Our Holiday in a Nutshell

Last week we were on holiday. We had a lovely week in Menorca but it wasn’t without its challenges… life with 2 kids rarely is I think! Here is a little about our holiday, in a nutshell.

So it started off pretty well, Monkey loved the plane journey and was so excited to be flying bless him! LM was less impressed, especially by the delay when we were sat on the runway for ages! She did sleep a bit though thankfully and we survived the journey pretty well.journey out

The hotel was lovely we loved our apartment and it was in a great spot, not too far from the pool but not too close for it to be too noisy in the evening. We opted for a 2 bed apartment which was very spacious and meant that hubs and I would have our space once the kids were in bed, compared with previous holidays where we have been stuck on the balcony or in the bathroom while Monkey was asleep.hotel

The restaurant was nice enough and there was plenty of variety in the buffet. The downside was that the set times were a bit later than the kids normally eat so was a bit challenging keeping them going some days… and the restaurant environment was a little distracting for LM at times so the dvd player and baby jake came to our rescue at most mealtimes. I know there was other people judging us and I probably judged us too but it was worth it to he able to eat without juggling a wailing baby. At least there was lots of other families with small children there which was brilliant as lots of us in the same boat trying to keep babies and toddlers happy.restaurant

LM absolutely adored the pool and was desperate to be in there whenever we went near it. Both hubs and I had so much fun with her in there which was lovely.LM in the pool

We also sometimes set up a dinghy with some water and toys so she could have a play in there and she adored that too.LM dinghy

Unfortunately though Monkey was not a fan of the pool. It was very cold as the water was being constantly recirculated and really didn’t ever get warm. As a result, after the first day Monkey point blank refused to go in and if we attempted to coax him in we were met with screams, shouts and full on meltdowns. Joy. Such a shame too as the kids pool was great with slides in and so all the other kids seemed to absolutely love it.. and LM had absolutely no problem with the temperature. We did occasionally persuade him to play by the side of the pool or paddle a little… but it took a LOT of effort!Monkey and pool

There was a lovely little beach literally within 5 mins walk and it was gorgeous, really secluded and surrounded by bushes so very peaceful. The only downside was that it is a preservation beach meaning that they are not allowed to remove any of the kelp and seaweed that washes up onto the beach so the beach was covered.Β Monkey and Daddy still had a fab time building sandcastles and we got LM paddling for a bit… but sadly she didn’t much like the sand so wasn’t happy there for long.the beach

So we had one little one who didn’t like the pool and one who didn’t like the beach. Not exactly a recipe for a relaxing beach/poolside holiday. After a couple of days we realised we needed to do something else as the kids were driving us mad and we were getting snippy with each other.

Our first little outing was a trip to the capital Mahon to visit the market. Monkey had a meltdown to end all meltdowns and we ended up using the naughty spot on a random street corner while I walked a screaming LM up and down in her buggy to get to sleep. Not exactly the best start! We did turn it around though and had a lovely boat trip on the harbour and a nice lunch. I will write more about that in a seperate post though.Mahon

The following day was a very chilly day and we planned on going to the little zoo on the island which was really lovely as many of the animals have been rescued and have lovely big enclosures to enjoy. Unfortunately it poured with rain shortly after we arrived meaning we go soaked as we looked round. We still very much enjoyed it though, and because of the rain we practically had the place to ourselves. The kids loved looking at all of the animals and running from shelter to shelter!zoo

In the evenings after dinner we generally wandered around with the kiddies, Monkey made friends with other kiddies and LM loved toddling around. She really is a sociable little thing and kept going up to people meaning I had to have a few slightly awkward conversations, but for the most part people cooed over her and she basked in their attention!Β One evening after walking around she had a little cry but got over it and we didn’t think much of it. I carried her back to the apartment where I looked down and realised my shorts were covered in blood! She had a nasty nasty cut on her toe and we felt like terrible parents for not even realising. Poor thing.


There was a mini disco at 8.30 every night that I am pretty sure Monkey would have loved as he loved dancing on the stage and dancefloor but LM was too tired to stay up for it and as they were sharing a room it was easier to put them to bed at the same time. So hubs and I took a few drinkies with us up to the apartment and either read our books, compared photos or just had a natter. Quite nice to have a change from tv and blogging that takes up our evenings normally!

