A Rollercoaster of Emotions, but a Glimmer of Hope

This week has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. After a wonderful night in London on Monday,  on Tuesday I was in a lot of pain, and shattered. But it was a busy day and I had what I thought was going to be a physio session at the hospital, so I was quite excited. My parents looked after Monkey and hubby came along to be my advocate. But we got there and unfortunately hubby wasn’t allowed in and it turned out to be a group session where they basically told us all the things we shouldn’t do, to manage our pain. No hoovering, no loading the washing machine, no washing up, no crossing your legs. Don’t do anything that causes you pain, keep your knees together at all times.

I could have screamed as I know all of this. All the other ladies were much further along in their pregnancies and for many it was the first time they had experienced pain. We had to describe our pain too and there was a real variety. I am not belittling anyone else’s pain because no-one can know what things feel like to different people, but it seemed like such an unspecific session as there was some ladies with a bit of lower back pain, one with what sounded like sciatica and a few of us with the real sharp pains at the front of the pelvis. All grouped under one session which seemed a bit generalised to me!

I understand why they do it, as I am sure for some ladies that would be enough, but having been through this once before, and with all my fears about the fact that it has started so early it felt like such a waste of time and I was miserable when I left. I’ve been given a tubi-grip support but been told it won’t help me now, though it will do later when I have a bump. And in the meantime???? It wasn’t a happy evening for me as I had been so hopeful and the letter from the hospital had been really misleading about what to expect, advising me to wear loose clothing so the therapist could examine me, when they never even got close enough to touch me, let alone examine me!

But, and there is a But, a positive one. We were given an SOS appt. Basically we are meant to follow these instructions for a few weeks and if we can’t manage then call back. Because I have been through this before I have been doing so many of the things they have described since I first felt pain at 6 wks pregnant. So I called them on Wednesday morning. The receptionist was very snooty (why are they like that sometimes?) and really didn’t want to listen to my explanation and just kept repeating, “you only came in Yesterday” and eventually said “Well I’ll pass a message to the physio to see what they want to do with you, because you only came in yesterday and they are very busy.” I felt gutted and was sure that I was going to be told to wait or something.

Not very positive yet is it? Well, then I got a phone call from the head Women’s Health Physio at the hospital, and she was LOVELY! So helpful and by the time I spoke to her I couldn’t stop crying, and you know what, she understood! I didn’t have to tell her how worried I was about it starting so early because she described my feelings exactly! She even understood how hard it must be with a toddler to look after.

She gave me a glimmer of hope that for some women it is at it’s worst in the first trimester because of the crazy rush of hormones, and that it may get better in the second trimester (please, please, please, please, please). But she also said that because it is so early SHE wants to see me personally, she doesn’t want anyone else to see me as she wants to make sure she does everything they can! Yay! She was very very kind and supportive and made me feel like what I am going through mattered, and that it was something she had helped other ladies through before. After feeling like I was basically being told to just lump it and get on with it, having someone agree that there is a problem, and actually offer to help, felt miraculous!

She started off saying that she is very busy and has a full diary so I was bracing myself for a long wait for an appt, but then she said she can do 8.30am on Monday! Wahoo! So watch this space and I really hope she can help me in a way other than telling me not to do anything that causes me pain for the next 7 mths, as that means basically lying down all day which is impossible with Monkey to look after!

I really hope I can stop boring everyone with posts about this soon, but I have to blog it out otherwise I would go mad!

21 thoughts on “A Rollercoaster of Emotions, but a Glimmer of Hope

  1. Phew! I’m glad the physio sounds like she’s so supportive. It must be so frustrating as well as painful to have nobody listening to you when it hurts so much. Will keep my gingers crossed for Monday x

  2. Glimmer of hope is my fave words hence my blog title =P sorry I cnt help. I am glad that though its small theres still hope. Your post is interesting! Can i confess that I havent heard of your condition until i read it here. But now I know what it is and I have nothing but prayers that this Physio is the one. Rest okay. Rest is your best weapon at all these things and this means not just your body but your mind as well. Hugs! #pocolo

    • haha yeah I realised that afterwards, you must have inspired me! 😉 Thank you and i really hope I can get the help I need, otherwise you are right and rest will be the best thing! Thanks for the support Merlinda xx

  3. So pleased that the Physio has been supportive and I think you’re writing about this REALLY well. I am sure your posts about this condition are helping loads of other mums-to-be xx #PoCoLo

    • Aww thank you – that really means a lot as I worry that I am a bit of a one track record at the moment! I just feel it is worth writing about, even though it is not the most cheerful subject! Thanks for the support and fingers crossed I can get some positive help soon! xx

  4. Lucas says – I am sorry that you are hurting so much. Me and Grace send you XL MEGA High-5’s and hope they help to make you feel better xxxx
    Grace says – OMG Lucas – you were ACTUALLY nice to someone!!!!
    Lucas says – Well, this lady’s Monkey’s Mum so she’s cool!!


    • Thank you and it’s hard to see it that way but you really are right, and I really hope she is as helpful in person! fingers crossed! xx

  5. Good luck my lovely, pregnancy pains are the worst because they put such a dampner on what should be a magical time. I had quite bad pains second time round, but the physio really helped. Fingers crossed for you xx

    • Thank you, you are so right, I’m afraid it takes a lot of the joy out of it so I am really hoping the physio can help me regain some of the magic! Thank you so much xx

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