Making Granny’s Birthday Card

It was Granny’s 60th Birthday on Saturday! I had been hunting for a lovely card but honestly really struggled to like one that was special enough. A lot of the ones I saw in the shops were a bit naff really. I saw a couple of lovely handmade ones online but honestly they were so expensive and actually inspired me to make my own!

I do enjoy being a bit creative, I made all of our wedding invites and thank you cards etc. so it’s not the first time I have made a card, BUT I thought I would get Monkey’s help. After the disaster that was the Valentine’s cards we tried to make, I thought I would keep his role a little simpler and in the realms of something I know he loves to do… paint! 🙂

It’s also worth mentioning at this point that my decision to create this card comes in no small part from being so inspired by so many of my fellow creative challengers! In particular Lorna from A little bit of our life and all of her various crafty offerings, and Michelle at Twice a Mummy Double the Fun with her finger painted easter activities!

S0 we started off with some finger painting! Ages ago I’d bought some paint pots that were in some nice pinky colours (Granny loves her pretty girly colours) so we used those. They are such a mash of colours now as monkey likes dipping from one to another! Squeezy bottles of paint squirted onto paper plates is definitely a better method of toddler painting!!

WP_20140403_13_10_43_Pro WP_20140403_13_11_44_Pro

It went well though and he had a lot of fun.

Then I cut a 6 and 0 from his artwork to pop onto the card.



I’d also bought some lovely sparkly stickers to make it a bit more special!


An with a bit of fancy ish writing (I know I am no calligrapher!) it was finished!



I’d also bought some lovely special birthday teddy stickers and Monkey made a lovely picture for Granny with those too 🙂

WP_20140405_13_24_23_Pro WP_20140405_13_26_45_Pro

Which he was dead proud of! He showed Daddy and I many times hehe


Granny was very pleased with her card and special picture, and she was very spoilt – as you should be on your birthday – especially a big one like your 60th!

How creative have you and/or your little ones been this week?

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Monkey’s Tin Can Tower – 21 months

Monkey loves building towers, with blocks, duplo, bean bags, anything.

At the moment he loves making a tin can tower in the kitchen. I try and persuade him to build them on the floor, which he does to start with, but he invariably starts lifting the tins onto the worktop 1 by 1, then climbing his stepstool and building it on the worktop. It tends to make me a bit terrified that he is going to knock them over onto himself and get hurt, but so far so good (fingers crossed, touch wood).

Anyway he built this tower yesterday and as you can see, he was dead proud of himself 🙂



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