The journey home was similar to the first and LM slept a bit on the plane but took a lot of entertaining the rest of the time. Monkey was really good but it was still hard work and by the time we had got our bags and the car and made the long journey home from the airport it was nearly 11pm. A very long day and I think we are still recovering actually!

It was a good holiday but it definitely had quite a few negatives unfortunately. I am not sure we will do the same type of holiday again at least not for a while, and hubs is adamant he doesn’t want to make a plane journey again until LM is around Monkey’s age, as he feels that the stress of the return journey wiped out the benefit of the rest we had gotten that week. I don’t feel that it was quite that bad but we do enjoy our UK holidays too so will stick with those for a while I think!

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20 thoughts on “Our Holiday in a Nutshell

  1. We took JJ on a package holiday to Menorca (our honeymoon actually!!) when he was just one and we made the mistake of having him in the room with us then. We decided to wait until he was about four or so to go abroad again for similar reasons (we particularly had an awful time on the coach waiting 45 minutes to be transferred when we first arrived). Then we had EJ. Now EJ is three and we are finally starting to think about the possibility of going abroad again next year (after a five year gap) but it depends on certain things. I don’t think a holiday with young kids is ever going to be properly relaxing is it? Still you had some fun together and got some lovely sunshine by the looks of it! Xx

  2. I can totally picture this holiday – lovely but hard work too! You are brave. WE have never been away with one without my parents. Your pictures are lovely though and it sounds like you and hubby had some nice time together in the evenings which is fab. The flights can be so hard can’t they? Hopefully you will go away agaun though and it will be less work xx Thanks for sharing with #bestandworst and see you again x

  3. Gorgeous pictures! Looks lovely, the pool area looks great shame Monkey wasn’t so keen. We have been several times as just a family and it is at times stressful, trust me when I say that the tablet comes in very handy if we want a peaceful and enjoyable meal out, I don’t care if we are judged or not haha. #bestandworst πŸ™‚ x

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  5. We’ve yet to take our two abroad, for many of the reasons you mention! We’re sticking with the UK for now, I think! Looks like you did have some lovely moments, and LM clearly loved that pool. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

  6. Oh blimey, I recognise a lot of your difficulties in trying to entertain two children with differing ages/needs/interests. If it’s any consolation it does get easier as they get older! There are times when you do wonder if it’s worth it, but then you have those flashes of giggles and smiles and you know it is. I’m looking forward to going abroad with the children but I think it’s still some time away yet-my son has already said he won’t go on a plane and I’m not prepared to challenge that theory πŸ™‚ xx

  7. Sounds like you had fun in spite of the challenges that are inevitable with two small children. It must have been very tough with one child not liking the pool and the other not liking the beach and having to deal with a preschooler meltdown and a crying toddler whilst out and about is never fun, is it? The day out at the zoo sounds like it was fun in spite of the rain though and glad you manage to have some time to relax in the evenings too x

  8. I think going on holiday with a little one is a very big challenge. So I’m in awe that you went with two little ones. Thanks for sharing what it’s like. #WotW

  9. It’s always hard to know whether the little ones will enjoy or endure the airplane journey, and who will like the beach and who won’t. We went to the Caribbean and for the first three days Mademoiselle didn’t like the beach!! But we persevered and by day 4 she loved it, but you never can tell!
    It sounds like there were some fun bits, in between the challenges, and you did get some time to relax. But it does get easier as they get older. Honest!

  10. I think going anywhere with kids is going to have it’s problems, whatever age they are! We’ve done so many plane journeys with ours and I absolutely agree it gets easier as they get older, I am so glad I don’t have to fly with a baby/toddler ever again! With the wee girl now three, it’s made such a difference and this summer was the easiest by far. Give it time, you’ll be enjoying holidays like this again before you know it. Glad it had it’s positives, and your photos are lovely x

  11. It looks like you had a fab time exploring Menorca with the kids, it’s a shame it wasn’t entirely relaxing though. LM looks so excited to be in the pool it’s adorable, if only they could’ve both agreed either pool OR beach not one of each! I’m sure by next year LM will have relaxed a little and a journey abroad wouldn’t be too difficult, but I think maybe leaving a little longer will ensure a relaxing holiday all around. I look forward to reading more about your days out soon. Thanks for linking up with me on Country Kids.

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