Life in the time of Covid-19

Sometimes life feels normal, you are doing the washing up, or playing with your kids or reading something, then something reminds you that all is not what it seems. In some ways life is the same as ever, but in others, it is barely recognisable.

Yesterday was Mothers Day. A day we have always taken for granted really. A day for families getting together, hugging, laughing end just enjoying spending time together. Not in 2020. Yesterday morning I dropped off a present on my Mum’s doorstep and stood back a few metres. They took it in with instructions to wipe it down and wash their hands. We chatted briefly across the driveway which was quite upsetting, before heading home again. Once home we had a video call where the kids gave their grandparents virtual hugs and kisses and we tried to chat as if we were in the room with them as normal.

In the afternoon we were out for a walk and popped to the bath behind my in laws, where we had a chat over the fence, maintaining a safe distance. Anything to avoid the risk of infection from this unseen enemy known as Covid19.

On our walk we also had to explain to our daughter why we couldn’t go on a play area. Not easy explaining to a 5 year old why we can’t go to a playpark, especially when we aren’t 100% sure ourselves on the guidance!

In various countries across Europe and the globe, they are on total lockdown. Not allowed out unless in emergencies or for food. Being fined for breaking the rules. We aren’t on lockdown here but we are advised to stay away from friends and family, particularly the vulnerable. We are told not to gather in groups and to stay 2-3 metres away from other people. Parks and open spaces are generally open, but now that pubs, restaurants, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, clubs, cafes and shops (not supermarkets) are all closing, people are getting out where they are allowed to go. It’s a bit crazy, people should be avoiding each other but are all desperate to be out and go to the places they are allowed.

The media and social media are crossly telling people to stop being stupid and selfish and to just stay home and watch TV! Most everyone I know are staying away from everyone, then all you see on TV and in the news are pictures of incredibly busy parks and countryside. Seems bonkers!

Schools are now shut too, only opening to provide childcare for those with parents who are key workers. The government definition of this is broad but the advice is to only send your kids to school if you have no other choice. So this means that most of us are now trying to educate our kids at home while many of us also need to work too.

Social media is full of varying opinions about whether we should be trying to educate our kids or letting them have a break, with a tonne of judgement on either side. Whatever you choose will be wrong according to someone. What started off as lots of positive support online, with people sharing resources and ideas, has become a place to criticise as is so often the case on social media.

we are trying to balanced here. The school are sending work through for the kids everyday but there has to be time for play too, and exercise as at school there is a lot of playtime running around. I also have to work ad I’m fortunate I am only part time so it means I just have to do a couple of hours a day. A couple of hours where the kids are allowed their tablets, TV or whatever else they like while I work. Some days this will no doubt go better than others!

Across the globe you are hearing all sorts of things, canals and waterways in Venice turning clear, emissions being reduced across the globe. Panic buying in the UK has been mainly related to toilet roll and pasta, while in the US there has been panic buying of guns! There are humourous memes, interesting stories and downright lies spreading on social media. People are coping in such different ways to what is just a huge change to our normal way of life!

It’s a strange old time and I’m aware this is a bit of a ramble but I just want to take the opportunity to get some thoughts down while the kids are busy doing some cosmic yoga on youtube!

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