A bit of a break

My word of the week this week is break. You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet on here this week and that is because life at home is currently very hectic, so I have taken a bit of a break from blogging. There is still tonnes I would like to write about but I just haven’t the time or energy for it at the moment with everything that is going on.

Our garage conversion and building work is going really well and when this is published, in theory the new room/old garage should be finished and ready for furniture to go in. As I write the plumbers are plumbing in the radiators and the carpets should go down in a few hours. This is a huge relief as the last couple of weeks have been hard work.

The first stage of the building work was all outdoors and so other than being noisy didn’t really interfere with our day to day life much. Since cutting the doorway between the new room and the lounge it has been a very different story. The dust has driven us mad. Not fun at the best of times it is definitely less than ideal with a 10 month old crawling everywhere and getting in to everything!

So we have been covering furniture with quilts and sheets (meaning lots more laundry to do, as if we don’t produce enough laundry already) and I have lost count of the amount of times I have swept the floor and steamed and been on my hands and knees trying to clean up the dust…


It has also still been noisy and smelly (paint) and there has been people in and out a lot. Our builders are a really good bunch and they love the kids but having strangers in your house all the time is just a bit weird and parenting with an audience really isn’t fun! Plus the conversations I have had to listen to/be involved in (generally moaning about their wives and women in general, fun, and occasionally sharing how little sex they have, way tmi for me!) is just a bit weird.

So the kids and I have been playing upstairs a lot to keep put of their way. Plus of course lots of trips out in between the rain (or even when raining).

Going for a walk in the pouring rain ay 9am on bank holiday Monday while the builders fitted the door tp the new room

Going for a walk in the pouring rain at 9am on bank holiday Monday while the builders fitted the door to the new room

LM has actually coped really well with it all so far, basking in the adoration of the builders and giving them the biggest smiles, but the strain is starting to show with Monkey. He still wants to be a builder and is ok with them but he doesn’t like them being in his domain I don’t think. If I have to pop out of the room to deal with LM he doesn’t like being on his own with the builders so wants to follow me everywhere or stands and cries. Honestly this morning I was settling LM to sleep while the builder was cutting bricks outside (SO noisy) and she was trying but obviously struggling through the noise. I got her to sleep and came back down to find Monkey (who I had convinced to stay downstairs for a few mins) hiding with tears in his eyes. Pfff. Poor thing but I am at a loss what to do sometimes, I can’t be with him every second of the day.

We also haven’t had a front door for a couple of weeks now so have been traipsing round the back all of the time. Meaning the buggy, shoes coats, etc have all been living in the lounge along with the dust and the builders… just not ideal, any of it really and I have to say that being able to actually use our new front door for the first time was very very exciting!!

front door

One of the purposes of the new room will be toy storage, which is also making us think about storage throughout the house. It is also going to be Hubs office so a lot of the office stuff and files will come down from upstairs and go in there. So my word of the week was nearly sorting as we have been using any spare time (?) to go through cupboards. We have been throwing away lots of old stuff and have sorted some things for charity shops too. I have started to ditch some toys (charity shop again) and have more boxes to go through yet. (I swear toys multiply of their own accord, they are taking over our house!!).

So yeah not a lot of time for blogging really (I wrote most of this on my phone while watching bake off and the rest in 5 min bursts as today has been chaos).

At one point today we had the builder, 2 plumbers, an electrician, and a carpet fitter here at the same time. t worked well and lots got done but it was chaos!

At one point today we had the builder, 2 plumbers, an electrician, and a carpet fitter here at the same time. it worked well and lots got done but it was chaos!

But a break probably is no bad thing. I have been feeling slightly disillusioned with blogging for a while, possibly because life is busy and I am exhausted, but all of the commenting and linkies and sharing, let alone writing, has been feeling like a chore.

But I do love writing and that is why I blog really, as well as to create a record for the kids to look back on. So it won’t be too long a break I am sure… just a break until we return to something resembling normality I think!! I was going to add I some shots of how it is all looking now but it has taken me so long to write this post that I can’t be bothered so will save them for another post.

How has your week been? Slightly less chaotic I hope?

The Reading Residence

Our Anniversay

My word of the week this week is Anniversary, because we celebrate our wedding anniversary this week! We have been married for 4 years and in early September we will have been together for 5 years. It has certainly been a busy 5 years as we have got married, bought our lovely house, spent a lot of time doing it up, and of course have had 2 gorgeous children.

You can read more about our little whirlwind here but basically hubs and I got set up on a blind date by our mums, moved in together after 4 weeks and were engaged after 5 weeks. Married less than a year later and 1st baby was here less than a year after that. We certainly don’t like to hang around!

It’s been a wonderful 4 years of marriage and I know there will have been some very sceptical people around after we got engaged so quickly (I know I have always been sceptical of similar fast engagements) but I wouldn’t change any of it for a second. Life with small children is hard and certainly tests a relationship… I have never understood why people think having a baby will ‘fix’ a relationship as quite the opposite – it tests even the strongest in my opinion! But we have never faltered or questioned that this is right.

We have a really good, strong partenrship based on mutual trust and respect and having a lot of fun together. We aren’t perfect by a long shot and have to remember to make time for us as a couple. To have fun together rather than just sharing the parenting and housework and cohabiting!

I’m not the soppiest person at the best of times and romance definitely goes out of the window when small people enter our lives, but now that LM is getting a bit older hopefully we will get to remember that we are a couple, as well as parents. We had a lovely day in London last week and a meal out for our anniversary and look forward to more times together to come, as well as watching our gorgeous kiddies grow together of course.

In honour of our wedding anniversary I thought I would share a few pics of our wedding. It wasn’t the most traditional wedding as we had a very late afternoon ceremony followed by a BBQ and disco, so no sit down dinner or speeches. It was a gorgeous day full of lots of colour and fun, we made our own cakes (and our mums made some too) and had lots of fun bits like fortune teller confetti holders and a wedding photo scrapbook rather then guest book. As our wedding was the same year as the Royal Wedding, we even mocked up our own joke wedding memorabilia titled the Real Wedding memorabila! Lots of daft bits but was so much fun putting it all together.

our wedding

Can’t believe it was 4 years ago, in some ways it has gone by in a flash, in others it feels like a whole other lifetime!

Anyway, Happy Anniversary hubs,  looking forward to many more years 🙂 xx

Photographs taken by Chris Boland of Distant Cloud Photography – he is amazing!