The Magic Moment of that First Scan

The first trimester of pregnancy can be pretty rough. I know it’s not the same for every woman, some have an easier time than others, and some have it far far worse than me, but in general it can be a difficult time.

You find out you are pregnant and feel really excited, but you’re not supposed to tell anyone yet, in case something goes wrong. Then the symptoms kick in. Morning (or all day) sickness, exhaustion, aches, pains, heartburn, constipation, flatulence. All sorts of joyful fun to experience, let alone physical changes such as bigger boobs, and potentially a rounding of the tummy. All the while you are supposed to be keeping it secret.

Even while you are feeling all of these physical effects, I find that for me, the pregnancy still doesn’t feel real at this stage. I guess after the initial excitement of the positive test wears off, I hold myself back from being too happy, just in case. Plus when you feel rough every day it is hard to feel positive about it. There is no doubt that being lucky enough to fall pregnant and bear a child is a blessing, but that doesn’t make it fun. And I don’t think you should have to pretend that it is, if that is not how you feel.

Anyway, digressing, the weeks tick by and, whether you’ve kept it completely secret, or told a few people, to most people in the world, nothing is happening, and even with feeling a bit rough, there are times when you wonder if anything is happening too. I guess what I am saying Β is that sometimes it is hard to equate the changes to your body, with the life growing inside of you.

Then comes the day of your scan – which I think they call the 11-14 week dating scan now, but it is usually around the 12 week mark. You are excited to see your little one, but nervous as for most mummies this is the first time you see what is going on in there. There’s obviously the nerves associated with wondering if all is ok and developing as it should be.

You go into the ultrasound room and within a few minutes you suddenly see this little baby on the screen. Not a cluster of cells, or a tadpole like creature (that you will probably have seen if you read any of the early ‘your baby this week’ articles on the web) but a teeny tiny human, with arms and legs and a little heart fluttering away it’s own rhythm. It is a truly incredible moment to see that small baby, that you have grown inside you.

It suddenly feels real, and, if all is well, relief washes over you. It doesn’t mean all is safe from here on in of course, but for now, you can see your new little one. That little person created by you and your partner, who is growing and developing safely in your tummy.

We saw baby number 2 on Friday and he/she was such a little wriggle bum, flipping about all over the place. Kicking their little legs about, touching their face with their hands, rolling all over the show while the ultrasound technician was trying to get the measurements.

The first trimester is done (or nearly) and the risks of miscarriage greatly reduce. You can take a sigh of relief and tell the world if you want to. Show them that first picture of your little one. Look forward to the second trimester, where the symptoms *should* reduce and you could hopefully start to feel better and less exhausted.

Hello little one, and hello second trimester!


32 thoughts on “The Magic Moment of that First Scan

  1. Oh wow Caroline – what a lovely scan picture! So clear. I think the first time I saw JJ at my 12 week scan was one of THE most magic moments of my life! I cried! It was a bit more bittersweet with EJ because, due to my age combined with a couple of other factors they gave us what could be considered high risk of Downs and those other chromosomal abnormalities and we then had to decide whether to have a CVS or amniocentisis or nothing. The thought of termination loomed large for a while but we opted for a CVS (which carries a very small risk of miscarriage) and I’m glad we did because it put our minds at rest and everything was fine. Glad to hear your scan was all normal and fine! X

    • Thank you, I know it was so clear, and so lovely to see him/her! Aww love that you cried with JJ’s scan! Bless you with EJ, that must have been an emotional time and I am really glad everything worked out well. We are just waiting to hear back about the blood test but the ultrasound tech seemed happy with the measurements she took so fingers crossed we won’t need further tests. xx

  2. We got pregnant few days after our honeymoon so I am still my husband when we found it out. He will go back here in the UK few days after. But I am very very grateful that he is there on our first scan! Our baby then is just as big as a grain of rice and yet we can see him flicker. Its his heartbeat said the OBGyne. I know how magical this moment is so congrats! #magicmoments

  3. Beautifully clear picture, they get better and better with each year that passes! Here’s to the second trimester lovely, lets hope it’s easier on you than the first has been xx #MagicMoments

  4. So beautifully written, Caroline, and how exciting about that first scan! I also remember it all feeling real only after the scan. Hope things get better from here, and you feel better. Morning sickness is a bummer.

    • Thank you, it is so lovely seeing them wriggle around, makes it all feel real for pretty much the first time! xx

  5. Grace & Lucas say – YAY!!!! Our youngest member for the GL Gang – that’ll take some beating! Congratulations and we cannot wait to introduce lil’ bubba to Haribo!!!! #magicmoments

  6. Oh how exciting! I know exactly what you mean about the first trimester, although I told everyone very early on with both, so that people knew why I was upset if anything happened, and there was no way I could keep quiet about the symptoms either! I hope the rest of the pregnancy goes really well πŸ™‚

    • That was exactly my theory too, particularly with close friends and family, I would have needed their support if anything went wrong so it made sense to me – and like you say they can guess from the symptoms anyway!! Thank you πŸ™‚ xx

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