Monkey’s Tin Can Tower – 21 months

Monkey loves building towers, with blocks, duplo, bean bags, anything.

At the moment he loves making a tin can tower in the kitchen. I try and persuade him to build them on the floor, which he does to start with, but he invariably starts lifting the tins onto the worktop 1 by 1, then climbing his stepstool and building it on the worktop. It tends to make me a bit terrified that he is going to knock them over onto himself and get hurt, but so far so good (fingers crossed, touch wood).

Anyway he built this tower yesterday and as you can see, he was dead proud of himself 🙂



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24 thoughts on “Monkey’s Tin Can Tower – 21 months

  1. That’s a pretty good tower. Potato has a thing about tins too. But thankfully he likes to stack them in short stacks and just take them in and out of the cupboard. Unfortunately, he also likes to remove the labels at the same time!

  2. Lucas says – Once again Monkey astounds me with his awesomeness. Monkey – this is a MEGA cool tower and well done on freaking the Mother out a bit. You’re learning well young one 🙂

  3. WOW that’s some tall tower for a little man. He has fantastic balance skills going on. It’s like he is in training for The Cube ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thank you! I know I am so impressed by him (and terrified of it falling and bonking him on the head!) haha maybe! 🙂 xx

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