Me and Mine February 2016

My family shot this month is from our day out on the Stick Man trail at Fineshade Woods. We had such a lovely day so it seemed the perfect place to grab a shot of us all.


As we so often do we used the selfie stick and took a very short video of us all and then captured a few frames. We tend to find this the best way to get most of us smiling. It worked well for 3 of us at least! Maybe one day I will get a shot of all 4 of us smiling!

It has been a bit of a month February… in many ways it has absolutely flown by but it hasn’t always been easy. The pesky illnesses that so many people have been hit by have struck us down at times too and it certainly made some difficult days. Half term was hard work which was a real shame and I was glad to get back to routine. I know that it was mainly hard work because of illness…. but I am apprehensive about the Easter holidays and hope they aren’t quite so hard! We have managed lots of lovely happy times too this month though and have a very busy month ahead so hopefully spring will be kinder to us.

The Me and Mine Project

Me and Mine January 2016

It’s me and mine time and time to share a family photo of us all. At one point I wasn’t sure I would get one of us all but on our family day out a couple of weeks ago I managed to grab a quick family selfie.


LM is a bit bundled up in her scarf and bewildered by the goings on so it isn’t the best photo ever… But I still love it. We are all wrapped up against the cold and Monkey has such a big smile on his face which can’t help but make me smile. 20160116_132147


Our Family in 2015

So the end of the year is approaching and I am not going to do a full look back at the past year… but I thought it was a good opportunity instead to have a look at all the me and mine shots of our little foursome taken over the past year, to see how much we have all grown and 2015

Some shots are better than others (ahem June!) and the only shot I have of the four of us for December is a pretty rubbish selfie on the bed on Christmas morning… but it is a shot of all of us and you can see how different the kiddies look compared to January, with LM obviously changing the most throughout the course of the year.

There is much to come in 2016, birthdays, a wonderful holiday with my parents, hopefully house sitting for friends in Dorset again, Monkey starting school in September (eek) and generally enjoying our children grow and change every day. I know people say life with children doesn’t get easier it just changes. .. but I have to disagree. Yes there are always challenges, that’s life, but the challenges are different as the children grow and I personally find that things do get easier as the little onesgrow out of the baby stage.

This time next year LM will probably be talking… she may not be napping anymore and at 2 may even be on her way to being toilet trained. Monkey will be at school and hopefully doing well. It will be a very different Christmas and our lives will be different. I can’t help but be excited to see what else 2016 has in store for us and I plan (or hope) to enjoy every minute as much as I can.

Happy New Year to you and all the best for 2016. Thanks for reading!

Run Jump Scrap!

Me & Mine September 2015

Yep that time of the month again to share some family shots so we can look back at how much we have all changed over the year as the months have gone by.

We had some, er, fun, trying to get family shots of us while we were on holiday – and some shots were far more succesful than others.

We took some on a boat… one where LM was not interested,


and another where she just wanted to grab her brother’s head (one of her favourite pastimes).


Then we tried really hard to get a shot of us in the evenings as the sunsets were gorgeous, but with just our phones, well we weren’t very successful! This one is nice but the lighting is terrible.

WP_20150923_18_55_05_Moment (2)

This one is just awful, good shot of Monkey but not sure what happened to my arm, it looks about 3 times the size it normally is (I hope) and hubs looks a bit pained!


Then we tried the flash and well neither kid remotely looked at the camera. This snap actually reminds me of the kind of shots you used to get pre-digital photography, with the flash on and nobody looking at the camera, do you know the type I mean?


Ah to be a good photographer eh? Still good for posterity I suppose!

dear beautiful

Me & Mine March 2015

It’s Me and Mine time – time to capture some photos of us as a family to store for posterity. I only joined this linky In January and had to miss February! With all of the illness in  our house we just didn’t get any photos of us as a family. This month however we managed to get some lovely shots.

On Mother’s Day, with some family round, I gathered the four of us onto our little blue snuggle sofa and tried to get a shot of us all smiling 🙂

smily family

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