Little Miss at 3 months

It is different for everyone but for me the first few months with a baby are the hardest. We felt it with Monkey and it has been the same with LM, the first weeks seem to last forever, and yet looking back it feels like the blink of an eye.

Because here we are, we made it, our Little Miss is 3 months old, 11lb 10oz and life is definitely getting easier, albeit gradually!

3 months

So what is she up to at the moment?

Feeding and Pooing

It might seem weird to have these under the same heading but lets face it they are very much linked! It’s over a month since we moved from breastfeeding onto a Lactose Free formula and it has definitely been a much easier month feeds wise. The colic has gone completely and the reflux has been under control with Gaviscon.

The only problem we have had is that the combination of Gaviscon with the lactose free formula has made LM quite constipated at times. We started giving her additional cool boiled water but that didn’t help much so we started giving her sugar water a couple of times a day (mixing a teeny bit of sugar into the boiled water) as I read that it was a traditional remedy and worth trying. It helped loads and for a while she was much less uncomfortable.

Then our HV actually advised that it wasn’t an ideal solution as it can make their kidneys work harder, so we went back to just water. She really didn’t want to drink much and pretty soon was struggling again. We tried the sugar water again but the cheeky minx decided she wasn’t keen on it anymore. She then got really badly constipated and it was horrible seeing her in pain as it took her a long time to do her business. Because the root of the problem was the Gaviscon we decided it would be worth phasing it out, to see how she got on and how bad her reflux is now, as she has been having the Gaviscon at every feed for the last 2 months.

The good news is that she is fine without the Gaviscon. I think there are the odd times at feeds where her reflux bothers her as she has been a little fussier sometimes since we stopped it… But it is not at every feed and there have been no nighttime screaming sessions so she is doing well. The result is much better movements too which is a huge relief!



I wrote previously about how we were helping LM learn to sleep better by herself and she is doing amazingly well. She had a few days of sleeping 10-11 hours through the night, though she has decided that she doesn’t want to do that anymore 🙁 It was amazing for those few days and we know she can do it! Daytimes are still all over the place, when I started writing this I thought we may have a vague routine, but she has thrown that out of the window again now so re-writing! She has actually decided she wants to be awake for about 31/2 hours at a time now, which is fine by me as long as she is happy.

And she is. The result of the good sleep and being in less pain from colic and reflux is that she is a gorgeously happy girl now. She smiles and coos all the time and is just a joy to be around. A complete contrast to the screaming of the early days poor thing! Yes she still cry’s and fusses and late afternoons can be fun, but it is all so much easier than before. I hate the lack of routine though and am praying that some kind of pattern forms if she is going to be awake a bit longer now. I know, she’s just a baby but I feel so out of control and like a hermit because I struggle to arrange to see anyone because I don’t know what she will be doing and staying home is just less stressful.


Ok so there’s not much playtime going on with a 3 month old but it is starting. She adores the monkey and lion faces on her bouncer and sits giggling, grinning and cooing at them for ages which is just lovely! She also bats at the dangly toys and is really enjoying the ones attached to her car seat. I was really impressed that she grabbed onto one of them the other day and held onto it for ages! Monkey was totally uninterested in any toys like this until he was quite a bit older!!

.                                 WP_20150122_09_46_40_Pro WP_20150112_15_09_38_Pro

While she loves lying on her back and kicking her legs, she still doesn’t very much enjoy tummy time. That being said though she is so strong and easily pushes herself up to have a look around and has lifted her legs like she is trying to roll so I am sure in time she will get there!


Her favourite thing is sitting up, she just loves looking around. She sits on my lap and if I lay her on my knees she is always lifting her head and trying to pull forward. We sit and sing “If you’re happy and you know it” and “heads, shoulders, knees and toes” and ‘row row row” is great for strengthening her “sit up” muscles! Because she loves sitting up so much we have just got out Monkey’s Jumperoo and she sat in it today for the first time. She can’t bounce yet and I have a cushion under her to support her but she definitely likes being in there!

WP_20150122_09_32_11_Pro WP_20150122_09_31_48_Pro

She is fascinated by mirrors and stares at herself in it, mesmerised! When she saw Daddy in the mirror the other day she could not stop smiling, though she wasn’t interested in seeing the real Daddy, standing right next to her! I think she is a bit of a Daddy’s girl already as she always has smiles for Daddy, even when she is tired!

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31 thoughts on “Little Miss at 3 months

  1. Awww she is just adorable! Our little girl is 15 weeks, but as she was premature she is assessed as a 10week old. I think i agree that the first 3 months are the hardest. It takes that time to really get to know your baby and for them to know and trust you. Our baby had colic too which was exhausting, and although sometimes she can get a bout of it, in general she is a happy baby. I think once they start to sleep more at night they become more content. Looking forward to further updates from your family x

  2. Aw she is just so scrummy, I am glad that everything is working out for you and little Miss is much more settled and the reflux is better, she looks like she is having fun in the bouncer and jumperoo. I can not believe she is 3 months old already. x

  3. Just gorgeous! Our second baby is now 6.5 months old and I know how you feel about the lack of routine. Maybe it’s a second baby thing because there’s so much more to juggle but I felt the same. We were lucky to escape the dreaded colic/reflux, but I could never really crack his sleeping pattern. His big sister was a great, predictable sleeper from early on too which made it more frustrating. I can say now that it has got better with time!

