#MaternityMondays week 24

Welcome to week 24 of #MaternityMondays! Thanks so much to all you lovely bloggers who are continuing to link up every week, I am loving our little community, celebrating the joys (and sharing the challenges) of pregnancy, life with babies and motherhood in general.

Last week was my turn to host and I loved reading all of your posts but here were my faves:

All The Beautiful Things shared her “I am the Mum who..” post and I loved reading. I love a bit of honesty and could relate to lots of what she said – incuding hiding behind a cupboard door to have a cheeky sweet treat… (do we all do that?) and also trying to be the best mum she can be whilst also doubting herself. Lovely post and very relatable.

Also very relatable was Girl in the Apple Wood‘s list of before and afters after a baby has arrived. From the difference in our social lives to the amount of luggage we need to take on holiday this post definitely made me chuckle and nod along throughout!

The nodding along continued when reading babyfoote‘s post about all of the wiping she has had to do with a weaning baby and snotty toddler! With weaning LM and the colds in our house I think we should have bought shares in baby wipes and tissues so I loved reading that I am not the only Mum fed up of the constant wiping!

I don’t want to jinx us but, touch wood, after a month of colds and illness we may be finally saying goodbye to the germs…. please, please, please! Hubs’ second round of antibiotics seems to have finally done the trick and we are just hoping he doesn’t get poorly antime soon and that we can all actually be healthy for a bit. Honestly it has been such a month and it would be really  good if we could get things back on track! SPeaking of which I am linking up a post about trying to get Monkey’s behaviour back on track too.

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