun was my word of the week too!) and love all your photos, especially that family selfie – what a great shot of you all. So glad that the cloud appears to be lifting too and hope that that will continue to be the case ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. Oh lovely. What a fantastic week and your girl is growing into a proper beaut! It is hard those first few months and I used to get the anxious belly too. As with children you never quite know how the hell the day is going to pan out do you? Popping over from Country Kids xxxxx

  8. It looks like you’ve had loads of fun this week getting plenty of fresh air and sunshine. It’s great that everyone’s getting happier again, I think the sunshine helps people relax and be happier in themselves. Monkey and LM look like they’re enjoying all the attention from all the different people they saw this week too. Thanks for linking up with Country Kids.

  9. Lovely to read this Caroline! It sounds like you’ve had a really great week, busy but lots and lots of fun which is awesome!!
    I LOVE your family selfie it’s so cute!!
    I’m sorry that you’ve been feeling low but it’s great to read that you’re feeling more positive recently too! Xx

  10. What a truly lovely post Caroline and I am so pleased that you had such a fun week. You have also been really honest and I am sure that you are not alone- having a newborn baby and especially though the winter months (I had it myself twice!) is hard work- I am a very anxious person and the cold long days don’t help that. This lovely weather we have been having definitely helps lift people’s moods. Let’s hope for a Spring and Summer of fun for your lovely family. xx

  11. What a lovely time you’ve had especially the me time.
    I am exactly the same feeling low and anxious and it is nice to see it ends!! I too was the same with boo but when you’re in it, it’s hard to see an end. Keep that chin up lovely xxx

  12. What a busy but fun filled week you had! I think the sun really makes you feel happier about everything and spending time with friends and family is always good :). I love your family selfie! Xx

  13. What a lovely week full of fun! I love love love Wimpole Hall! In fact, we have an inset day today and I may just drive up there with my daughter to see all of the lambs!

  14. Keep those positive thoughts going! You sound like you’re really on a home straight to conquering the down days. Gorgeous family selfie!

  15. This is a lovely post, and LM is so adorable. Your family selfie is so full of happiness and everyone is pulling a cute expression – quite the feat. I never manage this! Glad to hear the post baby fog is lifting, I sympathise entirely and felt very similar. #MaternityMonday

  16. Oh honey I feel for you and your feelings of anxiety – I suffered with PND after my eldest – but glad that the funk is lifting and you’re feeling more like yourself again. What a wonderful week full of fun you’ve had! Thank so much for linking this up at #sharethejoy x

  17. Wow you cram in a lot in 1 week – I am very boring in comparison ha ha! It sounds like things are going really well and I’m so happy for you – awesome pics too. Mim ๐Ÿ™‚ #maternitymondays

  18. What a lovely week. Times of family fun like there are so very uplifting! What a relief that your mood is better; baby blues are not exciting times at all, I hope they’re gone for you, for good. LM will fall into a routine eventually, good job you’re more accepting of it; a very helpful approach. #MaternityMondays

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