    For us, I think the biggest improvement has come since he started on solids a few weeks ago. He’s a big boy and needed a lot of milk to keep him happy. Now his tummy is fuller for longer he is reliably sleeping for a good two hours or so each afternoon (after his lunch!), with either one or two half hour catnaps either side. And he’s generally good at night. He still sleeps less overall than his sister did and is more easily disturbed but he does seem to have found his pattern. I’m sure your Little Miss will too.

    And I’m always relieved to know I’m not the only one who sometimes feels like a hermit! I have had major cabin fever some days these last few months!

    • Thanks lovely and so good to know it’s not just me struggling with the lack of routine and feeling like a hermit! Very glad to hear things have improved and he seems to have found his pattern! We were lucky with Monkey and his routine sort of fell into place around 4 mths and I am clinging onto a (possibly misguided) hope that hers will eventually fall into place too! xx

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  5. The first few months with Tin Box Tot were the hardest for me too. The combination of mummy ‘culture shock’, lack of sleep and a baby that is constantly changing really threw me. I think a lot of the issues we faced in the first few months fixed themselves – it was just baby getting used to the outside world. If only she had sent me a memo when she got to grips with something 😉 x

  6. I love this update 🙂 Sophie is almost 4 months and every month I promise myself I will write an update – oops. We had exactly the same problem in the end with Gaviscon and also phased it out. For 2 weeks I wrote down every time she fed and napped and it was quite clear that Sophie had a natural pattern. I have found it has helped me when we are out an about and her routine is messed up as I can try to put her to bed a bit earlier when she hasn’t had as much sleep in the day etc. We have that jumperoo and the all on in one in the tummy time photo too! #maternitymondays x

    • ah good taste 😉 It is hard to find the time some times isn’t it! Yeah we have a chart on the fridge where I feel in naps and feed times in the hope we can see a pattern but every time I think maybe one is appearing, it all goes out the window again lol! xx

  7. I’m the same as you, the first – well, at least 8 weeks – have been the hardest. It feels like now I’m getting to know our baby and she can express herself better and interact more … and of course sleep more … so it’s so much easier and more fun. Your little girl is an absolutely treasure, what a beautiful, happy princess. #MagicMoments

    • Thank you, it is maazing how things change when they start interatcing more isn’t it? Just gets that little bit easier! xx

  8. She is growing so quickly. What a little beauty. It’s funny how we become obsessed with pooing as soon as we have a baby! It’s a topic all parents can relate to x #magicmoments

    • haha you are so right, I NEVER talked about pooing this much before I became a parent, when I am with non parent friends I have to remind myself it isn’t actually a polite topic of conversation! xx

  9. I am lucky enough to never have experienced colic first hand but I have looked after babies with colic and they go through so much with it, I am so glad that you have managed to get it under control and no more Gaviscon! She is a real cutie love her gorgeous little smile.

    • Oh it is so hard isn’t it? i am so glad we are coming out the other side of it though teething seems to be making an appearance now, yikes! x

  10. Aww Caroline she is so gorgeous!
    She really does look so happy, I’m so pleased that you’ve turned a corner with feeding and pooping, it’s amazing how much difference that can make to anyone’s mood!!!
    Sounds like sleep is going well and I’m sure it won’t be too long before you guys have a fab routine! Xx

  11. Lovely update – glad that the colic and reflux is so much improved and that you have been able to phase out the Gaviscon to help with the constipation too. Gorgeous photos of Little Miss – especially the one with Monkey and the ones of her in the Jumperoo – she looks so happy. It’s lovely when they start playing and showing an interest in toys and I’m glad you’re also managing to get a little more sleep too – makes life so much easier! 🙂

  12. Ahhh bless her she is so adorably cute. And I love the sibling love on the floor. Hope it’s going well with two in tow. It’s awesome to watch their love grow and them together isn’t it? I was amazed when I first had MM and the snuggles and love they showed each other. She sounds like she is doing amazing Mommy hats off to you! Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  13. Lovely pictures in your update, I can’t quite believe she’s 3 months old already.
    I’m glad her reflux has calmed down, that must have been very tiring for you all.
    She looks very happy in her Jumperoo and with her brother.
    Thanks for linking up to #SSAmazingAchievements 🙂

  14. I could have written this post about Little E as at three months things just started to get easier. I also felt that is when I really started to bond as the first three months I just felt we were going through the motions. Little E also loved sitting up and looking around, do you think it is a girl thing? I’m glad her feeding has sorted itself out, along with everything else. Happier baby’s are easier baby’s ;0) #SSAmazingAchievements

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