Routines and guilt

So it’s a Wednesday, but I’m not having a wobble! Realised it was a week since my last post though so thought I’d get some thoughts down. I’m using this more of a diary to have a record I suppose.

We are still in lockdown. 2 ½ of weeks of being at home full time with the kids. Still lots of highs and lows associated with that. It’s technically the Easter holidays so we aren’t getting any work from school. We are keeping a loose routine going still, a bit less work than the previous couple of weeks and a few more Easter themed activities.

Making easter cards

Yesterday in ‘art’ we made some Easter cards, some with coloured in eggs and others with some cute handprint bunnies I had seen shared by someone on facebook or somewhere, they were cute and fun to do. Then today in ‘handwriting’ we wrote the cards to some of the kids friends and some family members. We will post them during our exercise tomorrow. Other than that we’ve done some maths and actually had a fun ‘geography’ session yesterday afternoon talking about a few different countries, mainly Australia as Liberty is obsessed by it and the animals that live there.

Today was sort of supposed to be history this afternoon but we made some Easter nests instead!

More to eat! Honestly struggling to stop eating, I have a tendency to eat my feelings, and eat when I’m bored soooo there’s a lot of that happening right now.

It’s a strange old time. In so many ways we are so lucky. I see lots of social media posts from doctors and nurses who are isolating from their children so they don’t give them the virus. I see posts from doctors and nurses whose children are scared their mum and/or dad will catch it and work and die. I know of people who are now jobless or have had their wages cut by 40%.

Nic and I are still working. We are all healthy. We aren’t putting ourselves at any great risk (no more than anyone who risks catching the virus at the shops anyway). We have a lovely home with outside space. We live near beautiful places we can go while we are allowed to exercise outside. We are not trapped at home with an abusive partner.

We have so many reasons to be grateful, and I am. I try and focus so much on the positives.

But that doesn’t mean this is easy. Losing your freedom isn’t easy. Being kept away from loved ones isn’t easy. Sometimes that gets to me, sometimes it gets to all of us. I feel guilty for even saying I find it hard though, when so many people have it so much worse.

It’s really difficult to know what to believe too. Obviously this virus is horrible and easy to catch and causing a lot of deaths. But a lot of people only have minor symptoms and they still believe there are huge numbers of people who show no symptoms, so a lot of people could have had it without even knowing! The media is negative negative negative and focusing only on the worst.

I get that we need to stay home to slow the spread and I get that maybe the media wants to scare us into doing so, but I’d love to see more positivity about the people who survive it or something. I don’t know really.

Shopping is still a very odd experience. I don’t get out much beyond a walk every day with the kids and am mainly dependent on Nic for going to the shops, as I can’t really take the kids. But at the weekend I did go out and it is so strange to queue 2 meters apart from each other and sometimes you don’t know where to go inside the shop as there are people 2m in either direction! But at least shops are fairly well stocked now and there’s not as many empty spaces on the shelves as there was at one time.

I think that’s enough of a ramble for now. Hope anyone reading this is coping ok with everything xx

Thanks for taking the time to write something. I love comments and read every one xx

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